"Flight Manual for Man"

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Address: via delle cascine, 41 , Florence

Date: Friday 07 December 2018


Thursday 6 and Friday 7 December at 21.00
at the Puccini Theater




written by Simone Cristicchi and Gabriele Ortenzi
with the collaboration of Nicola Brunialti
directed by Antonio Calenda
assistant director Ariele Vincenti
scenes and costumes Domenico Franchi
original music Gabriele Ortenzi
Cesare Caoni lights design
audio Andrea Balducci
lights Veronica Penzo
scene photo Massimo Battista
tour manager Cristina Piedimonte
Corvino Productions distribution

Simone Cristicchi continues to amaze the theater audience with a new dramaturgical invention, this time set in the current world. A metropolitan fable full of emotions, music and poetry.
In the show "Manual of Flight for Man", Cristicchi interprets a forty-something left child, with a troubling problem: whatever looks at his eyes - from the dandelion flower grown on the asphalt, to the large suburban buildings - everything is amazing, fascinating, wonderful! For many it is a "retarded" to be pitied, for some a genius. Surely it is a strange type, who loves to paint a world of his own, count the letters that form the words of the sentences, walking very slowly following an indecipherable trajectory. In reality, Raphael is a "Super-Sensitive", and as a hero he has special powers: his photographic mind is equipped with a magnifying glass that focuses on details, details that escape other human beings; tiny and seemingly insignificant things that hide an infinite beauty, perhaps because "nothing is bigger than the little things!".
In the poetic and surreal tale of his microcosm, Raphael describes the minimal and universal vicissitudes of his crowded neighborhood, the great city that is scary, the hardware paradise where everything is cataloged to perfection; and then romantic mechanics, invisible outcasts, terrible garage guards.

Perhaps 'to fly' means not feeling alone, having the courage to jump into life, keeping the child intact within us. And above all, do not let the beauty that surrounds us escape.

"Flight Manual for Man": a geographical map of the soul, which will help him find his place in the world.

Tickets: Sector € 27.00II sector € 22.00 (pre-sale rights excluded)
INFORMATION: 055.362067 - 055.210804
Puccini TheaterVia delle Cascine 4150144 Florence
Tel. 055.362067
www.teatropuccini.it - ​​info@teatropuccini.itwww.facebook.com/teatro.puccini


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