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Address: via delle cascine, 41 , Florence

Date: Tuesday 11 December 2018


Tuesday 11 December at 21.00

at the Puccini Theater

A Franco Parenti Theater production
tragic cabaret
by Alejandro Jodorowsky
with Valentina Picello, Loris Fabiani, Christian La Rosa, Fabrizio Lombardo and with the DUPERDU (Marta Maria Marangoni and Fabio Wolf, authors and performers of the original songs)
Gianluca Sbicca costumes
direction and scenic space Fabio Cherstich

After the successes of Nothing more in the world than Massimo Carlotto and Bull by Mike Bartlett, in this production of the Franco Parenti Theater the Friulian director gets involved with a text by Alejandro Jodorowsky, the great Chilean writer, playwright and director. A funny, absurd, violent and political text on the pursuit of happiness. No moralism, only the great poetry of Jodorowsky. And as in an undisciplined and visionary score, Fabio Cherstich alternates a selection of the 26 mini-pièces of the original text to Brechtian-style songs philosophique, small ballets and video-pantomimes, original, colorful, dynamic, exhilarating. There is no trick, no deception: everything is strictly live. Inevitable to remain seduced and displaced by the comedy and paradox of a humanity stuck in its very existence.
"It is a text that I have jealously kept in a drawer like a dream for many years, since I met Antonio Bertoli, a friend and translator of Jodorowsky who gave me the mimeographed version of the text saying:" once read you can not make it anymore pleasant". He was right. After 16 years from that meeting I will finally put it on stage. "

Fabio Cherstich «The show is thought of as an unruly and visionary pastiche, a tragicomic cabaret like our existence. On the stage alternate a selection of 26 mini-pièces that make up the original text with Brechtian songs philosophique, small ballets and some video-pantomimes. Four actors interpret the many characters protagonists of the text, accompanied by music composed ad hoc and performed live by the duo of Milanese musicians Duperdu. During the preparation of the show I met Jodorowsky in Paris to talk with him about the text and I was impressed by a sentence that he told me by quoting his manifesto for a panic theater "The Romans said Ioindicandosi la pancia. For them the brain was just a freezer of ideas that hide-and-live at the navel. Theater expresses itself with the unconscious. We must now allow ourselves to flow on stage with the same freedom with which dreams flow. "»
Fabio Cherstich
Tickets: Sector € 22,00II sector € 18.00 (pre-sales rights excluded) INFORMATION: 055.362067 - 055.210804Teatro PucciniVia delle Cascine 4150144 FirenzeTel. 055.362067www.teatropuccini.it - ​​info@teatropuccini.itwww.facebook.com/teatro.puccini


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