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Address: via delle cascine, 41 , Florence

Date: Wednesday 21 November 2018


Stop at the Puccini in Florence on
Flight of Irene Grandi and Pastis

Music, images and virtual guests

Long trip
Wednesday 21 November 2018 - 21 hours
Puccini Theater - via delle Cascine, 41 - Florence
Tickets: 26/20 euros; pre-sales Box Office Toscana - Ticketone ( tel.892 101)
Info tel. 055.362067 - 055.667566 - -

Irene Grandi celebrates the first 25 years of her career and does so with an album and a project that bring her back to the brothers - and fellow citizens - Marco and Saverio Lanza, respectively photographer and musician / arranger / producer, all longtime friends.

Unmissable the stage in "their" Florence, Wednesday 21 November at the Teatro Puccini (at 21), where they present "Lungoviaggio": music, photography and voice contribute to create a visionary work in which fragments of the real constitute the starting point for the videocanzoni construction.

Tickets, numbered seats of 20 and 26 euros, are pre-sales at the Box Office Toscana points ( phone 055.210804) and online at (tel.892.101). Info tel. 055.362067 - 055.667566 - - .

A symbiosis between guitars, piano, camera, song. In "Lungoviaggio" the music takes shape from the live interaction with what happens in the videos while on the stage Irene, accompanied by Marco and Saverio Lanza dei Pastis, dialogues singing with people and characters filmed in a moment in which they express an unconscious inner musicality, but precisely for this authentic representation of their essence and uniqueness.

The video-works interact with the performance as an additional musician on stage and reveal, among others, the images of unique characters in their field who wanted to collaborate on the project such as Vasco Rossi and astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti; also present intense images of the writer Tiziano Terzani.

Each staged work represents a journey, thus contributing to outline the supporting theme desired by the artists and from which the title is born.

The journey is a theme that has always been dear to Irene, a passionate traveler, who in many of her albums has proposed the topic in an original way (just think of her famous single "Before leaving for a long journey" written for her by Vasco Rossi ).

Equally for the Pastis, because it has always been a constituent of their poetics that opens a window on the world full of amazement, emotion and sense of humor, which denotes an authentic sympathy for humanity and the lightness of those who can scrutinize out of pure curiosity.

L'ALBUM - The visual-album is the innovative artistic format that Marco, Saverio and Irene have materialized for this happy marriage between video art and song, proposing in its track list twelve video-musical works of which they sign together texts, music and images . Twelve videocamps (not to be confused with the classic video clips) that arise from moments of everyday reality, from news, from history or from an occasion. The numerous guests, portrayed while expressing an unconscious internal musicality, become interpreters, like Irene and the Pastis, of this double reading musical work, which can be seen but only heard. The lineup of the visual album makes use of collaborations of unique characters in their field, for each of which the trip has in various ways distinguished their career: we refer to video-works such as "Welcome on your journey" where it intervenes in a singular and inimitable Vasco Rossi; but also "I would like to take you on a journey" that sees the presence of ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti (European Space Agency); as well as for "Tutto è uno" videocanzone in which the writer Tiziano Terzani appears posthumously, whose life coincides with the journey; to finish with "I viaggi per mare" opera sung with Cristina Donà, an author who has never covered the same route in her travels in music.

Irene Grandi and Pastis on the web

Info show
Puccini Theater - via delle Cascine, 41 - Florence
Info tel. 055.362067 - 055.667566 -
Organization: Prg Firenze

Tickets (excluding pre-sale fees)
1st sector 26 euros
2nd sector 20 euros

Box Office Toscana (phone 055 210804)
Ticket One (tel.892 101)

Discounts and reductions
Children up to four years of age will be admitted free of charge accompanied by an adult, in the number of one child per adult, but have no right to occupy a seat.

They can buy a specific ticket at the lowest price provided for the event and enter with a companion (who is given free entry). Tickets are available exclusively through the Box Office Toscana sales points ( ) or by telephone at 055210804 (paying by credit card). To access a suitable accommodation, the purchase of a generic ticket is not recommended.

Pastis and Irene Grandi press office
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