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Address: via delle cascine, 41 , Florence

Date: Wednesday 30 November 2022


Thursday 17 November at 9.00 pm
Sava srl presents


from the novel by Michela Murgia published by Giulio Einaudi Editore

dramaturgy Carlotta Corradi

with Anna Della Rosa

directed by Veronica Cruciani

Accabadora one of the most beautiful novels by Michela Murgia as well as one of the most read books in Italy in recent years (winner of the Campiello Prize 2010) is the show by Veronica Cruciani played by Anna Della Rosa. The play is written by Carlotta Corradi at the request of the director who immediately decided to make a monologue from the point of view of Maria, the daughter of Bonaria Urrai, Soreni's accabadora. Michela Murgia tells a story set in an imaginary village in Sardinia, where Maria at the age of six is given to fill'e anima by Bonaria Urrai, a seamstress who lives alone and who makes accabadora on occasion. The word, of Sardinian tradition, takes its root from the Spanish acabar which means to finish, to kill; Bonaria Urrai helps dying people to die.

Single numbered seat € 20.00

Friday 18 November at 9.00 pm
Antico Teatro Pagliano presents



and with Riccardo Di Marzo

CAPPUCCETTO ROZZO revisits the well-known fable, "dragging" all its characters to Tuscany: the protagonist from Florence, the grandmother from Livorno, the hunter from Pisa, the wolf from Lucca ... answer that reveals the talent of Jonathan Canini, creator and director of the show, as well as author of the lyrics. With him on stage Riccardo Di Marzo. Jonathan Canini is among the legitimate heirs of the great Tuscan comic tradition, that of TV programs such as Vernice Fresca and Aria Fresca, of matadors such as Benvenuti and Nuti, Pieraccioni and Panariello, passing through Ruffini and Ceccherini ...

I sector € 17.40 / II sector € 13.90

Saturday 19 November at 9.00 pm
A.GI.DI. presents



written by Paolo Hendel and Marco Vicari

directed by Gioele Dix

“It all started the day I accompanied my 90-year-old mother to the new geriatrician. In the waiting room, the mother is taken to the bathroom by the caregiver. A moment later the geriatrician opens the door of her office, sees me and says to me: 'Please, it's up to you ... "

Thanks to that meeting, Paolo Hendel realizes that he is "dangerously" approaching the season of old age and that the time has come to deal with what Giacomo Leopardi defines as "the hated threshold of old age". He does it in his own way, in a sort of self-deprecating confession about the years that pass, with all that this entails: anxieties, hypochondria, visits to the urologist, the fashion for aesthetic retouching and the inevitable reflections, both of a philosophical and practical nature, on the "departure". Using the language of the stand up comedy, making use of the precious and indispensable complicity of the co-author Marco Vicari and the director Gioele Dix, Hendel tells with disarming sincerity not only himself but also a country, Italy, which, as the statistics say, it is aging inexorably, between "super-grandparents" who run families and retired elderly doctors called back to work for lack of staff.

I sector € 25.00 / II sector € 20.00

Wednesday 23 November at 9.00 pm

The Comedy Club presents



With this new live show, Luca Ravenna takes us by the hand into his strange world full of invented people and real characters.

He has the ability to tell reality in a comic and vivid way, sharing very personal themes with the public, such as his past as a kleptomaniac in the discount stores in Rome or the worst thing he has ever said in psychotherapy, up to the point of dealing with universal and dear themes. to all of us, like the quail's leap.

Ravenna is a stand up comedian capable of treading the most prestigious stages with extreme naturalness involving thousands of people, demolishing the fourth wall one bar after another, up to improvising with the public, thus making every live one unique and unrepeatable.

By attending his show you have the feeling of being sitting in the pub with an old friend who knows exactly how to make us laugh, despite being among so many people.
A live show of pure Stand Up Comedy that has already totaled over 20,000 spectators and was sold out throughout Italy.

I sector € 23.00 / II sector € 18.00

Friday 25 and Saturday 26 November at 9.00 pm

Compagnia Umberto Orsini presents



dramaturgy by Umberto Orsini and Luca Micheletti

from the novel by Fyodor M. Dostoevsky

directed by Luca Micheletti

A journey through the latest and perhaps greatest novel by Fyodor Dostoevskij, The Brothers

Karamazov , which Umberto Orsini faces for the third time in his acting career as a real guideline and "workhorse". After Bolchi's successful television drama and The Legend of the Great Inquisitor , this "new Karamazov" is for Orsini an opportunity to directly confront the complexity of the most controversial and tormented character of the entire literary epic: Ivan Karamazov, the free thinker who he theorizes the amorality of the world and perhaps consciously leads the murderer of his father to murder; Ivan Karamazov, controversial and tormented protagonist, guilty and innocent at the same time, returns to speak, like a mature man who feels he has not finished his task, who feels his fictional character too limited to express the complexity of his thought and clarify the exact dynamics of "crimes" and punishments "... And so he confesses and tries to tell his story. He compiles his memoirs and tries to shed light on his own feelings and philosophy, trying to reveal their criminal implications in a real psychological and moral thriller whose highest point remains the imaginary poem of Ivan which tells of the metaphorical confrontation between a Christ returned to earth and an old inquisitor who believes He deserves the stake. In the richness of a language that is as penetrating as it is immediate and in the alternation of psychological states of a "Hamletic" and impregnable character, Umberto Orsini is the great protagonist of an unprecedented journey into human consciousness that is not afraid of facing ancient and modern taboos. (the death of his father, the exasperated vitalism, the encounter with the devil ...) plunging Ivan Karamazov into his personal "underground" from which he composes hallucinated yet very lucid

memories, forty years after the events of Dostoevsky's novel.

The actor, accompanied by music in stringent and fervent emotional dialogue with the words he pronounces, gives rise to a heartbreaking and moving confession face to face with himself and with his own ghosts, halfway between literary fiction and the "Pirandello" disagreement with a character in which he finds the darkest expressions of his "I".

I sector € 25.00 / II sector € 20.00

Wednesday 30 November at 9.00 pm
Fuorivia and A.GI.DI. present



by Daniel Pennac

adapted by Giorgio Gallione

set by Marcello Chiarenza

lights Andrea Violato

musical elaborations Paolo Silvestri

directed by Giorgio Gallione

History of a body is the journey of a lifetime, an extraordinary journey within an existence. A tender and surprising post mortem gift, in the form of a diary, that a father gives to his beloved daughter. A confession and at the same time an analysis, physical and emotional, that our narrating self held from the age of twelve to the last days of his life. A fluvial narration where, through its discoveries and its mutations, the protagonist's body gradually takes the scene, accompanying us in a world that reveals itself through the senses, we would almost say the skin: the anaffective voice of the mother, the silent embraces of the father, the welcoming smell of the beloved nanny, the burning pain of a wound, the taste of the kisses of the beloved woman. Pages and pages of an intimate diary where, by telling about happy muscles, powerful orgasms, hurting teeth or wonderful adventures between sleep and wakefulness, a unique and at the same time universal story is told: the development, growth and ruin of the only experience that really makes us all the same, that of us great and vulnerable human beings. And the fact that this happens through writing and narration (man is the only narrating creature) gives Pennac the possibility of accompanying us to the discovery of that secret garden that is our body, of an organism that is both memory, testimony. and legacy. Pennac tells of the bloody battle against a nasal polyp or the paralyzing discovery of the female body, the "infamy" of masturbation or the miracle of birth, the tyranny of flatulence or the tragedy of death always and continuously between surprise and smile, between fatality and miracle, grandeur and misery. And here the "voice" of Pennac becomes great theater, it stops being a book and turns into an epic oral narration where the diary of a body becomes a story "that deserves to be told".

Single numbered seat € 20.00

Prices are net of presale rights.

The box office is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm and one hour before the start of the shows.

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INFORMATION: 055.362067 - 055.210804

Puccini Theater

Via delle Cascine 41

50144 Florence - -


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