The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Show

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Address: via delle Cascine 41, Florence

Date: Saturday 16 February 21:00 - 23:00


The show is based on symbolic paintings the first double album of the Genesis, the only concept album and also the last work of the band in its historical formation with Peter Gabriel.

Rael, the protagonist of this incredible story, drags us on a metaphysical journey, with his memories of street bully driven by the need for regeneration compared to a society that forces him to conformism, to point his own quills towards others.

Knowing how to grasp the right path in one's life is however only the fruit of an intuition, a breeze that leads us and the courage we must have to know how to grasp it must be stripped from the fear of death and the dazzling frivolity of what is material.

The road that leads us to regeneration is that which allows us to overcome our limits, our fears, entering into symbiotic empathy with what surrounds us.

This show will catapult the viewer into a dreamlike introspective journey of pain, growth, rebirth and peace: this is the journey of Rael, this is the symbolic journey of each of us.

On the scene there are 10 dancers (5 men, 5 women) of the company "RBR Dance Company Illusionistheatre" which, through the choreography created by Cristiano Fagioli and Cristina Ledri, the costumes, lights and projections, will guide the audience in the different stages of the trip surreal emerged from the fantasy of Peter Gabriel.

The band "Estro, Genesis Tribute Band" composed of 6 musicians (Roberto D'Amore - voice, Massimo Metalli - keyboards, Gianpiero Sparagna - bass, moog-taurus, Gianni Barbati - guitar, Ugo Cosentino - drums, guitar, voice, metallophone , Pino Vecchioni - drums) sometimes in full light, other times half-hidden and others still completely invisible - but always "perceived" by the audience - will perform the punctual and rigorous manner, under the musical direction of Giovanni Civitenga, the compositions from Genesis for this job.

Scenic Scripture is curated by Luigi Caiola and Claudio Morici.
The design and production of the show are by Luigi Caiola.

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