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Address: Via Ghibellina, 99/R , Florence

Date: Friday 18 October 2019


Fiorella Mannoia, two evenings at the Teatro Verdi in Florence
Last tickets for the date of Saturday 19 October

Friday 18 and Saturday 19 October 2019 - 8.45 pm
Verdi Theater - via Ghibellina, 99 - Florence
Numbered seats tickets: from 30 to 69 euros
Presales Box Office (tel. 055 210804); Ticket One (tel. 892 101)
Info tel. 055.667566 - 055.212320 - - -

From Florence he left, with a sold out last spring, and in Florence, on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 October at the Teatro Verdi in Florence (8.45 pm), the "Personal Tour" by Fiorella Mannoia.
Once again, the full house is one step away: the last tickets for the date of Saturday 19 October - numbered seats from 30 to 69 euros - are available at Box Office Toscana points of sale ( tel. 055.210804 ) and online at .

At the center of this triumphant series of dates is the new album "Staff": 13 tracks, 13 stories that tell awareness and awareness, reflections on themselves, on humanity, on life and feelings, in all their facets, and much more. The authors' choice is precious and varied: Federica Abbate, Giulia Anania, Amara, Luca Barbarossa (author of a piece in Roman dialect), Bungaro, Antonio Carluccio (author and performer of a duet with Fiorella in Neapolitan dialect), Cheops, Cesare Chiodo, Marialuisa De Prisco, Ivano Fossati, Daniele Magro, Rakele, Zibba and the same Fiorella Mannoia.

«Staff is a record of hope - declares the artist - it is a love record in the broadest sense of the term, with stories that are born, stories that end, stories for others. It is a less electronic disc than the previous one ».

The album is also a "small and humble" personal "", hence the title. To reinforce the story of the songs, in fact, find photographs taken by Fiorella in various parts of the world. A passion, that of photography, which the artist has recently deepened and shared on social networks.

"I was always fascinated by the world of photography, I always took pictures with my cell phone but I never bought a camera ... Personal is nothing but my vision of the world. Now I walk like a hunter, looking around if there is a face, a cut of light or something to photograph. I wanted to combine each song with a shot made during travels, meetings and unpredictable moments. Because the photographs tell stories first of all, just like the songs ".

«This disc is dedicated to Pippo Caruso, musician, teacher, gentleman and Amico. With Pippo I had worked on three tracks and three arrangements for Lucio Dalla's record. It has always been underestimated but nobody has ever understood its greatness. He put such passion that I never saw in a man of his age. "

"The concert lineup? You have to choose what to do with the new record and at the same time the pieces of the past, trying to please everyone. The band will be more or less the same as the previous tour, but with one more guitar, that of Max Rosati, to give more space to the music ».

The album tells about consciences, the awareness "that everyone has their part in this great scene, everyone has his rights, everyone has his back, to bear the weight of each choice, the weight of each step, the weight of courage ”(“ IL PESO DEL CORAGGIO ”- by Amara, Marialuisa De Prisco), the reflections of a woman who never stops learning the trade of life, facing it“ on the field and never in the stands, without savings ”(“ LEARN TO BE A WOMAN "- by Federica Abbate, Cheops, Fiorella Mannoia), who knows that one must never be afraid to stand up," because even one step makes the difference and one after another becomes resistance "(" RESISTANCE ”- Federica Abbate, Cheope).

There are feelings, those that amaze you and surprise you for how they manage to dissolve even the hardest "steel defenses" ("LOVE IS SURPRISING" - by Bungaro, Cesare Chiodo, Fiorella Mannoia), those behind the mask of love hiding only terrible violence and that come to make you think "that there is no way out, that this life has gone so far now" ("CARILLON" - by Federica Abbate, Cheope).

Those that are finished, and accepting it is a great pain and "no applause on a curtain going down, only the rain comes down, but it doesn't seem important" ("UN PIZZO DI PANE" - by Daniele Magro), those in which the resignation of end is mixed with the anger of having reached the limit ("Let's Stop NOW" - by Daniele Magro).

A mother who speaks to a daughter or son, an exhortation to participate in change, and to do her own part paying attention to the disappointments: "think about it before you go, that beyond the window there is a sky that is to be repaired. And cover yourself, that you see your heart too much "(" REPAIR "- by Daniele Magro).
In order to find meaning in things, one cannot ignore them, from touching them, from reading them through action, in relationships as in life: “butterflies are meaningless except in vital organs, or speaking of rights if we are not all equal ”(“ IL SENSO ”- by Giulia Anania, Zibba).

Among the stories told in this album, some have a name, like that of Penelope, full of charm and character, which has a "grace to ask, someone to return", ("PENELOPE" - by Ivano Fossati) and that of Anna, a young girl "who would like to scream, it is not the life she would have wanted", but who perhaps finds her hope ("ANNA WE ARE ALL AS WELL" - by Bungaro, Cesare Chiodo, Rakele).

In the Roman song ("L'AMORE AL POTERE" - by Luca Barbarossa) the reflection on a world where "love has never been ar power, it is the hatred that comzone the perzone", the only revolution is the love: "with the caresses famo opposition"

The "suspended song" ("CREATURE" - by Antonio Carluccio) takes its cue from the Neapolitan tradition of "suspended coffee": Fiorella offers the opportunity to the young Neapolitan singer-songwriter Antonio Carluccio to make himself known with his "Creature", thus bringing back to an album the live habit that sees established artists offering their stage to emerging young artists.

The song tells stories of "creatures" with a marked destiny, Neapolitan stories that unite all the young people of the world who live in degradation on the margins of a society that excludes them, "cu tanta arraggia 'ncuorpo, cu na gun in hand. Ca s'ancano learned in all things chin 'ca nun ciate given ”.

To tell these stories, the images taken over the last few years by Fiorella in Salvador de Bahia, in Minsk, in London, in Seville, in Nice, in Bari, in Naples, in Rome. Shots born almost for fun, surely for passion, and that little by little they went to compose, photo after photo, month after month, this little "personal".

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Concert info
Verdi Theater - via Ghibellina, 99 - Florence
Info tel. 055.667566 - 055.212320 -

Tickets (including presale rights)
1st sector 69 euros
2nd sector 65 euros
3rd sector 55 euros
4th sector 40 euros
5th sector 35 euros
6th sector 30 euro

Box Office Toscana (tel 055 210804)
Ticket One (tel. 892 101)

Discounts and reductions
Children under 5 enter free accompanied by an adult, in a child's number for each adult, but are not entitled to occupy a seat. Children under 5 enter free accompanied by an adult, in a child's number for each adult, but are not entitled to occupy a seat.

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