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Address: Via Ghibellina 99, Florence

Date: Friday 22 November 20:45 - Sunday 24 November 18:45


What is Alice talking about?
Ask Moses Pendleton, Artistic Director of MOMIX, whose most recent work, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, premiered in World Premiere at the Teatro Olimpico in Rome on February 20, 2019.

"I see Alice as an invitation to invent, to fantasize, to subvert our perception of the world, to open up to the impossible. The stage is my hookah, my mushroom, my rabbit hole.
The public will be involved in a magical, mysterious, fun, eccentric journey ... and much more! As Alice falls into the rabbit hole and experiences endless transformations, so will you! "Moses Pendleton

Alice in Wonderland was born as a fairy tale told to the ten-year-old Alice and her two sisters during a river excursion by a shy professor of mathematics of the Victorian era who called himself Lewis Carroll. Later, Carroll transcribed the story and had it illustrated by John Tenniel. More than 150 years later, many of the world's children (and adults) know Alice and her adventures as if they had dreamed about them themselves.
The "real Alice" inspired Lewis Carroll to write his fantastic story of underground adventures for her when she was only ten. That little story, interpreted by Alice herself as a curious child in an absurd universe, is a world full of fantasy and fun.

No wonder then that it is the inspiration for Moses Pendleton's latest MOMIX creation.
Because he too is the creator of dream-like worlds, often populated by strange and extravagant creatures.

"I don't mean to tell the whole story of Alice," says Moses Pendleton, "but to use it as a starting point to give free rein to the invention. I'm curious to see what will happen, and I'm getting more and more curious the more I know Lewis Carroll, who, like me, was a passionate photographer.
Alice's story is full of images and absurd logic - before the advent of surrealism, Alice already existed. "Ask Alice: Ask Alice", sang Grace Slick in "White Rabbit" - but she also said "feed your head: feed your mind". "How to Change Your Mind", by Michael Pollan, on psychedelics, is already a bestseller.
Pendleton continues: "it is therefore understandable why I think Alice is a natural choice for MOMIX and an opportunity for us to discover how far our imagination comes. With this show I want to reach paths that are still unexplored in the fusion of dance, lights, music, costumes and projections ".
As with any MOMIX production, you never know what will come out of it.

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