Paolo Fresu and Gianluca Petrella inaugurate the second edition of A Jazz Supreme

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Address: Via Ghibellina, 99/R , Florence

Date: Friday 12 October 2018


Second edition at the start on Friday October 12th at 9.15pm

Paolo Fresu and Gianluca Petrella inaugurate the second edition of A Jazz Supreme at the Teatro Verdi in Florence

Scheduled eight concerts dedicated to the best proposals of contemporary jazz.

First appointment at the Verdi, the subsequent concerts in Sala Vanni.

Inspired by the album A Love Supreme, unanimously considered the masterpiece of John Coltrane and one of the most important records in the history of music, the A Jazz Supreme festival directed by Fernando Fanutti of Musicus Concentus and pianist Simone Graziano comes to its second edition. opens on Friday 12 October at the Teatro Verdi in Florence with the exclusive concert by Paolo Fresu and Gianluca Petrella .

The impromptu meeting between these two great names of contemporary jazz, protagonists until today of some musical adventures in common, is to be counted in the book of absolute creativity. Fresu and Petrella have a great technical background, first of all in search of the tout-court sound; also for this reason both are not new to the world of electronics, used in this occasion with the maximum possible ductility and intelligence, following the famous motto invented by Brian Eno, which indicates a "smart" use of the machine , where therefore man controls the machine and never the opposite. The rest is pure joy for the ears of the listener because the duo has fun and can entertain, crossing territories of absolute originality, touching "sacred" standards of the history of African-American music and original songs.

A formation with great possibilities "explosive" both for the high capacity of production of ideas connected to the peculiar musical personalities involved, and for the search for new architectures, never predictable in a project, at least on paper, demanding and communicative like the one of the duo, one of the most difficult figures in the world of improvised music.

Opening the concert of Fresu and Petrella will be the Florentines / handlogic , already winners of the Controradio Rock Contest in 2016. The band has over 100 concerts and in the spring last year it performed for the first time on a European tour.

Starting from his second appointment, the review will move to the Sala Vanni in Piazza del Carmine (Florence)
. Here on Friday 19 October, the tentetto will be held by Beppe Scardino, an ensemble that debuted last October with the support of Pisa Jazz and which is the realization of a desire of the last years of Scardino, that of the expanded staff.

This group was born with a compact, dynamic and antithetical sound: an electric and rough rhythm section (rhodes, guitar, double bass, electronic drums) opposed to a wide brass section (3 saxophones / clarinets, 2 trumpets / horns, tuba). Contrasts and symmetries.

The compositional material proposed by Scardino is the synthesis of many elements of personal research in recent years: polyrhythmia, extremes, long themes, small cells, obsessive repetition, harmonic density, the eternal crossover between the so-called genres. Collaborator for years of the trombonist Gianluca Petrella (in the Cosmic Band and Il Bidone groups) with whom he has the opportunity to perform in major Italian and European jazz festivals, Beppe Scardino has been part of the quintet of John De Leo and his Grande Abarasse Orchestra, played for years with the singer-songwriter Bobo Rondelli, he has collaborated, also as arranger, with the Virginiana Miller, with the singer Emma Morton, with the Bad Love Experience, with Mezzala. He plays with the Caliber 35, with which he participated in February 2018 on the tour presenting the latest work, "Decade".

On October 26th,
one of the most anticipated concerts of this second edition of AJS, the Iverson / Turner duo, composed by saxophonist Mark Turner and pianist Ethan Iverson.

The meeting between the two takes place during some jam sessions of 1990 in New York City, when both had already started their individual careers. The first, Ethan Iverson, pianist, composer and writer, is well known in the jazz world for being part of the Bad Plus trio (who performed in Florence in Sala Vanni in 2002) and has collaborated, among others, with Ron Carter, Al Heath, Bill Frisell, Charlie Hafen, Lee Konitz. With the Bad Plus he had the merit of renewing the language of the classic piano-double bass-drums formula with massive doses of pop and avant-garde; a band capable of overcoming the stakes of encoded genres with impetus and moving with ease between Ornette Coleman and Prince.

The second, Mark Turner, is certainly one of the greatest tenorists on the world scene and has collaborated, among others, with the big band of Dave Holland. Characterized by an instrumental voice of great beauty and expressive intensity placed at the service of a superior melodic inspiration, Turner has been able to elaborate his own rigorous and unmistakable style, and is unquestionably part of that elite of musicians who is making an important contribution to the music. evolution of jazz improvisation language.

A decade after their first meeting Turner and Iverson joined the Billy Hart quartet, collaborating on two ECM-licensed albums; now, with Temporary Kings, they finally make their debut with an album in duo. In this work Iverson and Turner explore the common ground between the intricate tones of the Trsitano / Marsh school and the growing intimacy of modern chamber music. The album features six original Iverson tracks (including the nostalgic solo piece Yesterday's Bouquet) and two by Turner (including Myron's World, a track that has acquired a quasi-classical status among contemporary jazz musicians).

The CD also includes a track a bit 'outside the box, blues style (Unclaimed Freight) and a surprisingly melodic, almost Ravelian, opening track dedicated to the Swiss city in which the album was recorded (Lugano).

The performance of Iverson / Turner will be introduced by Michelangelo Scandroglio "In the Eyes of the Whale"
, a project inspired by the rock and melancholic melodies of Radiohead and the Beatles, strongly inspired by the contemporary jazz of Ambrose Akinmusire and Gerald Clayton.

Pipe Dream , in Sala Vanni on Friday 2 November , is the result of the international collaboration between Hank Roberts and four of the most creative and transversal musicians of the new Italian scene (Pasquale Mirra, Zeno De Rossi, Giorgio Pacorig and Filippo Vignato), born as a production original of the Cormons Jazz & Wine of Peace festival in October 2017.

From this meeting a singular sounding formation originated, able to range between chamber music atmosphere, African echoes, new music and American folk-rock, which took a stable form, completed a first tour last autumn and recorded a CD out for CAM Records in 2018.

Through his nearly forty years of career, Hank Roberts has created a very original voice on the cello, embracing abstract improvisation, folk melodies, contemporary music and vigorous rock songs. Born in Indiana in 1954, Roberts made a name for himself in the legendary Downtown scene in the New York of the '80s alongside Tim Berne, Marc Ribot, John Zorn, and especially Bill Frisell, with whom he collaborates since 1975.

Jakob Bro Trio is the captain group from Jakob Bro who will perform on November 9th alongside Joey Baron on drums and Thomas Morgan on bass. Jakob, guitarist, bandleader and composer, was born in 1978 in Denmark, where thanks to his father takes the first approach with music. At the beginning a strong passion for the trumpet, but it is after discovering the music of Jimi Hendrix that leaves the wind instrument for the guitar that he studies at several schools: from the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark, at the Berklee School in Boston up to New School in New York.

Currently very active, Jakob is part of the drummer Paul Motian and is a member of Tomasz Stanko's trans-European quintet. As a bandleader he has released many records featuring an exceptional roster of musicians like Lee Konitz, Bill Frisell, Paul Motian himself, Kenny Wheeler, Paul Bley, Chris Cheek, Thomas Morgan, and many others. In 2009 and 2013 he received the Jazz Special Award for the Danish Jazz Record of the Year and in 2012 the honorary prize DJBFA while in 2013 he was included in the top 10 of the Annual Critics Poll Rising Stars of the famous magazine Downbeat and received the "Composer of the Year" award from the Danish Music Publishers Association.

Jakob Bro has also received 5 Danish Music Awards and has been included in the Jazz Denmark's Hall of Fame, both in 2006 and in 2012 he was awarded by the Danish Arts Foundation, while in 2014 the Balladeering trilogy, Time & December Song was nominated for the Music Prize of the Nordic Councils.

Among his thousand projects, the trio, a formation in which we will see him in Sala Vanni, together with Thomas Morgan and Joey Baron, this last old acquaintance of Musicus Concentus and musician who has collaborated, among others, with David Bowie and Michael Jackson . The trio recorded two albums for the ECM in November 2013 and 2015. At the opening Evita Polidoro "Mirror" , an ensemble that explores the pianoless sounds, presenting a repertoire of original pieces and moments of free improvisation.

The collaboration with the Music Pool, historical partner of the Musicus Concentus, is also realized in the production of the Stefano Tamborrino Seacup concert, scheduled for Friday, November 16th . Seacup, literally "cup of sea water" is the synthesis of an inner sea. Apparently circumscribable to the area of ​​a container, it retains the difficulty of control due to its liquid and unpredictable nature. The wave may be the cradle of our gaze, yet it itself has the capacity to sweep away an entire landscape.

The sextet consists of an unusual organic in which we can recognize the classic string quartet, enriched however by the creative presence of drums, electronics, voice, saxophone and clarinets. The composition work - mainly entrusted to Stefano Tamborrino - was extended in a period between mid-June and the end of July 2017. The intense activity carried out in just over a summer month gave birth to forty-five minutes of written music and arranged, to which the improvisations were added. The protagonists of this meeting are different. Stefano Tamborrino is one of the few Italian rhythmic instrumentalists to have crossed the ocean with an American band; he exposes himself in an unexpected role as a composer on the razor line, poised between a multitude of colors that make the final product free from any gender classification.

Penultimate appointment of the event, scheduled for Friday , November 23 , is the solo piano concert of the American Craig Taborn . The pianist is part of the generation coming to the fore in the 90s and grows in a city - Minneapolis - which also sees the emergence of groups like The Bad Plus and Happy Apple, a circle of musicians who share the absolute lack of prejudices in comparisons of styles. He began his piano studies precisely when he was given a synthesizer: a symptom of the development of a thought open to the many possibilities of comparing different expressive worlds with each other. As soon as he enters the scene, Taborn is considered a jazzman tout-court: standard and virtuous modernism are the baggage he can show off in the James Carter group. But things change quickly, come into contact with the timeless abstractionism of a Tim Berne, work with Dave Douglas and is called in the great staff of Roscoe Mitchell. They are new training experiences, which will be added later also the more fusion and groovy in the Underground band of saxophonist Chris Potter. As a leader, Taborn first came out with two trio records, in 2004 with the unassassifiable Junk Magic and after a long break last year with solo recital Avenging Angel.

The Taborn concert will be introduced by the duo composed by Samuele Strufaldi & Tommaso Rosati, on the stage of the Sala Vanni with a sound that walks between contemporary writing and improvisation, between glitch and drone, between electronic and acoustic in a continuous search for alternation between perfect balance and extreme contrast.

Closing the event, Friday , November 30 , the ensemble Gabriele Mitelli ONG Crash : an exceptional quintet that brings to Florence the jazz of the future.

Gabriele Mitelli is the Italian talent of the year for the historical magazine Musica Jazz and the debut album of his new project NGO "Crash" has been considered among the best jazz records of 2017 for the European jazz chart and for the newspaper of music.

Released in May 2017 for the Parco della Musica Records, the NGO "Crash" project was conceived by the Brescia trumpet player: a quartet composed by Mitelli himself (pocket trumpet, Russian genis, electronics) and Enrico Terragnoli (electric guitar), Gabrio Baldacci (electric baritone guitar) and Cristiano Calcagnile (drums), high profile musicians who boast collaborations with artists such as Markus Stockhausen, Anthony Braxton, Stefano Bollani, Carla Kihlstedt, Tristan Honsinger, William Parker, Paolo Fresu and Enrico Rava, to name just a few . Starting with reference pieces such as "Atracts" by CSI, "Sleep talkin" by Ornette Coleman or "Lanquidity" by Sun Ra, the ensemble's compositions are expanded between large sections of improvisation and rough jazz sounds, through the timbre potentials, rhythms and melodies of each instrument.

The activities of the Musicus Concentus are made with the contribution of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, the Tuscany Region, the City of Florence and the Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze Foundation.

A JAZZ SUPREME - second edition

Verdi Theater, Via Ghibellina 99, Florence

October 12: Paolo Fresu & Gianluca Pertrella

+ /Handlogic

Sala Vanni, Piazza del Carmine 14, Florence

19 October: Beppe Scardino BS 10

October 26: Iverson / Turner

+ Michelangelo Scandroglio "In the Eyes of the Whale"

November 2: Pipe Dream

November 9th: Jakob Bro Trio

+ Evita Polidoro "Mirror"

November 16: Stefano Tamborrino Seacup - in collaboration with the Music Pool

November 23: Graig Taborn Solo Piano

+ Samuele Strufaldi & Tommaso Rosati

November 30: Gabriele Mitelli Ong "Crash"

Concert starts at 9.15pm

Subscription (limited availability) 75 € + dp

Teatro Verdi: numbered tickets in presale 20/25 € + dp // Tickets numbered whole at the door 30/35 €

Sala Vanni: ticket numbered in advance € 13 + dp // Full numbered ticket at the door € 20

20% reduction on the door for Arci members, Coop members and under 25

Tickets and season tickets on the Box Office Toscana Circuit and TicketOne


Other events on Friday 12 October :

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