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Address: Via di San Bartolo a Cintoia, 97 , Florence

Date: Wednesday 29 January 2020



Saturday 29 February at 21:00 at the Teatro del Borgo in Florence , there will be a preview of the new show by Gli Ottovolanti (4th production).


Gli Ottovolanti, Fiorentina theater company, active since 2015, builds its shows on original texts but with an interpretation that revolves around emotions and stories.,

"We try to convey to the public the happiness we feel when we build a scene, a dynamic, the characters themselves, who become part of us and a tool to get to know each other better."

The gimmicks they use stem from the theatrical research directed by Silvia Rabiti that accompanies their shows.

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What happens if 6 DOC patients (with obsessive compulsive disorders) find themselves prisoners of two crazy doctors who will tell them that they only have 15 minutes before they die?

Our 6 patients are convinced that they are part of an experimental project capable of healing their obsessions, but they will have to face a very different reality! They will have to be ready to join forces and dig deep into their hearts to overcome the difficulties that lie ahead

Will our friends manage to join forces and put aside their psychological problems to try to survive? Or will their ailments be fatal?

We can all identify with the characters of this brilliant comedy in two acts, because let's talk sincerely: who, even if only sporadically, hasn't experienced a DOC?
The roller coasters lead us again to explore the meanders of crazy minds, in search of a reason, with the intention of making us understand something more about ourselves and our nature.

Legend of the DOCs you will meet:

1- Claustrophobia (obsessive fear of being indoors)
2- Athazagoraphobia (fear of being ignored, forgotten)
3- Philophobia (i.e. afraid of falling in love)
4- Cherophobia (fear of being happy)
5- Misanthropy (refuses to have relationships with others)
6- Angrophobia (fear of being hungry, of not being able to find food)
7- Contamination Disorder (fear of being contaminated, infected with hypothetical pathogens, viruses, microbes or bacteria)
8- Dystophobia, (disorder is characterized by an obsessive need to acquire a significant amount of goods, even if useless, dangerous or insane)

Info and reservations Saturday 29 February 2020

Teatro del Borgo - Florence

Via di S. Bartolo in Cintoia, 97

Show starts at 21:00

Ticket € 10.00

For reservations call 375 57 28 488.

Alessandro Benedetti
Alessandro Matta
Elisabetta Santini
Greta Fanoi
Laura Andrei
Nicola Caprini
Silvia Parretti
Tommaso Puggelli

Directed by: Silvia Rabiti

Art Director:
Alessandro Benedetti

Audio And Lights:
Diego Marchi
Massimiliano Mastandrea

Original Music:
Massimiliano Mastandrea

Ticket price

€ 10.00


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