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Name: Teatro di Cestello

Address: Piazza di Cestello, 4 , Florence

Tel: 055-294609

Email: prenotazioni@teatrocestello.it



The Theatre of basket, born at the beginning of the last century as a small parish hall and closed during the war, only to re-open at the end of the fifties with the larger room and equipped at the time of metal and wood chairs comfortable, still exist as artifacts in foyer of the theater. Reopened to give space to the vernacular theater companies of the San Frediano district, in Florence, it is devastated during the flood of 1966 and will remain closed for nearly 20 years. In 1985, by the will of Vittorio Nardini, reopens under the direction of Valentino Lords. Since then, the theater enjoys a growing popularity.

In 1993, he takes over the management of the theater Oreste Pelagatti former director of the theater of the Cenacolo Follie company, the company mother of today's Upper Room Youth, which still has the artistic management of the theater after 27 years. Under the direction of Oreste Pelagatti calling to basket Wanda Pasquini also with some elements of his company and a part of the historic company Teatro dell'Oriolo closed in those years. It makes you feel like an important point of reference for the popular Florentine theater, begins a path of exploitation of our vernacular theater since its illustrious origins. They go to the scene Machiavelli and his Mandrake, Michelangelo Buonarroti the Younger with Tancia, the Sporta of Giambattista Gelli starring Giovanni Nannini, the steps of Caterina Bueno and evenings with Mario Luzi, enhancement of Luigi Del Buono and his mask Stenterello, right up to touch all areas of the Florentine, as with Locandiera by Carlo Goldoni or Augusto Novelli with his masterpieces Gallina Vecchia and placid water. Wanda Pasquini inspire Pelagatti for his famous sisters Mattresses and Giovanni Nannini for its San Frediano boy. All paths that seek to increase the theatricality nostrale, is the more popular that the most educated: so in recent years were staged authors such as Alessandro Benvenuti, Ugo Chiti and Vinicio Gioli.

The theater is also open to outside companies, is home to three years the Florence International Theatre Company and its illustrious English-speaking interpreters, and many other good companies, thus giving a small stage, but important because of its centrality to the city. In 1999 at the Theatre of basket by direct Manuelita Baylon and Remo Masini we were born the first Florentine theater school of popular city with a lot of success with lovers of the genre, in the following years other courses will find hospitality at the theater, such as Children's Theatre , the 'permanent Workshop of Commedia dell' Arte and the Laboratory of Theater Clouds Journey.

For more information about the theater and programming consult the
Official site www.teatrocestello.it
or Facebook page www.facebook.com/teatrodicestello/?fref=ts

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