DOG, from "Heart of Dog" of Bulgakov

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Address: Piazza di Cestello, 4 , Florence

Date: Saturday 09 November 2019


8 | 9 November 2019 "DOG" at the Teatro di Cestello.

Theatrical performance taken from Dog's Heart by MA Bulgakov. Directed by Alessandra Comanducci. Obraz Shipyard Production.

In what was once the very rich Casa Kalabukhov palace, a group of proletarian tenants headed by Svonder, director of the building, settled after the October Revolution. In the same building lives and works, Professor Preobrazhensky, an enlightened doctor, famous throughout Europe for his experiments on rejuvenation thanks to the transplantation of animal sexual glands on men. The cohabitation between the two realities is difficult, but totally eludes control, when, following the last experiment, the stray dog Pallino, is transformed into a human being in all respects.

CANE develops as a path of theatrical investigation that the Cantiere Obraz company has undertaken on Bulgakov's novel "Heart of Dog". In this second version, the text has been opened and revolutionized focusing on the theme of human freedom of choice and whether it is always subordinated to nature or to social rules. The show, in fact, purified of the properly historical context of the Russian Revolution, leads the audience on an immersive journey in which the spectators themselves will be the tenants of the building and the patients of the professor, or witnesses of the birth of a new man (which however is really similar to the old one).

DOG 8 | 9 November 2019 h 20.45

Cestello Theater, Piazza di Cestello 3/4

from "Dog's Heart" by MA Bulgakov

adaptation and direction by Alessandra Comanducci

with Alessandro J. Bianchi, Michela Cioni, Paolo Ciotti, Thomas Harris, Mario Raz

set design Thomas Harris
assistant director Antonella Longhitano

lights by Diego Cinelli
Camilla Pieri press office

Obraz Shipyard Production

in collaboration with Teatro di Cestello

Info & Reservations
055. 294609 | 389.5058252

Full € 16
Reduced € 14: over 65, under 18, university students, ACLI Members, Obraz Workshop Students, COOP Members (Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays) and agreements.
Reduced € 10: Children under the age of 12 and Affiliated Theater Schools

Cestello Theater, Piazza di Cestello 3/4 Florence

is a theater company active on the Florentine territory since 2007 that deals with training and theatrical production. He has initiatives in various Florentine theatrical spaces and, since 2010, has resided in the Cestello Theater. The company's activity is driven by a double push: the link with an international theatrical tradition, primarily of Russian origin (Cantiere Obraz was founded by Nikolaij Karpov and its members are trained on the biomechanical method of Mejerchol'd) and an intense theatrical training and production activities, mainly aimed at the younger generations.

Among the productions of Cantiere Obraz it is important to mention the show GUARDA FIGLI DELL'ULSTER IN MARCIA LA SOMME, with the contribution of the EUI - European University Institute and the Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies, on the occasion of the celebrations for the centenary of the First World War, MASKARAD directed by Nikolaj Karpov and Maria Shmaevich and NOTES OF A MAD, co-produced with the Teatro dell'Elce and the Teatro della Toscana Foundation

Moreover, always attentive to the didactic and social value of the theater, Cantiere Obraz, through the CESTELLO FORMAZIONE project, aims to use theater teaching as a tool for knowledge and personal growth; in particular, in recent years, Cantiere Obraz has developed a focus on young people through the "Scuoletta di teatro" project and the Three-year Theater Training School for students from 18 years. Through the project SUMMER SCHOOL cultivates with care and attention, theatrical improvement courses aimed at professional actors, including the Permanent Laboratory of Theatrical Biomechanics curated by Maria Shmaevich, Gogolian Studies by Alessio Bergamo and for six years Lessons on dramatic art held by Maestro Anatolij Vasilev

ALESSANDRA COMANDUCCI Actress, director and teacher of acting and stage movement. He began his training in Florence, at the Theater Academy of Florence. She trained with Nikolaj Karpov and Maria Shmaevich, starting in 2005, founding the "Permanent Laboratory of Theatrical Biomechanics", and specializing in stage movement and theater pedagogy. From 2014 she studied the method of Etjud and physical actions with Anatolij Vassilev, Dirige the company and the school of theatrical training "Cantiere Obraz" and has collaborated as a teacher with important Tuscan theaters including the Intercity Theater School of the Limonaia of Sesto Fiorentino , CRF (Research and Training Center) at the Teatro Puccini in Florence. some important productions including Maskarad by Maria Shmaevich and Appunti di un pazzo by Alessio Bergamo.


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