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Address: Piazza di Cestello, 4 , Florence

Date: Saturday 16 March 2019


Original dramaturgy by CANTIERE OBRAZ
Freely adapted from G. Rodari and Hans Christian Andersen

Directed by Alessandro J. Bianchi
with Michela Cioni,
Paolo Ciotti, Alessandra Comanducci, Tomas Harris
lights and shadows Diego Cinelli
Scenes and Costumes: Thomas Harris
Camilla Pieri promotion

A vain emperor, regent of a fantastic country, spends much of his time in the care of clothing and very little in the care of his kingdom. But here two weavers come to court one day. They say they came from a distant country and bring with them a new, very precious fabric of their invention.

This would have an immense magical power: "Invisible remains for those who have little brains in their heads and for the people who occupy certain seats, certain high-ranking offices without having earned them." "With those garments I can finally know if my ministers are honest or thieves , clever or foolish ... "- the emperor immediately thought, ordering that he be made a dress made of this fabric. At the time of delivery, however, neither the courtiers nor the emperor were able to glimpse the fateful habit. What to do? No one intends to make the figure of the inadequate fool, therefore tacitly everyone, they conceal, pretend to see him for real and congratulate themselves on the skill of the weavers. The fiction drags on to its extreme consequences: the king, the dress he wears, parades for the subjects in the streets of the kingdom. And all, appalled by royal nakedness, but incapable of honesty, pretend equally profoundly in bowing and praise for the magnificence of the head. The spell is broken by a child who, widening his eyes, shouts with innocence: "But the king ... is naked!".

Duration 50 minutes approx
Ages 4 to 10 years
16 and 23 March 2019 16.45 h
Cestello Theater, Piazza di Cestello 3 | 4

Info & Reservations
055 294609

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