"Le Deecadute"

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Address: Piazza di Cestello, 4 , Florence

Date: Saturday 19 October 2019


Divinities all to laugh with the talent of Francesca Nunzi
The Roman actress, heir to the magnani, inaugurates the Cestello season

The 2019/2020 season of the Teatro di Cestello, in the Florentine Oltrarno, opens Saturday, October 19, at 8.45 pm, with the debut of Francesca Nunzi's new show “Le Deecadute” or “The fall of the Goddesses”, in replication on Sunday 20 4.45 pm The beautiful Roman actress, defined by Anna Magnani as the natural heiress, returns to Florence after last season's successes at the Teatro Verdi, starring alongside Gianluca Guidi, in the musical comedy "Add a Place at the Table".

The public will then be able to applaud it again and appreciate it in all its many talents, in this brilliant one woman show where comedy, poetry and live songs, written by Marco Petriaggi, intertwine, to tell about femininity, through the stereotypes represented by the classical divinities , finally dismantled and humanized.

In fact, our Goddesses, now in decline, no longer adored or remembered by anyone, are forced to face a new mortal condition, which puts them ahead, like everyone else, of time that passes and the choices made or to be made. While therefore Juno still has to support the role of first lady but above all the horns that her husband continues to put with younger nymphets, and Venus, always ideal of beauty, discovers the drama of wrinkles, the "caste" Diana tries to recover the time wasted hunting in the woods, turning attention to other prey. Minerva, intuitive and cerebral, can do nothing but have recourse to analysis and Hebe, goddess of youth, but above all cup-bearer of the Gods, tries, with exhilarating results, to finally dispose of the inevitable after-effects of the eternal libations. A crackling variety to revisit together a bit of good old mythology, but above all to remind everyone that a woman, to be unique, does not need to be "divinized" at all.

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