4.48 Psychosis of Sarah Kane

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Address: Via Gramsci 426, Sesto Fiorentino

Date: Friday 25 January 21:00 - Sunday 27 January 22:30


25, 26, January 27 at 21

by Sarah Kane
designed and directed by Dimitri Milopulos
original music by Marco Baraldi
with Valentina Banci, Teresa Fallai, Sonia Remorini
translation Barbara Nativi magazine by Dimitri Milopulos
soprano Francesca Maionchi
assistant to the music Federico Ciompi
sound effects Vanni Cassori

"Please open the curtains"

Psychosis is a misunderstood text. It is not a feminine monologue but a monologue work, "a symphony for a single instrument": there are so many voices that compose it and there are thousands of possibilities that it implies.
Psychosis is known as "notes for a suicide" and it is true that it tells about this, but it is also a tribute to life, and to living sane. A way of dealing with the theater that only Sarah could master perfectly. In an interview during the Festival Intercity London II in 1997 and talking about Blasted he said: "For me the function of the theater is to make us experience something through art so that we do not need to actually experience it in real life. If we experience in theater what it means to commit an act of extreme violence, maybe we can feel a repulsion that prevents us from then going to commit an act of extreme violence out in the streets. I believe that people can change, and I think it's possible for us as a species to change our future, which is why I write what I write. "Same with Psicosi. To show the tragedy of life as we live it today through our folly and this great desire (Crave) to connect body and soul - the only possibility of salvation. It is our difficulty in doing so that drives us to suicide. And maybe if we can feel repulsion for this choice by seeing Sarah's work, if we come to understand her, perhaps we will be able to see our life and our existence under different eyes. "Trying to leave a more lasting mark than mine". A text on hope, then.
Psychosis is a vortex. Every word, every sentence, every paragraph is a concentrate of meanings and references. A succession of orgasms of languages and senses. Everything is extremely and meticulously connected. Nothing is left to chance. Sarah took a year to write it. And then he left. To quote his distinguished Greek colleague Dimitri Dimitriadis "when the body could no longer bear the weight of the other body, the one with a thousand heads, insatiable, singular, anarchic, immortal, which struggles in every body that has extravagant and cruel impulses" .
Psychosis is the result of a study of the human soul, of a research that brought Sarah over Crave (work very connected to the latter). The search for an unprecedented theatrical poetic language, which once again confirms the great talent of its creator.

Sarah Kane (1971 - 1999). He made his debut in 1994 with the trilogy of monologues Sick; in 1995 his Blasted, (directed by James Macdonald) at the Royal Court in London, was greeted by extreme and conflicting reactions. He later wrote Phaedra's love (London, Gate Theater, 1996), Cleansed (directed by Peter Zadek, Hamburg, Schauspielhaus, 1998) and Crave (directed by Vicky Featherstone, London, Chelsea Theater), and the screenplay of Skin, direct short film by Vincent O'Connell and produced by Channel 4. Kane has signed two shows at the Gate Theater: Phaedra's love and Woyzeck by Georg Büchner. Following his tragic death in February 1999, his last work 4:48 Psychosis was posthumously performed at the Royal Court Theater in June 2000 (directed by James Macdonald). In Italy his work was introduced for the first time at the Sesto Fiorentino Festival Intercity in 1997 with Blasted, directed by Barbara Nativi.

Dimitri Milopulos director, set designer, costume designer, author, actor, graphic designer. In 1988 he creates together with Barbara Nativi and other collaborators the Teatro della Limonaia and the Intercity Festival of which he is artistic director since 2005. He directs - besides his own - texts by Barbara Nativi, David Ireland, Gaspare Baglio, Dimitri Dimitriadis, Letizia Russo and signature the scenes of more than 50 productions on texts by authors such as Sarah Kane, Jon Fosse, Jean-Luc Lagarce, Sergi Belbel, Barbara Nativi, Michel Tremblay, Martin Crimp, Michel Marc Bouchard, collaborating with directors such as: Barbara Nativi, Irene Aho, Jon Tombre, Rickard Gunther, Roxana Silbert, Dominic Dromgoole, David Ferry, Runar Hodne.

Marco Baraldi, pianist and professor for forty years at the Higher Institute of Music Studies in Livorno, has always dedicated himself to the composition by signing the music for many shows directed by Barbara Nativi, Angelo Savelli, Andrea Bendini and other Italian and foreign directors. . He collaborated with Ugo Chiti realizing the soundtrack for the film Albergo Roma, composed the music for a ballet commissioned by the Venice Biennale and published for the Harpers & Collins in London a series of audio on texts by Magdalen Nabb.

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