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Address: Via Gramsci 426, Sesto Fiorentino

Date: Thursday 16 May 21:00 - 22:30



Friday 3 and Sunday 5 May 2019 9 pm
third year of the Intercity Theater Theater of the Limonaia

by Federico Garcia Lorca
edited by Dimitri Milopulos
training course by Teresa Fallai and Dimitri Milopulos

with Petra Breschi, Maria Cianchi, Giada Ciuffatelli, Francesca Faraoni, Sara Forni, Lorenzo Mati, Tommaso Palazzini, Lorenzo Santella, Adriana Serra, Elisa Sorrentino, Laura Vincitorio.

On 3 and 5 May, after 6 months of challenging work, we arrive at the final phase of the third year of the Intercity Theater School.
It was a precious year for everyone, full of intense work that saw the 11 boys and girls, who formed the third year of the School, involved in a research and in-depth study not easy around the two masterpieces of Federico Garcia Lorca: Bernarda Alba's house and Nozze di sangue. Before working with me, the group was entrusted to Teresa Fallai's remarkable abilities in a work on diction and vocal techniques. Then the group faced a period of intense text analysis, followed by the creation of the characters and finally the final staging following the steps that follow a real production.
Working on Lorca's texts today may seem strange and out of time - given the distance from the historical period - but if you enter into them, if you get inside the heart and the mind of the great author and poet, you discover that every little detail that composes the final result is much more than current.
It is enough to “undress him” and become a naked and raw reality today.

11 May 2019 9 pm
second year of the Intercity Theater Theater of the Limonaia

a study on Play Alter Native by Finn Iunker
edited by Iacopo Reggioli
training course by Riccardo Naldini and Iacopo Reggioli

with Stefano Abbati, Claudio Capecchi, Ginevra Chiari, Ginevra De Donato, Serena Giannini, Cosimo Parretti, Serena Tommaselli.

Play Alter Native tells in the form of a fairy tale the story of two peoples waging war to get the water that they themselves have in turn poisoned, stolen and exploited. In a kind of cheerful delirium of stupidity - all the characters are called "one" or "an idiot" and exchange parts in the story and in the text - the water source of life loses all its life and the enchanted fable becomes war endless. A brilliant moral operetta, as dramatic as the contemporary present.
This year after two months of work on the monologue, I decided to bring the students into contact with a contemporary text, Play Alter Native by Finn Iunker. The course focused on the physical preparation of the student, on the awareness of his motor and vocal abilities. I tried to prepare the students to feel dynamic bodies on the stage, able to control every single movement and to move within a choral show, putting their body and voice to the test, maintaining a critical and creative relationship with the text. What is the exact border line between speaking and acting, between a normal exchange of information between common individuals and an exhibition on the stage? Is it just a matter of vocal emission?

May 16, 2019, 9 pm
first year of the Intercity Theater Theater of the Limonaia

edited by Vania Rotondi

with Nikolaj Ceruti, Michele Dolara, Salvatore Finizio, Caterina Goretti, Costantino Guidotti, Serghei Andrea Locci, Iacopo Nappini, Doriana Saielli, Rita Sabelli, Eleonora Taddei

The purpose of the first year of theater is to let the students know and experience the essential elements of "doing theater". The students of the first year course had the opportunity to "meet" the theater through various studies related to body expression, work on physicality, basic elements on character study, listening and heating techniques.
The first "Intercity" of the students brings them in a miscellany of characters suffering from various and unusual psychological pathologies ... ... of course .... also the therapists are not less ...
We will see some good laughs and psychopathologies !!!!!!!!!!
good luck !!!!!!!

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