Intercity Festival 2020 - Angel of gravity, a heresy

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Address: via Gramsci 426 , Sesto Fiorentino

Date: Sunday 20 September 2020


Theater of the Limonaia

19, 20 September at 20.30 and 22.00

coproduction Archètipo - Intercity


by Massimo Sgorbani

directed by Alvia Reale

with Fabio Mascagni

original music by Roberto Piazzolla

costumes Sandra Cardini

graphics Francesco Biscione

Valerio Cassa movement

assistant director Iacopo Paradisi

national first

From a real event, reported on the pages of the newspapers. A death row inmate waits for the day of execution. The state that sentenced him kills by hanging. The inmate is so fat that the hangman's rope wouldn't hold the weight. The execution must be postponed. Those in the text are the words that the prisoner pronounces in the hours of his last wait. Prolonged, dilated waiting (of the obese, even time is hypertrophic). The place of the verbal action could be a cell, but more exactly it is any place before God. If not right in front of it, certainly in His vicinity.

Massimo Sgorbani

The desire to work with Fabio Mascagni is the spring that pushed me to undertake this adventure.

What interests me in the work is to discover together something we don't already know.

The protagonist of the text is a character who has very specific physical characteristics, but I didn't think it necessary to look for a likelihood with the actor's physicality.

With a small dramaturgical intervention, I thought that a "macabre cabaret" could give us the right distance, as happened through the epic form of the "Brechtian cartels" which, rejecting the naturalistic style, did not "embody" an event but "narrated" it, stimulating the critical conscience and the imagination of the viewer.

Alvia Reale

Massimo Sgorbani , graduated in Philosophy at the University of Milan and graduated in Dramaturgy at the “Paolo Grassi” Civic School of Dramatic Art. In 2001 he won the Special Jury Prize Riccione, with Angelo della Gravita . In 2003 he was ranked second at the Fersen Prize with Il tempo a Hanoi , and was awarded the “signal of continuity” at the Riccione Prize for Thin Things in the Air .

Author of the text Everything flows , winner of one of the Fondi la Pastora awards in 2004. In 2008 he received the Franco Enriquez award for dramaturgy.

Alvia Reale, graduated from the Silvio D'Amico National Academy of Dramatic Art. As an actress she worked with Luca Ronconi, Massimo Castri, Roberto De Simone, Eimuntas Nekrosius.

As a director he has directed the following shows: Rome at 11 by Elio Petri, ETI Award - Gli Olimpici del Teatro. Best Innovation Show 2007, Family Party at Pirandello, dramaturgy by Andrea Camilleri.

Alabarda d'oro Award - City of Trieste. Best show 2010, Troiane Fragments of Tragedy .

During her career she won, among others: Eleonora Duse Award 1996, Golden Ticket Agis / BNL 1996, Le Maschere del Teatro Award as Best Supporting Actress 2016.



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