Einar Schwenke's OSTO

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Address: via Gramsci 426 , Sesto Fiorentino

Date: Friday 27 September 2019


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EINAR Schwenke's OSTAGE (Kapring)

designed and directed by Dimitri Milopulos with Monica Bauco , Daniele Bonaiuti and Stefano Nigro

world premiere in Italian

Victor, 'lonely and desperate young man' takes refuge in the home of Cecilia, 'young sweet and lonely woman', after robbing a bank: the booty in the bag, the police on his heels. The improvised criminal, awkwardly violent, shows off his funny way of doing hysterical flashes, circus scenes, moments of terror, brushstrokes of romanticism and eroticism and an unsolved maternal conflict at Woody Allen, who takes voice, angry and appalled, a little on the phone and a bit on the megaphone. Cecilia, a lonely and romantic woman in full expectation of great love, after the initial surprise surprise, seems to be taking the savvy and tasteful situation, but unaware of what will soon happen to her. But in the meantime, Cecilia is held hostage by a psycholocal neighbor, victim of the ordinary solitude in which she lives between statistical calculations and dull evenings in front of the TV! In love with her, in order to approach her, he only knows how to embark on an absurd and fatal stunt. To feel free, powerful and alive, they play inside the apartment a crazy and risky game, constantly on the edge of danger while from outside it surrounds them, and then enters, without escape, reality, to recall them to the awareness of their acts and frustrated exclusion that generates them. Witness the television, which thanks to a superficial comeback contest, dictates the final sentence.

Einar Schwenke, was born in Tromsø in Norway, 50 years ago. He studied and trained as an actor, writer and educator; today he works mainly as a communication consultant and teacher in Oslo. His first work, "Hostage", was selected to be staged during the Norwegian Oslo Drama Festival in 1998. Einar produced two more works for the theater and some for cinema and television. His last work "Kingdom of Heaven" was performed in 2016 at the Arctic Arts Festival in Harstad in Northern Norway.

Dimitri Milopulos director, set designer, costume designer, author, actor, graphic designer. In 1988, together with Barbara Nativi and other collaborators, he founded the Teatro della Limonaia and the Intercity Festival of which he has been artistic director since 2005. He directs - besides his own - texts by Barbara Nativi, David Ireland, Gaspare Baglio, Dimitri Dimitriadis, Letizia Russo the scenes of more than 50 productions on texts by authors such as Sarah Kane, Jon Fosse, Jean-Luc Lagarce, Sergi Belbel, Barbara Nativi, Michel Tremblay, Martin Crimp, Michel Marc Bouchard, collaborating with directors such as: Barbara Nativi, Irene Aho, Jon Tombre, Rickard Günther, Roxana Silbert, Dominic Dromgoole, David Ferry, Runar Hodne.


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