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Address: Via Gramsci 426, Sesto Fiorentino

Date: Saturday 12 October 22:30 - 00:00


12 October at 10.30pm

Gogmagog presents:
by Jesper Halle
directed by Tommaso Taddei
with Cristina Abati and Carlo Salvador
translation of Maria Sand
Mise en espace - world premiere in Italian

Change, mutation, metamorphosis, transformation is the goal of the "journey" that Kari, the middle-aged protagonist, makes in the drama Jasper Halle's ass.
Kari feels trapped in her own life, in her past, a prisoner of a society of which she does not feel a part and for this she wants to escape, to go to another place. But is it really possible? Is there another place to go if we remain the same as before?
We find her lost in the middle of her life, she looks at us, asks for help.
It will be the Voice, the only other character in the comedy, to accept his request and so together they will leave for a long and difficult journey together. To reach a new place, Kari, pressed by the questions of the Voice, goes over confiding her own past and is called to abandon it and move on.
Action is an intertwining of the realistic narrative plane - the story of Kari - that
satirical - a critique of the Norwegian claustrophobic society - and the mystical one e
metaphorical - where the narrative suddenly takes mythological forms.
Kari dreams of escaping, but to do so she will have to change, to let go of her old self, facing an initiatory death. Only then can he arrive in a new place. "And here I am - he will say - On this sunny day of sunshine."
Death infuse is nothing but transformation and fortunately one dies continuously.

Jesper Halle, writer, playwright and professor of writing at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Since his debut as a writer in 1984, to date he has written almost thirty works for classical theater, puppet theater, radio and television. Among his most famous works we find "Dagenes Lys", winner of the National Ibsen Award for writing in 1996 and "Lilleskogen", winner of the Hedda prize in 2004. His work as a playwright is inspirational for many young writers.

Gogmagog, is a theatrical research and experimentation group formed by a central core of three author actors, Cristina Abbati, Carlo Salvador, Tommaso Taddei, who often welcomes external collaborations, for specific projects. From 1999 to 2003 he is a resident company at the Teatro Studio in Scandicci with which he still collaborates curating the ZoomTeatro Festival since 2006. with the Krypton company. In 2009 she won the ETI Nuove Creatività project with the show "Until the homicide" taken from Lo Straniero by A. Camus.

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