EPPUR RIMANE (a serious game) and THE ISLAND by Jon Fosse

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Address: via Gramsci 426 , Sesto Fiorentino

Date: Sunday 20 October 2019


Teatro della Limonaia

20 October at 9pm


EPPUR REMAINS (a serious game)

by and with Teresa Fallai

music and sound effects Vanni Cassori

Regional project North-West Passages under Article 43 of Ministerial Decree 27/07/17

This study is the experiment of a journey, a path almost on tiptoe into Jon Fosse's rich and elusive, bright and dark poetic world, in the form of a reading mise en espace.

Starting from the most representative examples of his dramaturgy, here is a trilogy freely taken from the dramas "Sogno d'autunno", "Variations of death"; "Sea" is complemented by poems that frequently and surprisingly recall the contents of the works themselves.

The unique language of the author Fosse is the engine of this research.

His sparse, rarefied, simple word (which remains intact from narrative, to theater, to poetry without the touch of stylistic complacency), gives life to submerged, indefinable, profound worlds.

The mythical and archaic images of nature surround the characters and envelop their writing at all times: mountain, wind, rain, sea ... they move it, shake it, inspire it, making us part of a mysterious and fascinating mechanism that echoes the Nordic landscapes etched in the eyes of the author.





inspired by "I am the wind" by Jon Fosse

edited by Tommaso Carli

with Mario Salvaderi and Serena Di Mauro

This project is born from the comparison with the work of Jon Fosse " I am the wind ". A poetic and highly symbolic work, where two men in the middle of the sea slowly dig into their interiority, almost without even realizing it, leaving in the viewer the doubt that they can be the same person with different aspects, two sides of the same coin. Fosse lets the viewer decide. From this point we set off to move the protagonist's journey from the sea to an island where he arrives. There he meets something else, maybe something else of himself? Poetry and the unveiling of interiority remain the guiding thread and the center of the work.



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