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Address: via Vittorio Emanuele II 303, Florence

Date: Friday 28 December 21:00 - Tuesday 1 January 00:00


"Chefs" is a hilarious parody of the new collective mania for haute cuisine. All day we are invaded by television programs, magazines, cooking blogs, increasingly elaborate and complex culinary experiments. All very serious, until the arrival of the wild and transgressive Spaniards of Yllana who take possession of the kitchen with their unmistakable humor. A famous chef who has lost his inspiration, is helped by a team of clumsy cooks to keep the five stars of his restaurant. After a visit to various restaurants, Italian, French, Japanese, we see our chefs churn out improbable new dishes to entertain the demanding culinary critic of fashion. Succulent show that takes a funny and amused look on the fascinating world of gastronomy proposing a menu based on gags. Different scenes follow one another at a frenetic pace, framed by a simple but ideal scenario as a backdrop for a kitchen, a farm with different animals and numerous restaurants. An impeccable humor made of gestures, onomatopoeias, sound effects, lights, visual games with attention to detail and magic tricks. All this cooked to perfection, so that the mixture of different flavors is the most pleasing to your palate.

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