The Bastard of Istanbul

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Address: via Vittorio Emanuele II 303, Florence

Date: Thursday 15 November 21:00 - Sunday 25 November 19:00


from the eponymous novel by Elif Şafak / Elif Shafak
translation by Laura Prandino - Rizzoli Editore
reduction and direction Angelo Savelli
with Serra Yilmaz, Valentina Chico, Riccardo Naldini, Monica Bauco,
Marcella Ermini, Fiorella Sciarretta, Diletta Oculists, Elisa Vitiello
videoscenographies Giuseppe Ragazzini
costumes Serena Sarti | lights Alfredo Piras |
Tuttascena scenic elements
photo by Enrico Gallina
production of Pupi and Fresedde - Teatro di Rifredi
Theater Production Center

#Persefone 2016 award for best theater performance
and Serra Yilmaz as best female performer

Already applauded in Italy by more than 32,000 spectators, the show will be staged for the fourth time at the Teatro di Rifredi, from Thursday 15 to Sunday 25 November, the show taken from Elif Shafak's best seller "La bastarda di Istanbul".
Symbol of that part of Turkey that has the courage to look inside to tell its contradictions, the Turkish writer masterfully weaves the thousand stories that make the heart of his land pulsate where the Western and Eastern traditions are confused, bringing to light the thousand voices of women, of minorities, of immigrants, of a whole world of ethnic groups that have formed the cultural heritage of Turkey and which today's Turkey seems to want to forget.
In an animated and real Istanbul - more than a metropolis, a large ship with an uncertain route on which passengers of every origin, color and religion have alternated for centuries - comes Armanoush, a young and quiet American who, in search of her Armenian roots, disembarks in the matriarchal family of his Turkish stepfather Mustafa. There he will meet Asya "the bastard", her contemporary, rebellious and nihilist Turkish teenager, with a large and colorful family of women behind her, and an emptiness in place of her father.
Let us also be involved this year by this intricate and original multi-ethnic family saga, populated by wonderful female characters, burning stories, and unconfessable secrets. A secret ties Turkey to Armenia, the Turks to the Armenians, Asya to Armanousch. A secret that perhaps will not be revealed. A secret that looks like an ancient pomegranate-shaped ruby ​​pin.

Serra Yilmaz, beloved actress and fascinating storyteller as well as living witness of the fruitfulness of intercultural dialogue, Angelo Savelli author of the reduction of the complex novel and director of a major cast of actors, Valentina Chico, Riccardo Naldini, Monica Bauco, Marcella Ermini, Fiorella Sciarretta, Diletta Oculisti, Elisa Vitiello, all together face this theatrical journey in the bad conscience of a family and a people, navigating between the rocks of tragedy and the waves of irony, while on the horizon the furniture and colorful video-scenographies of Giuseppe Little boys.

In this shot the show is part of the project of the Fondazione Teatro della Toscana "How the cities are alive". Subscribers to the Teatro della Pergola will be able to take advantage of a special discount by presenting their season ticket at the Theater of Rifredi (admission € 12 instead of € 16)

from Thursday 15 to Sunday 25 November
(working hours 21.00 - Sundays 4.30pm - Monday 19th rest)

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Full admission € 16.00 - reduced € 14.00 (plus presale rights)
Subscribers Teatro della Pergola € 12 (plus presale rights)
Rifredi Theater from Monday to Saturday (16:00 - 19:00) |
Stores in the Boxoffice Toscana and Ticketone Online Circuits
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