Put yourself in jogo: discover the capoeira!

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Address: Viale Spartaco Lavagnini 70 – 72, Florence

Date: Sunday 28 April 18:00 - 20:00


A Sunday to be enjoyed to the full with Brazilian rhythms and the chance to discover a unique art, the capoeira. Appointment Sunday 28 April at the Student Hotel with an open day to learn about capoeira, its history and the musical instruments that have always accompanied it. But even just to witness its most famous expression, the Jogo, or the capoeira roda.
It is no coincidence that we say "jogar capoeira", the practice of this discipline is in fact a game of agility but also and above all of cunning, of exchange and interaction with the other.

Capoeira is an art, a dance, a struggle; it is sport, self-defense, gymnastics and culture.
Born during the colonial era in the northeast region of Brazil as a form of slave revolt, it developed throughout the country. Today capoeira is a Brazilian national sport as well as being practiced all over the world, it has recently been recognized by UNESCO as a "cultural heritage of humanity".
Capoeira harmoniously strengthens the muscles, making the body supple and flexible. Develops creative and reactive skills by putting everything in an engaging and cheerful group context. This is also thanks to the music and the practice of instruments.
Capoeira, as a song says, "è pra homen, menino e mulher", meaning it can be practiced by everyone: men, women and children.

For those wishing to learn about capoeira before April 28th, you can try for free at the new course in Via del Romito 44 (at the Palestra Meeting) every Wednesday and Friday from 8pm to 10pm.

For info:
Inst. Turtle (+39) 328 8875957

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