CRUDE STORIES The spirit of the Tuscan novellas, today

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Address: Piazza del Popolo , Montespertoli

Date: Friday 12 April 2019


In the theater the novellas of the Tuscan tradition revisited by the writers
Marco Vichi, Enzo Fileno Carabba, Anna Maria Falchi, Gianni Garamanti

Project supported by the 2018 New Public Call
promoted by the CR Firenze Foundation

Lorenzo Degl'Innocenti in
The spirit of the Tuscan tales, today
Texts by Enzo Fileno Carabba, Anna Maria Falchi, Gianni Garamanti, Marco Vichi

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Music played live by Aldo Gentileschi
Illustrations Marco Serpieri
Directed by Lorenzo Degl'Innocenti

Saturday 30 March 2019 - 9.15 pm
Piccolo Teatro della Rufina

Friday 12 April 2019 - 9.15 pm
Topical Circolo Arci - Casa del Popolo of Montespertoli

Friday 24 May 2019 - 9.15 pm
Antella Municipal Theater

And soon at the Arts Theater of Lastra a Signa and at the Castle of Calenzano

The oral tradition of fairy tales is lost in the mists of time and the fascination of those stories continues to seduce the imagination of writers. "Cruel Stories. The spirit of the Tuscan novellas, today ” is the show that sees Lorenzo Degl'Innocenti on stage accompanied by live music played by Aldo Gentileschi. The texts are by Marco Vichi, Enzo Fileno Carabba, Anna Maria Falchi and Gianni Garamanti.

Project supported by the “New public 2018” call by the CR Firenze Foundation, “Storie Crudeli” with the direction of Lorenzo Degl'Innocenti and the illustrations by Marco Serpieri is scheduled for Saturday 30 March at the Piccolo Teatro della Rufina, Friday 12 April at Topical Room of the Casa del Popolo of Montespertoli and Friday 24 May at the Antella Municipal Theater (calendar update - 9.15 pm - single seat ticket 10 euros. Booking is recommended by phone 320.4084797 or via email ).

The four Tuscan writers have recovered popular novel stories such as "The murder-free hand", "Bellinda and the monster", "The apple girl" and "Dodicino" to turn them into new and modern stories. Keeping the logic of the original fairy tale (if an original ever existed!), They created something very current. The language used, at times, becomes the slang of today's youth.

Marco Vichi transforms "The assassin without hands" into "Disobedient", the story of a grandmother to her niece about her terrible life experiences lived in the mythical 60s, the struggle for emancipation, violence and the dramatic difficulties of women.

In the hands of Enzo Fileno Carabba, the most famous Tuscan fairy tale, "Bellinda and the monster", becomes "Beauty in a box", with characters fighting more from the inside of their thoughts than against real enemies: the obsessions, the compulsions, the panic and anxieties.

Anna Maria Falchi starts from "The Girl Apple" and "Melina" is born, with a new caustic and ironic style that tells the sexual maturity and the acceptance of a new self.

Gianni Garamanti draws inspiration from "Dodicino" to create "The colors of the sunset" in which we talk about immigration, exclusion and a sense of belonging to a community, of work, violence and abuse, connivance and intolerance.

Marco Serpieri's illustrations that mark the different moments of the show are very special .

Aldo Gentileschi, a musician already known to be half of the Duo Baldo in numerous national and international stages, accompanies and brings out the tones of the story with improvisations and musical comments created on the spot.

Modern and contemporary for writing and content, these new fairy tales keep the enchantment of a world of inexhaustible imagination and, just like fairy tales, appeal to an audience of all ages. The shows are staged also in the morning with entry reserved for secondary schools of first degree.

The authors

Enzo Fileno Carabba was born in Florence in 1966. He won the Calvino prize in 1991 with the novel Jakob Pesciolini (later published by Einaudi, 1992). In addition to numerous novels and short stories, he is also the author of opera librettos, radio scripts and children's stories.

Anna Maria Falchi was born and lives in Florence. After her childhood and adolescence in Sardinia, she moved to Florence in 1988, where she currently works. She is the author of novels (for Guanda publisher) and short stories.

Gianni Garamanti was born in Florence. President of the Museum of Narration - APS, deals with projects for products and services in the cultural and entertainment field. Author of novels, short stories, texts for theater and radio plays.

Marco Vichi was born in Florence, lives in the Chianti hills and writes stories. Guanda has many of his works in the catalog. Commissioner Bordelli's stories are those best known to the public. His novels and stories are translated into many different languages in the world.

Lorenzo Degl'Innocenti was born in Florence, he studied acting in Florence, Bologna and Genoa. He works in the theater alongside Giorgio Albertazzi, Arnoldo Foà, Franco di Francescantonio, Irene Papas, the Fura dels Baus company, Carla Fracci and Beppe Menegatti.

Marco Serpieri was born in Rimini in 1969. Graphic designer, web designer and, above all, illustrator since 1998. His training is scientific and artistic. He illustrated three books for Mondadori Ragazzi and three diaries for the Carlo Collodi National Foundation.

Supported by the CR Firenze Foundation as part of the "Nuovi Pubblici 2018" call for tenders, the project "La novella 'un is beautiful if over' un ci si rappella" was presented by ASD Dance Performance obtaining a co-financing.

The organizational partner of the project is MUNAR - APS Narration Museum.

Associazione Artemisia onlus supports the project "Cruel Stories" for the issues specifically addressed on violence against women and minors. At each performance he tries to be present with his volunteers to show his initiatives, attesting to his commitment and his commendable support in difficult or complex social situations.

Single ticket price € 10 for all shows
Reservations are recommended by phone (320.4084797) or by email


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