"Franz and Sophie" opens: an exhibition to recount Modern Love

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Address: Via del Porcellana 59rosso , Florence

Date: Thursday 14 February 2019


Thursday, February 14, from 18:00 to 21:00, will be inaugurated the new exhibition of Kristina Grancaric in "Via 59rosso of China", in 'Innovative Co-Working and creative space for women. An exhibition of drawings made by hand with Japanese calligraphy pen, collage and digital technique, which want to tell how sentimental relationships have changed with the advent of new forms of communication. The exhibition is an emotional experience to reflect on the relationship with the solitude of modern love and an opportunity for those who want to celebrate the Valentine's day in an alternative way.

"Before the social media we made every effort to keep a relationship upright or catch the opportunities on the fly, knowing that we did not fall in love every day." - Explains Kristina Grancaric - Today, however, we have the illusion that we have more choices, and with a simple click you can get to know someone else, we are in a historical moment of "disposable", even on an emotional level.I started designing Franz and Sophie with a therapeutic purpose: overcome this mentality. "

Through the drawings, Kristina, wants to tell the different everyday realities: a couple at the table who does not talk but is focused on looking at their phone, two people who chat all night from home instead of spending an evening together.

Like true stories, even Franz and Sophie, have lived their own evolution, from the black and white of the first drawings, have passed to today's colors; from a Japanese calligraphic pen to an I-pencil and the next step, it will be an illustrated book with their story.

The exhibition will remain open until March 13, from Monday to Friday, with the following schedule: 9 am-6pm. Free entry.


Via del Porro 59rosso,


Free entry


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