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Address: Piazza dei Medici, 14 , Prato

Date: Friday 14 June 2019


Festival delle Colline celebrates 40 years of shows, art and events with one
multimedia exhibition at the Scuderie Medicee of Poggio a Caiano

Photos, videos, posters and memorabilia of a review
which has always favored originality

Photo and digital exhibition dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Festival delle Colline
Edited by Fabio Fantini


Friday, June 14, 2019 - 6 pm - free admission
Medici Stables - Poggio a Caiano (Prato)
Until Friday 26 July 2019
Hours: Wednesday to Sunday: 10/13/14: 30/19

Download the complete press kit with videos and images

Diamanda Galas is an excommunication risk performance. Debbie Harry in a box at the Pecci Center. The blues-man of the Bombino desert and the daring adventure to take him to Italy. And then Henry Rollins dressed as a nun, Esperanza Spalding in one of his first Italian releases, dozens of original productions, art posters ...

Tuscan festival always devoted to originality, Festival delle Colline celebrates its forty-year history with the multimedia exhibition "40 years of Hills", scheduled from Friday 14 June to Friday 26 July at the Scuderie Medicee of Poggio a Caiano (Prato).

Inauguration on Friday 14 June at 18.00, in the presence of the curator, Fabio Fantini, and the mayor of Poggio a Caiano Francesco Puggelli.

"40 years of Hills" tells, through posters, photos, videos and historical documents, the guests and anecdotes of a courageous and enterprising small festival, where John Cale and Diamanda Galas, Robert Fripp and Carolyn Carlson passed, among others , Sonic Youth and Ali Farka Toure, Alessandro Baricco and Marco Paolini, Billy Bragg and the CSI (born in this context).

Also on display are all the official posters, from 1979 to 2019: mostly graphic works signed by Lapo Belmestieri, Samuell Calvisi, Cuore di Cane and other artists who dressed the festival posters. An artistic timeline that puts together over 500 concerts and shows.

"40 years of Hills" is also a documentary. Production of the Festival delle Colline, the video traces the recent editions, through the testimonies of the artistic directors who have taken care of it since 1990: identity, curiosity and anecdotes of a review that has gained a solid reputation with few means and a lot of inventiveness. And the affection of the public.


MUNICIPALITY FOR DIAMANDA GALAS - 1990. Diamanda Galas performs at the Medici Villa in Poggio a Caiano in a musical-theatrical performance dedicated to the victims of AIDS. The artist of Greek origin is presented with naked breast, painted with red paint, with a text that criticizes the high spheres of the clergy. The performance has an echo in the press for months, the show is branded as blasphemous. In the municipal councils of the area interrogations rain and the Diocese threatens excommunication. There is no excommunication, but the Fine Arts authorities forbid the use of the Villa Medicea for ten years because of "spectacles that offend the moral". The flyer that the artist distributes during the evening, a selection of the press review and the letter of the Fine Arts are exhibited.

BLONDIE IN THE ROOMS OF THE MUSEUM - Debbie Harry, lead singer of Blondie, in a (very long) break from her historical band, performs at the Festival delle Colline with her temporary project, the Jazz Passenger. (Testimony that the big names, at the Festival of the Hills, have always brought something unusual and unique.) During the check they find a way to visit the Luigi Pecci Center for Contemporary Art and pose for an impromptu shot inside a box. The photo on display, by an unknown author and traced in the museum archive, captures a curious and amusing moment of a great rock star.

THE PRODUCTIONS OF THE FESTIVAL OF THE HILLS - The Festival has curated dozens of productions, encouraging above all meetings between artists from different contexts. On display there are photographic evidence of all the most important production moments. Among these "Nero Mediterraneo", the encounter between old and new Neapolitan music (Peppe Barra and O Zulù of the 99 Posse) with the Caribbean and Jamaican sounds of a great producer such as Dennis Bovell. And Pierino and the wolf with the Orchestra della Toscana and the reciting voice of Bobo Rondelli. Of the singer-songwriter from Livorno impossible not to remember then "Ciampi I'll show you I", another original production of the Festival delle Colline, dedicated to fellow citizen Piero Ciampi.

THE DISCOVERY OF BOMBINO - Year 2011. The then artistic director of the festival, Silvia Bacci, receives a call from a friend who works in Africa: “You have to hear this artist. He's a very strong guitarist, and he has a sound that doesn't look like anything. " He sends her a piece, and Silvia falls in love with it. The artist in question is Omar Moctar, aka Bombino, and before that he had never left the African continent. He didn't have a manager or a support structure, but with the help of his cooperating friend, he was able to get him to play in Italy. The one at the Festival delle Colline, witnessed by some photo shoots, is its very first European release. From then on, he started his international collaborations (among others, even with our Jovanotti) which led him, last year, to win a Grammy Award.

HENRY ROLLINS SUORA DRESS - Henry Rollins, icon of the American alternative rock of the 90s, actor and multi-faceted character, performs with his Rollins Band at the Festival of the Hills in 1994. As in all the concerts of that tour, he does it dressed as a nun, as evidenced by the very serious photo that was distributed to all the newspapers of the time.

--------------------. --------------------

FESTIVAL DELLE COLLINE 2019 - Organized by the Municipality of Poggio a Caiano in collaboration with the Municipalities of Prato and Carmignano, the 2019 edition will take place from 3 to 25 July. On the highly illuminated stage of independent rock / folk such as Ben Ottewell dei Gomez (Wednesday 3 July at the Church of Bonistallo - Poggio a Caiano - Prato) and J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. (Friday 12 July at the Center for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci Prato ), as well as a pillar of the Italian singer-songwriter such as Fabio Concato (Tuesday 9 July at the Villa Medicea in Poggio a Caiano - Prato). And then, the music by Inspector Montalbano with Olivia Sellerio (Tuesday 16 July at Villa Il Cerretino in Poggio a Caiano - Prato) and the enchanted minimalism of Wim Mertens (Thursday 25 July at the Rocca di Carmignano - Prato). In the city that hosts the second largest Chinese community in Italy, the original 2019 production will be dedicated to the new generations of Chinese artists: on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 July at the Ex-Fabrica space in Prato, among others, the psychedelic nomadic rock by the Mongol duo Tulegur, the very young vocalist Felicia Jin and the rap / pop of the Nova Ground. From 15 to 21 July, at the Space Exhibitions Valentini retrospective of the artist Chen Xi. Initiative in collaboration with the Confucius Institute.

FESTIVAL DELLE COLLINE - Festival delle Colline was born in Poggio a Caiano (Prato) in 1979 as the Medici Festival, and only in 1983 took on its current name while maintaining the numbering from its origin. So, the first time the Festival delle Colline appears is in its fourth edition. This would be enough to consecrate it as a wonderful anomaly.
The festival presented numerous original productions - from which CDs and DVDs were born - favored meetings between artists, was able to tell the past and anticipate the future. A programming attentive to the music of the world, betting on brave names, often not yet established: a feature that the Festival has never abandoned.
From the first editions, all at the Villa Medicea of Poggio a Caiano, focused on theater, jazz and dance, through the "revolution" of 1990, when the synergy with the Center for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci, Municipality of Prato and other realities and institutions of the territory generates a new and itinerant review. And again, the importance of the places: the Medici Villa of Poggio a Caiano, the Pecci Museum, the Rocca di Carmignano, the Church of Bonistallo, but also unusual locations like the Villa di Artimino or the Villa di Gricigliana.

Download the press kit of the complete video and photo exhibition


Free admission

Where : Medici Stables - Poggio a Caiano (Prato)
When : from Friday 14 June to Friday 26 July 2019
Hours : Wednesday to Sunday, 10: 00-13: 00/14: 30-19: 00
Inauguration : Friday, June 14th, 6 pm

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