ECHOIC MEMORIES 13 - 15.09.2019

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Address: Via Senese 68 , Florence

Date: Saturday 14 September 2019


10th EDITION music @ villaromana, part II

The Memories in Eco continue from September 13th to 15th, when the tenth anniversary of the
music @ villaromana festival will be celebrated with a meeting of many of the artists who took part in the 10 years of musical adventures. Also on this occasion, there will be the commission of a new Pocket Opera, central element of the programming, entrusted to the Canadian composer Keiko Devaux. His primary interest consists in giving voice to the emotional experience of listening and in this sense there is a strong connection with the theme of the anniversary. Starting from very contrasting sound sources and his love for electro-acoustic sounds, Devaux will conceive a singular form of "journey" within the spaces of the Villa, articulated according to different moments and a mobile performance, in which the audience will be guided by the musicians to the discovery of hidden echoes. The spatial parameter, but also the experience of audience listening will therefore be central to this new work composed during the composer's residence in the Villa's spaces.

Echoic Memories , this is the evocative title of the Pocket Opera, fulcrum of the 3 days of September, will be combined with new sound installations entrusted to the composer Alessandro Perini, resident in Sweden and protagonist of numerous performances in Europe and Argentina, and to a real Marathon musical. The protagonists, at different times, will be the virtuosos Manuel Zurria on the flute and Francesco Platoni, first double bass of the RAI National Symphony Orchestra, who will offer solo pieces by Jacob TV and Stefano Scodanibbio; the resounding clarinetist Michele Marelli, famous for his collaboration with Karlheinz Stockhausen and his performance skills, will present a first Italian song by the English composer Anna Clyne and a recent page by Marco Stroppa dedicated to him; Marelli will then be joined by Francesco Dillon for a work specially commissioned by
music @ villaromana to the Argentine composer Oscar Strasnoy, particularly appreciated for his musical theater works; then it will be the turn of the versatile percussionist Simone Beneventi, with his set conceived starting from the magical Libro Celibe by Giorgio Battistelli, in addition to the experiments of the young Swedish Johann Svensson, up to the ecstatic James Tenney's piece for Gong only that will close cathartically the review.

The Maurice Quartet, now permanently part of the international panorama of the major festivals, will present the immersive Quartet n. 9 by Georg Friedrich Haas, to be performed in total darkness, in an investigation into the perception that the great Austrian composer has undertaken for many years. Just in the 2013 edition of
music @ villaromana , the Quartet Maurice performed the Quartet n. 3 - In iij Noct , and this edition will renew the experience of listening with a strong emotional impact conceived by the iconic Austrian composer. Alongside this work, still rarely heard in Italy, Maurice will propose the masterpiece by Helmut Lachenmann Grido , his Third Quartet, and the new work by the Roman composer Giuliano Bracci. Everything closes in the eyes , in which traces of the Motto are echoed by 5 voices of Josquin Desprez Nymphes de Bois (1518).
The most experimental and alternative element will be represented by the Slovenian group Širom, which, starting from the roots of its country's folk music, unites them in an effective mix with rock contaminations, reaching a particular kind of "mystical minimalism". All these are the elements of a great musical "party" that contains echoes of the memories of previous editions of the Festival.


September 13th
6 pm
with Keiko Devaux, Composer in Residence 2019, Stefano Lombardi Vallauri and Elena Abbado, musicologists

7 pm
Marco Stroppa, The weight of a breath (2015-2017), for bassetto horn
1 Split, with modesty
2 Pulvercolante
3 And sing until he drop
4 Holed up
Giorgio Battistelli, The Unmarried Book (1976), for percussion
Anna Clyne, Rapture (2012), for clarinet and electronics
Oscar Strasnoy, 13th September 2019 from the cycle Tage-Bu ch , for clarinet and cello - PRIMA ASSOLUTA, commissioned by music @ villaromana
Henry Purcell, In Nomine (1680), for Ensemble

Michele Marelli, clarinet, basset horn
Francesco Dillon, cello
Simone Beneventi, percussion
* Pocket Ensemble

20 hours
Sound installations by Alessandro Perini

9:30 pm
Giuliano Bracci, Everything in your eyes (2018), for string quartet - PRIMA ITALIANA
Helmut Lachenmann, Quartet n. 3, Grido (2001-2002), for string quartet

Maurice Quartet:
Georgia Privitera, violin
Laura Bertolino, violin
Francesco Vernero, viola
Aline Privitera, cello


Iztok Koren, banjo, three-string banjo, bass drum, percussion, chimes, balafon, objects
Ana Kravanja, violin, viola, ribab, cümbüş, balafon, ngoma drum, mizmar, objects, voice
Samo Kutin, lyre, balafon, bass string, frame drum, brač, gongoma, mizmar, objects, voice

September 14th
music by Keiko Devaux, Composer in Residence 2019

* Pocket Ensemble:
Manuel Zurria, flute
Georgia Privitera, violin
Laura Bertolino, violin
Francesco Vernero, viola
Aline Privitera, cello
Francesco Dillon, cello
Francesco Platoni, double bass
Emanuele Torquati, keyboard
Simone Beneventi, percussion

10:30 pm
Stefano Scodanibbio, Voyage that never ends (1979-1997), for solo bass

Francesco Platoni, double bass

11:30 pm
Georg Friedrich Haas, String Quartet n. 9 (2016), for string quartet

Maurice Quartet:
Georgia Privitera, violin
Laura Bertolino, violin
Francesco Vernero, viola
Aline Privitera, cello

September 15th
11 o'clock
Jacob TV, Suppositions (2015), for solo flute - PRIMA ITALIANA
1. Peace will come
2. So they tell us
3. Right thing to do
Johan Svensson, One Man Band (2016), for percussion
Stefano Scodanibbio, N'Roll (2007), for double bass
James Tenney, Swell Piece # 3 (1967), for Ensemble

Manuel Zurria, flute
Simone Beneventi, percussion
Francesco Platoni, double bass
* Pocket Ensemble

12 o'clock
James Tenney, Having never written a note (1971), for percussion

Simone Beneventi, percussion


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