Lecture l Laura Corradi, The feminism of gypsies

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Address: Via Senese 68 , Florence

Date: Friday 09 October 2020


Friday 9 October, 7.00 pm

Laura Corradi
The feminism of the gypsies. Intersectionality, alliances, gender activism and queer

In English
Live-Streaming: https://www.facebook.com/villaromana.firenze

Laura Corradi is a former worker, traveler, activist and scholar, she is committed to feminist, queer, anti-racist and ecological movements. He graduated in Political Science in Padua and obtained a Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of California at Santa Cruz, where he teaches Feminist Theory and Sociology of Sexualities. Currently researcher and lecturer at the University of Calabria, she deals with gender studies and intersectional method and sociology of health and the environment. She is the director of the Decolonial Feminist Queer LAB and the Gypsy Summer School Romani Activism and Leadership . Her book The feminism of the gypsies. Intersectionality, Alliances, Gender Activism and Queer was published in 2018 (Mimesis Edizioni, Milan).

“A powerful analysis that explores the intersectionality of feminism, queer activism, difference and diversity, decolonization and social activism. A provocative and obligatory reading to understand the power of intersectional work. I recommend this book because it challenges dominant thinking and offers opportunities to think in an alternative way about difficult situations for women.

Linda Tuhiwae Smith, Professor of Indigenous Eduacation, University of Waikato,

New Zealand and author of Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples

“Gypsy feminism is an informed testimony to the emergence of an intersectional Roma feminism. Laura Corradi conducted research, followed and intuited, as a non-Roma scholar, the development of the radical and academic political agenda of Roma feminism. The author not only describes, but also offers a technique to decolonize feminist theory through critical reflection on race, power and privilege. This book represents an essential theoretical foundation for all those interested in the fragmented perspectives and subversive nature of Roma and queer gender activism. It is a unique book, written with the explicit intention of decolonizing the production of knowledge. "

Angéla Kòczé, Professor of Romani Studies, Central European University and author of Missing Intersectionality: Race / Ethnicity, Gender and Class in Current Research and Policies on Romani Women in Europe

"This is a pivotal and highly inspiring book, chronicling a world of feminist struggles and resistances neglected to date."

Silvia Federici, Prof. em., author of Caliban and the Witch

Gypsy feminism is a necessary and timely book. Analyzing and vindicating Roma and Gypsy stories in the framework of feminist, queer and decolonial critique, the volume hybridizes analysis and intersectional politics in a new and very important field of study, radically breaking with the epistemology of ignorance. A must for all those who are committed to future feminists. "

Nina Lykke, Prof. em., Department of Gender Studies, Linköping, Sweden

“An interesting and useful book not only for Gypsy women (and for women in general) but for the entire Roma community. Corradi offers us a feminist and international account of literature investigating a neglected theme: the reality of LGBTQI people in the gypsy community, often hidden. It is a quality study and essential reading. "

Fiore Manzo, poet and activist (Romani Italia Foundation - Calabria Delegation)

"Investigating the historical and transnational specificity of the material lives and identities of Roma, Sinti and traveler communities, Corradi denounces the racist rhetoric of anti-Gypsyism (romophobia), highlighting the radical power of coalition and solidarity between activists Roma from different geopolitical locations beyond the borders of the nation-state. An original contribution to the critical studies of race and coloniality in Europe. "

Chandra Talpade Mohanty, Professor of Women's and Gender Studies, Syracuse University and author of Feminism Without Borders: Decolonizing Theory, Practicing Solidarity


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