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ARCADIA FABER BAND with the collaboration of the District 4

23 July 2009 21:30


  part of the "Artestate 2009" to be held at the headquarters of limonaia   Villa Strozzi, (via Pisana 77 - Firenze input 8 €):


dall \ 'self-titled disc Fabrizio de Andre,   a tribute in the ten years since the death of \ 'beloved Genoese singer-songwriter.

The show will trace the great successes   artist, linked by a narrative voice that will remind the times and the emotions of those years sung.

ARCADIA BAND FABER   It is one of the countless musical groups born within all \ 'Cultural Association FORMULA ARCADIA NEW Abbadia San Salvatore (Monte Amiata).

The association v hyenas founded in 2004 by Daniele Belloni. E \ 'a free association, voluntary, open to all, independent, autonomous, non-denominational and apolitical, whose purpose is the \' implementation of the dissemination of culture, \ 's music education and the arts, and all other activities supporting the development and social growth.

FORMULA NEW ARCADIA, in addition to running its consolidated companies such as Faber Band, every year creates countless artistic productions both in the field of music theater, which often merge in their natural combination.

L \ 'ARCADIA WIND ORCHESTRA, often with ARCADIA CHOIR, with about 100 total items, ranging from sacred music to the happy initials of the cartoons, to revisiting the majestic soundtrack of Star Wars, to compositions of \' 800, to tribute to De André, to Piazzolla.

The ARCADIA THEATRE theater company stages plays but also musicals with the participation of \ 's orchestra members.

In short, a result built with commitment, desire, passion, efforts related by \ 'friendship and fun as well as the final satisfaction.

There are always new ideas, some eventually realized, others maybe a little \ 'less, but we are always working (or playing ...)!

So expect new?

For info and reservations 329 9865433

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