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Starts Tuesday, October 30, 2007 the first course for DJs Vipertheatre
Eight lessons, two exceptional teachers and ... immediately on the track!

Kicks off Tuesday, October 30 the first course organized by Dj Vipertheatre as part of "Project 33". Eight classes, four hours each, every Tuesday from 15 to 19 hours, until December 18, at the educational spaces of Vipertheatre, via Lombardia (District Piagge, Florence). Over fifty applications for registration received, to date, the secretariat of the new Florentine multipurpose space (tel. 055 318 231 - info@viperclub.eu).

The course is divided into two complementary phases, "DJing" and "Studio Producers," and has a symbolic registration fee, 30 euro. Teaching techniques and tricks of the trade, two leading figures in the dance scene: Diego Donati and Francesco Amato.

Featured materials like t eoria and technique of dance music, the console equipment, mixing techniques, management and importance of communication on a Dj, production of radio shows.
"Today the Dj figure has grown tremendously - explain the two dj / teachers - carving out an important space in the show business world, thanks to the activity of producers. The house music was born in the early 80s thanks to the invention of samplers, and the ability to create tracks in economic studies built in the house without live musicians, something unthinkable until then. thereafter DJs have begun to mix sounds, samples and melodies that will make dance millions of generations up to saying their products such as international hit ... ".

IMPORTANT: From Monday, November 5 also start other courses and educational activities organized by Vipertheatre:
- Elderly and Internet Course for adults over 60
- Internet Together for parents with minor children
- Plus Web Course
- Yoga Course and sweet gymnastics for adults over 55 years
- Laboratory of Territorial Multimedia Fiction
- Technical Course Instrumental
- Stage Creative Writing
- Project Rewind

PROJECT 33: As mentioned, the course for Dj is organized as part of "Project 33": an idea, ambitious, but also a nightlife logo that gives the title to the evening of Saturday, the Viper, dedicated to the new frontiers of 'electronics. The combination of the course and the evening is not accidental, because alongside the giants of international dance every week, make a stop at the theater / Florentine club (Ripperton, Alex Smoke and Paul Ritch, Rene Breitbarth ... to quote some recent guests), there 6 are also the best DJs in the Viper school, who is left with the task of opening and closing the sets. As in a gym, young talents Vipertheatre see so at his side established stars, from which to learn. And then, they see their name on flyers, press releases and promotional materials. But not only. Besides the school and in the evenings, Project 33 will address the promotion and market launch of the most talented young people, as well as the publication of "Viper's CD", a CD that Vipertheatre distribute nationwide.

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