DANIELE LUTTAZZI - 2-3 April - Theatre Saschall

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DANIELE LUTTAZZI - 2-3 April - Theatre Saschall

Location: Teatro Obihall

Daniele Luttazzi - anagrafe Daniele Fabbri - (Santarcangelo di Romagna, January 26, 1961) is an actor, writer, playwright and Italian illustrator. His pen name is a tribute to the musician and actor Lelio belongs to you.
One of the most striking features in his monologues is his «blasphemous kindness" aspect that follows the style of Lenny Bruce, one of the Luttazzi.Egli models is fully recognized in the spirit of Romagna, which has its greatest exponent in Sarsina Plautus . Satire, he reminisces Luttazzi, since the time of Aristophanes deals with four themes: politics, religion, sex and death. His humor is born as written story and is transformed into books, theatrical monologues and TV programs.
For several years (1999) works in the United States as an auditor script (script doctor) for some comedy shows on channels Comedy Central and HBO. In January 2005 he released his first album, Money for Dope, an "elegiac musical in ten paintings" sung in English. February 2007: it was the turn of the second disk, School Is Boring. His most recent show is Barracuda 2007.


In cultural education belongs to you, has played a central role his birthplace, Santarcangelo di Romagna, the land of poets, writers, actors, painters, musicians and educators of international renown (Raffaello Baldini, Tonino Guerra, Flavio Nicolini, Federico Moroni, Paul Carlini, Arrigo Faini) "... you grow up in a country where the culture is cultivated and transmitted orally in circles, in a friendly manner. It was (and still is) a country that gives you a taste of the culture.. "
In particular, the passion for drawing was sent to him by his uncle, Vespignani student. And as for music from his grandfather, Arrigo Faini student (first horn in the orchestra of Toscanini). In childhood, Luttazzi accesses the collection of grandfather discs (Mozart, Rossini, the opera), and uncles that make him listen to Sgt. Pepper and the Beatles hits of Burt Bacharach, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.
The passion for the theater derives from attending the International Festival of Street Theatre, the most important alternative theater event in Italy, held in Santarcangelo since 1971. During one of the first editions, Luttazzi see on Santarcangelo stages the Mistero Buffo with Dario Fo and Mr. G with Giorgio Gaber. It receives a considerable impression that then led him to adopt the form of the monologue to his artistic activities.
Luttazzi is fully recognized in the spirit of Romagna, which has its greatest exponent in Sarsina Plautus.
His parents, teachers, experimented on him the new teaching of the '60s. Four years after the little Daniel already knows to read and write fluently. In first grade, his teacher notices the precocity and advises parents to let him skip a class: Luttazzi an exam as a private and was promoted in third grade.
In 1974, at age 13, he won a Unesco an animated short film competition for secondary school pupils. Entitled Flick on the moon, it was a universal hymn that used the primal animation techniques of the famous Felix the Cat.

His high school years
He attended the High School-State Secondary School "Vincenzo Monti" in Cesena. His artistic talent manifested itself immediately: already the gymnasium filled his diary with cartoons and satirical stories about professors who made the rounds of the institute, and at the same time he began to collaborate with some local newspapers. Her favorite subject, where as in his element, is the philosophy examination the professor gave him top marks and a special mention for her essay on the book by Martin Buber The problem of man.
At 17 he went into the preparation of the monthly official organ of the cubs play AGESCI (Guide Association and Italian Catholic Scouts) for which he wrote and drew the comic strip The Adventures of Piebalds. The series was interrupted eighth episode because "unorthodox". In the same period he was part of the editorial staff of "walk together", monthly of AGESCI rover, which contributes with articles, illustrations and comic strips.
In the early 80s, struck by reading the paperback of Woody Allen, he began writing humorous stories.
Luttazzi received a solid religious education from parents, who were in the 50 years of Catholic leaders. "My people were sensitive, enlightened pedagogues. However, they were also Catholic Action executives, with a certain fixation on religion.. " "I've been a devout Catholic, I did the Boy Scouts up to 22 years, I did the instructor of the Boy Scouts. I kept the fields and I was master of expression. "." One of his students was a small neighbor, Fabio De Luigi.

Endoten control's ze
Between 1978 and 1981, he is the leader of one of five new-wave group of the Adriatic coast, the ze Endoten's control. With this band he enjoyed to apply to music the principles discovered in the field of neuro-physiology (functioning of the reticular substance, a group of spinal cord structures that mediate the attention mechanisms); creating the "neoplastic music" applied these principles to the musical writing, in a hypnotic capture the viewer's attention.
The ze Endoten control's opening concerts refocusing on a recorder that propagated a series of sound loops, derived from old records smooth deformed by heat; They returned as rings to mathematical progressions, which unleashed attention in the reticular threshold; It was a really irritating music, because forced to listen. After a while ', someone got up and turned off the tape recorder, the people applauded because finally ended that noise, but that applause the group entered the scene. "That applause turned into something else, that passage of emotions liked me very much." The concert ended with the song Money for Dope.
The second group are the "Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams", that used in the texts of the poems of Sylvia Plath.

The years of medical studies
After high school he enrolled in medicine. He collaborated with the weekly "Bridge" published by the Diocese of Rimini, with texts on current and cartoons. He became the cartoonist satirical weekly Tango and was one of the founders of Comix.
At 19 he was elected City Councillor in Santarcangelo di Romagna (1980). In a red region, he was in opposition, the current left DC. During the election campaign he promised to solve the problem of an open sewer that tainted the life of a populous village. He was elected with a number of votes higher than the local DC parent company. After two years, he solved the problem, he resigned as promised.
He graduated in medicine with a thesis on the pathogenesis of autoimmune atrophic gastritis. He wrote the thesis (which collected her two years of work in the clinic and in the laboratory) then handed it without discussing it, in protest against the university baronies.

comic career: the surreal style
At 26 (1987), Law Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller and decides to abandon the medical career to devote his life to comedy.

The beginnings (1988-1989)
Since 1988 he stands out with his monologues in the theater. May '88: he won the competition for young comedians The Golden Mosquito, with the beginning of the monologue Barbara Not here, no one is watching us (later published at the opening of the book adenoids). The next week participates in the exhibition "Rice in Italy" at the Teatro Sistina in Rome. Vince and Renzo Arbore proposes to participate with his monologue to DOC television program with Gege Telesforo (RaiDue), which will debut three weeks later. Throughout the summer becomes a commentator by Maurizio Costanzo in his famous talk show.
The following summer leaves Costanzo Show in opposition to the "television of pain". In the fall he was hired by RAI for Play your game (1989, Rai Due). During the dress rehearsal makes a joke about the socialist party (it was in full craxiana period) and is made to disappear by the program. It is the beginning of his first television purge by RAI, which will last five years, until '94 when he returns in Rai Tre Angelo Guglielmi.
The same fate happened to him, again in '89, with sketches Marzullo interview Hitler, Marzullo interview Jesus prepared for the program bananas on Telemontecarlo. The producer Sandro Porec sees sketches made by Luttazzi and prohibits the airing. Luttazzi is paid, but the recorded scenes are not broadcast on the small screen. (The texts of the sketch will however later published in the book adenoids).

1990-1994: the first purge by Rai
He leads in shows theaters Who's Afraid of Daniele Luttazzi? (1991) and Bring in empty horses (1992).
radio experience: in 1992 he wrote to RadioDue Waves comic, crazy varieties of which it is the sole protagonist: every Sunday morning from 11 noon recounts his adventures in the land of Lectric Combo by spacing the surreal monologues with music ranging from Baptists to John Zorn.
In 1993 he translates # $ @ &! - The anthology of Lloyd Llewellyn, the comic underground cult masterpiece by Daniel Clowes; [16] introduction to the book (published by Telemachus by Daniele Brolli) proves to have specific tastes and great expertise about the world of comics works.
Also in 1993 he writes in memory of Andrea Pazienza Splendido amoral Duel for the magazine, in which he recalls that Patience was true satire, a satire that takes no prisoners. Luttazzi writes that the Patience drawings, his stories, had in the technique and power of Greek tragedy, with its obscure and capricious gods of the pagans.
In 1994 he released Va 'Follow your clit, parody of the book by Susanna Tamaro Go' Follow your heart, the same year. The Tamaro makes him cause for plagiarism. Luttazzi wins the case: the judge gives the wrong Tamaro, giving reasons for judgment that the book belongs to you remember her because it is parody. Tamaro also loses in the appeals filed by her. Some time later also it will stage a theater play of the same name, based on the book but also with materials at cramp and adenoids.

The first big success
The general public begins to know him in the 1994-95 season on Rai Tre Angelo Guglielmi where he co-wrote and starred in the Magazine 3 program, along with Gloria De Antoni and Oreste De Fornari. Luttazzi care Sex with Luttazzi address books, The Small Library, and The Luttazzi postcard. The texts will be reported in the book Sex with Luttazzi (they also draws the eponymous play, staged for the first time in '94) and "Adenoids".
But the popularity becomes enormous with the characters proposed Mai dire gol: Panfilo Maria Lippi, prof. Fontecedro and Luisella. (1996-1997). The texts of the three characters will be reported in the tabloid and Cosmic books !.
Panfilo Maria Lippi is a sharp and refined parody of Italian journalism. Famous phrase that always opened his news: "This edition of the newscast will air in reduced form to meet your mental capacity" .I will feed his texts in the book Tabloid and the homonymous theater play staged from 1997-98 season. Aldo Grasso, the prestigious and fierce critic of the Corriere della Sera, Tribute this creation belongs to you speaking in an episode in Dingo shoes.
Instead, Professor Fontecedro, university teacher in Palo Alto, during the first Prodi government, attacked the Berlinguer reform school. His catchphrase, "Cosmic!," Is quoted by all Italians students, of which Fontecedro is the avenger.
Fontecedro also became famous for having teased a "fashion" actually widespread among young Californians: to lick a particular species of toad, bufo the alvarius, which oozes from the skin bufotenin, a hallucinogenic substance.
Luisella Gori is instead the typical announcer Mediaset, for which Luttazzi is inspired by Gabriella Golia. The TV programs are announcing small surreal pearl .: "Sunday, Rete 4. The Holy Mass. The plot, naive, is an excuse to make the faithful sing."
The trait that distinguishes Luttazzi from any television character is his sharp and neurotic way to express themselves with the public combined with a dynamic gestures and restless, which based on the choreographic principles of Ted Shawn. One of the most striking characteristics, as mentioned in the introduction, in his monologues is his «blasphemous kindness" aspect that follows the style of Lenny Bruce, one of the Luttazzi models. His method of work will remain unchanged from the beginning: his comedy is born as written story and is transformed into books, theatrical monologues and TV programs.

Barracuda: the debut as a conductor
His first independent TV broadcasting Barracuda in 1998 on Italy 1, with which Luttazzi introduces in Italy the kind of night talk shows invented in America in the 50s by Steve Allen and he has today among its followers more and David Letterman Jay Leno.
The program undergoes a censure already in the first interview (to Claudio Martelli). The producer Fatma Ruffini size during assembly point where he says Martelli: "Berlusconi is not a politician, is a salesman." Luttazzi at that point want to leave the program, but the criminal-billion foreseen in the contract forced him to continue. Later, to the sketch in which he made the shroud of the actress Martina Colombari sprinkling of chocolate and making the mold on linen cloth, Luttazzi is forbidden to say "the shroud of Martina Colombari". It will say "the cloth, the cloth, the mold".
Exhausted contractual obligations Luttazzi back to Rai. Censored jokes were later included in the book of the same name.

From Satyricon onwards
Satyricon - After the experience of Barracuda, with Satyricon (2001), in RaiDue Carlo Freccero, Luttazzi once again the talk-show room, but this time to make a sophisticated and deadly parody.

The second purge by Rai
Luttazzi proposes to RAI a satirical than 10 minutes to be broadcast after the TG2, as an alternative to Striscia la Notizia, whose title could be Luttazzi instant; but after the Bulgarian diktat its proposals are regularly rejected. Luttazzi remember that while some satirists have their entrance into RAI to political support, his entrance was due to a transparent conversation with the then director of Rai Due Carlo Freccero, who proposed Satyricon. "That's why they are not blackmailed and is the reason why they are not in Rai."
"Until he returns Freccero, in Rai I have the possibility of returning: it never happened that Rai has come to me and say," Daniel entrust to you a program, "I have always been me to propose programs to the evaluation of competent persons. The word here is important, in the sense that Carlo Freccero is definitely a brilliant television director "competent": it is a theory of television and when I proposed Satyricon our references were McLuhan, Derrida, Debord, Foucault. You talk about this, and he raises. At that point, the program also became experimentation on high topics of communication. So it is nice to do television. The best TV is made by those who hate as usually the tv. Television than they do now instead it is bad because it is improvised. It's bad. By people who love her. "Luttazzi also reiterated that as long as the president of Rai will

Luttazzi back in the 2001-2 season at the theater with the show Satyricon, taken from the eponymous television show. It is always sold out. But in some Italian regions, such as Puglia, Lombardy and Veneto, theaters political pressure to cancel shows in Luttazzi; Cagliari Mauro Meli, Superintendent of the Fondazione Teatro Lirico, and the president and the mayor Emilio Floris tried to blow up the evening.
In spring 2002 he published Welcome to Italy and explains, "corresponds to the tea towels that I used until 20 January, with more Luttazzi-Barracuda (the Rebecca monologue used in Barracuda show, NDW) and some short stories. Among them is The Circus Marx: in Imperial France were authorized only eight theaters with classical performances inoffensive, and other areas had to close or show performances put on clown scene. In my circus there are Fassino, Rutelli, D'Alema, Bertinotti and others, while the emperor does what he wants. "
Luttazzi writes music and lyrics for the song Sometimes sung by Ada Montellanico and inserted the CD Sounds Modulating.
Luttazzi grown since she was four years the passion for drawing, and in 2002 he published the collection Masterpieces, which gathers some plates of the last twenty years.

In the 2002-3 season brings to the stage the show adenoids, subtitled Bin Laden can go on television and I do not, the second monologue dedicated mainly to the Berlusconi phenomenon.
The first took place at the theater Amber Jovinelli, were present in the audience Marco Travaglio, Michele Santoro, Carlo Freccero and Paolo Flores d'Arcais.
On 10 November 2003 he was a guest by Pippo Baudo in a program about censorship, which was censored; Luttazzi that Bulgarian edict does not agree to appear on television as a guest, he has accepted the invitation to highlight this paradox and show censorship in place. The comedian had placed a number of jokes about people and current issues, such as the Gasparri law which he said blatantly favored Mediaset. "But during the assembly," he recalls, "Baudo had cut all the more ferocious jokes. Reporters were also told that I had been present at the assembly. False. The next day there was the massacre of Nasiriyah, it took me four days to pass on news agencies the complaint of the cuts. But Baudo was silent. " The surgery lasted 10 minutes, but only 5 have aired; despite the cuts were apparent, TV critics have not noticed anything and have instead talked about a light intervention; in particular the critical Sebastiano Messina attacked Luttazzi insisting in maintaining that it was autocensurato for convenience; Luttazzi responded by defining Messina incompetent: "The logic and ethics, at this point, would require the removal of the critical blind. Until this happens, in the Republic they will have a poor address book reviews TV. " A short time later, Messina is replaced.
Luttazzi Baudo and met again last year in Turin, at the Book Fair. Aldo Grasso, the critic of the "Courier", was with Baudo in the hotel lobby Lingotto. "He sees me, calls me and says:" There is here belongs to you, what you cut. " Baudo spreads his arms. He just says, "Oh well ', eh well,' eh be '...". She hugs me, turns around and walks away. "
On 24 November 2003, the Group of dell'Archivolto company stages its Platonic Dialogues; among them also the story tonight and forever, whose representation is shown in a fake by the press, which had been based on a false agency ANSA that even Luttazzi in dress scene from Andreotti sodomizing the corpse of Aldo Moro. New controversies, including censorship demands by the right and left-wing politicians who take advantage of the opportunity to wish stakes to satire. Luttazzi show the video of the evening and the complaints fall.
The Platonic Dialogues are interpreted (in the roles of the Phaedo, Timaeus, Gorgias, Meno) by Massimo Mesciulam, Giorgio Scaramuzzino, Nicola Alcozer and Aldo Ottobrino; dialogues concern about pedophilia in the Catholic Church, consumption and drug prohibitions and laws considered reactionary of the Berlusconi government. The actor Aldo Ottobrino also reads the story about the Moro Tonight and forever. It directed by Giorgio Gallio.

In 2004 he decides to end his collaboration with the magazine Rolling Stone, "due to an interview-hustler Carlo Rossella 'made by the director Carlo Antonelli. The number in which was published the interview was devoted to the war, but in the interview with Rossella, who spent the US embassy in Rome on false dossier on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq with which Bush justified his war, questions focused on topics such as "what was your favorite band in the '60s?". Luttazzi revealed then an exchange of internal mail to the editor that was made public by mistake, revealing an interview backstage, "the author admitted that he would be on TV with Ross on the jury of a prize. So I was not mistaken, the affectionate tone had a reason.. " Luttazzi told the fact on the same Rolling Stone in an interview, but this statement "was censored to ward off the ass to someone."
Giuliano Ferrara offers him a column on the sheet, where you can type with full freedom, but refuses Luttazzi "because the context is important, and I do not want to appear on the sheet."
At the end of 2004 Bompiani published his new translation, complete and faithful, of the classic Woody Allen: revenge, Without Feathers, Side Effects.
In the 2004-5 season he brought mixed boiled in theaters with mustard, a show of topical satire. In the preview for the monthly MAXIM (November 2004) he said: "I will comment on what is happening in Italy and in the world: war, terrorism, religion and what happens when the policy is in the hands of reactionaries of the caliber of Bush, Blair and Berlusconi. Which they are giving a lot of trouble to resolve the war in Iraq. Or at least, the great pains of who he slams the fate of the world. "

January 21, 2005 he released his first music album, Money for Dope. It is an elegiac musical, composed of 10 pieces written by Luttazzi in twenty years, and arranged by jazz musician and director of the internationally renowned orchestra Massimo nuncios. The album tells the story of a friend who died from an overdose, and contains both tragic aspects, both funny and ironic moments. [21] [74]
Expert in communication techniques, in February 2005, he was interviewed by the Press to analyze the symbol with which the Union is presented in the elections. In 2005 for the MicroMega magazine interview several Italian satirists, asking them questions about satire. Among these Stefano Benni, Sergio Saviane, Riccardo Mannelli.
In spring 2005, he released the book "Mixed boiled with mustard", which contains the texts of the show and other unpublished. The book was previewed with a video on the website of Feltrinelli.
On 4 October 2005, its official website is enriched with blogs and mp3 podcasts.
It was invited by Adriano Celentano in Rockpolitik program, together with Biagi and Santoro. Luttazzi and Biagi decline the invitation.

On 12 January 2006 "closes" his blog, returning to a infrequent publication and disabling the ability to insert comments. The aim is to avoid the populist tendencies inherent in the form of blog communications.
In the 2005-2006 season at the theater brings the show How to Kill causing unnecessary suffering, in which he imagines to be sent by the government on a mission in Iraq to cheer the Italian troops, "why are there who think they are on a peace mission but when he is shot they debase him. "
The last tour date, November 24, 2006 at the Palalottomatica in Rome, is sold out with 7,000 spectators. In a Luttazzi he has anticipated some of the following topics monologue (Barracuda 2007), a satire of the Prodi government. Stating to have voted "because I had in mind the bleak alternative", with jokes Luttazzi criticized the choice of Mastella as justice minister, rejected the cancellation of the shameful laws, the law 30 and the law Fini, has condemned the pardon extended to crimes financial and major crimes, the bill Gentiloni that does not allow the birth of the third television center, and other aspects. Corriere della Sera, writing of the evening, does not say that Luttazzi said he was in favor of the financial, only comedian in Italy: Law which explains the positive aspects such as effective measures for the economic rehabilitation.

Preview from November 10, 2006 in Conegliano, and national premiere on January 26 in Bologna, Luttazzi debuts with Barracuda 2007.
In February, her second album, School Is Boring. 10 portraits of women described in poignant and unusual songs, composed between 1979 and 2005. The disc is initially distributed only on the Internet, from June 15, will a version on CD is sold.
With regard to the return to television, Luttazzi wants to return where he worked first in Rai. "In TV I could go very well. Now that the government has changed rained offers, from LA7 to Sky. But by no new Rai. In Rai things from the point of view of satire have not changed at all. They put President Petruccioli, Cappon Director, Deputy Director Leone. At the time of Satyricon they are expressed strongly in all three critically. According to them it was the emblem of the worst that could be done on TV. "
In October 2006, Sky has offered a space in the new comedy channel when Luttazzi put forward the idea of ​​his new program, Sky suffered proposed changes that edulcoravano content. Luttazzi has taken leave of them.
December 2006: Pippo Baudo asks Luttazzi to do with him the Sanremo Festival 2007. Luttazzi refuses. Writes the Express: "He was about to finish the forced exile from Rai Daniel Luttazzi, in force since April 2002 (after. He was about to: and instead edict Sofia Berlusconi) does not. Two weeks ago Pippo Baudo call to Luisa Pistoia, the satirical author's former manager to tell her: "I want Luttazzi with me to San Remo." at the 2007 Festival, which will open on 27 February. the former manager, very surprised, immediately informs Luttazzi. the which responds without hesitation: "as a 'well to Baudo I do not care." Finding an Italian artist who Sanremo waste is more rare than to meet Ursula Gomorrah. Why Luttazzi (who recently broke a deal with Sky) has snubbed Baudo? "Why do not nothing to do with Sanremo ", replied:" it is not my environment. I do real satire, talk about politics, religion, sex and death. What would I do there? ". Maybe just for the fun of seeing the end of the embargo Rai. "I understand the motivation of Baudo invitation. But I'm not interested in the circus monkey."
July 2007: The Director of La7 Dall'Orto Antonio Campo announced: "Oh, by the way, I do not even know my managers that I'm here, because I have not even had time to communicate this time, but next fall Daniele Luttazzi returns tv and come back to us, "and adds:" it's ten events in the late evening where Daniel will be free to say and do what they want. Ours is a television which in some ways would define anarchist but where everyone has to take responsibility both for what it says is what he does. I was certain that Luttazzi were to go on television and for many years I wondered why did not happen. To me I belong to you makes me laugh, I enjoy it and I think that someone like him can not be missing from the ether Italian "(...)" As for the complaints we have also already struggling with other programs and, moreover, I have always come out winners . Luttazzi is not crazy and perfectly knows how to behave. "
The Decameron transmission was aired in the late evening on Saturday evening, from 3 November and was, as the title of "politics, sex, religion and death." The first two installments have reached peaks of two million viewers, and the fourth has exceeded two million and a half, an absolute record for the issuer.
The program was suspended Saturday, December 8, 2007, before the airing of the episode number 6, which should have dealt with the last encyclical promulgated by Pope Benedict XVI. La7 suspends the program to a stop against Giuliano Ferrara, considered offensive and detrimental to the journalist who is also one of the most famous faces of the network. In the episode number 5 Luttazzi had uttered this sentence:
"After four years of war in Iraq, 3,900 dead US soldiers, 85,000 Iraqi civilians killed, and all the Italians who died on the field also because of Berlusconi, Berlusconi has had the courage to say that he basically was opposed to the war in Iraq. How do you endure such a thing? I have my system: I think of Giuliano Ferrara in a bathtub with Berlusconi and Dell'Utri that piss on him, Previti that shit in my mouth and Santanchè fully bdsm whip them. It should be better already not? ". '

According Luttazzi the suspension of the program would be rather due to his intention to dedicate the sixth installment papal encyclical Spe Salvi. The actor believes in fact specious the reason given by the direction of the network.
After the suspension, Luttazzi was dismissed by La7, which has reserved the right to take legal action against him. Luttazzi also reported that, while he was being recorded the episode number 6, some officials have entered the studio asking to stop production. The comedian has declined, continuing until the end. Moreover, according to Marco Travaglio, who has reported Sunday, December 9, 2007 Crozza in Italy, broadcast by La7, the issuer would have canceled both recordings of the five episodes transmitted or whether they would be included in future installments. The direction of La7, during the same broadcast, however, has denied the report.

Sex with Luttazzi
Tabloids and Panfilo
Translations of Woody Allen
mixed boiled with mustard
How to kill causing unnecessary suffering
Barracuda 2007


Luttazzi said to have five favorite authors that reads constantly, repeatedly, because of the vastness of their works: Kurt Vonnegut "a satirical writer who uses various genres from science fiction to apocalyptic essay; it's actually a great serious writer, but does much to laugh, because it is good; has written a dozen books, I recommend them. "; Vladimir Nabokov, author of Lolita, "has written a book that is in my opinion the most beautiful of this century, The gift, full of metaphors, it's beautiful. ' Thomas Pynchon, post-modern writer, American; Alberto Arbasino, a contemporary Italian writer; and Carlo Emilio Gadda, "that is gigantic."
Besides Gadda and Arbasino, Luttazzi cites among his favorite Italian writers Manganelli, Aldo Buzzi, and Flaiano "I can not stand but those who use the page to put your own IO on display. An IO posing. "I bet you read all the novels of Baricco, then! (He asks the interviewer). "That's good, Baricco not stand at all! "Castles of anger"! If only the title made me the creeps. I open the book, read the first sentence and I have refrained from launch it just because I was in a library! Too affected. Too much. Not surprisingly, his real business is to do creative writing courses ".

Luttazzi is an avid movie buff. Among favorite authors Fellini, Hitchcock, Buñuel, Ernst Lubitsch, Billy Wilder, Woody Allen, Todd Solondz, and the author of cartoons Stephen Bosustow.

Besides the initial training received by the grandfather and uncles (quoted at the beginning of biography), Luttazzi said that his passions are Mozart and John Zorn.
For his hard Money for dope he used the records of the seventies and fifty years of jazz New Wave years. "I really admire the strangeness because it is almost always synonymous with originality and independence of thought," as that of Sparks, Eels, The Magnetic Fields, They Might Be Giants and Björk.

- 2005 - Money for Dope
- 2007 - School Is Boring

- Place your bets, 1989 (censored the first episode)
- Bananas, 1990 (censored before airing)
- Magazine 3, 1994-95
- Never say goal, 1996-97
- Barracuda, 1998
- Satyricon, 2001 (after the controversy, miss a bet, replaced by Fellini's Satyricon, and resumes after two weeks)
- Decameron, 2007 (return on La7 after years of estrangement from television, suspended the 5th episode)

Theater show
- Not here, Barbara, no one is watching (1989)
- Who's afraid of Daniel Luttazzi? (1991)
- Bring in the empty horses (1992)
- Sex with Luttazzi (1994, 1999, 2003-2004)
- Go 'Follow your clit (1996-1997)
- Adenoids (1997)
- Tabloid (1997-1998)
- Barracuda LIVE (2000)
- Satyricon at the theater (2001-2002)
- Adenoids 2003 (2002-2003)
- Platonic Dialogues and other stories (2003), written by Luttazzi, directed by Giorgio Gallio was played by various actors. It contains the song Tonight and forever that tells of a nightmare of Andreotti on the Moro case.
- Sex With Luttazzi 2004 (2004)
- Mixed boiled with mustard (2004-2005)
- How to Kill causing unnecessary suffering (2006)
- Barracuda 2007 (2007)
- Sex with Luttazzi (2008)

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