Grand Gala at the Hotel Astoria / Palazzo Gaddi

Article Date: 31/12/2013

Grand Gala at the Hotel Astoria / Palazzo Gaddi

Location: Palazzo Gaddi

Category New Year's Eve in Florence 2014: events and parties


Via del Giglio 9, Florence (historical center of Florence)

Information / Reservations:
Paul: 339.5394955 (Vodafone); or: 328.7037076 (Wind)
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This time we are talking about a party really for "demanding", characterized by elegance, quality, dall'impeccabilità of service and the accuracy of the selections. It will be a perfect holiday, treated in detail, for those who, for once, will enjoy the taste of the extra luxury at reasonable prices and in the company of people secure pleasantness!

For instance, guests will be rejected while intoxicated (very real risk at New Year), it will not be allowed an excessively casual wear (for men the advice is to wear at least a shirt, nice pants or jeans and a classic shoe or moccasin ).

It will not be the typical party "chaos" and mass, it will be quite a party marked by the perfect space / guests, a party to "human scale", the spacious and charming where you can dance without the risk of being in the middle in very young children or a bunch of people "stuck" in the dances or even people happened to be there. It will surely be among the most sophisticated and glamorous festivals; a party where class, elegance, sophistication, style will find the most comprehensive certification!

This so strict approach will not result - as many suspect will - in a "plaster" environment and boring, in fact, judging from the experience of past years, it will create a wonderful harmony and complicity among the participants and you'll find yourself dancing on tables or screaming your favorite songs! In short, it will breathe a cheerful and fun where everyone will feel free to go wild between guests.

Why celebrate the New Year at Palazzo Gaddi?

- Because it is a charming place of rare beauty: it is an ancient Florentine palace, as well as a famous hotel known throughout the world, a few steps from the Duomo of Florence, in the heart of the city. You will feel like a Florentine nobleman of the past in his palace, but with all the comforts of today.

- Because thanks to the central location of the end of year party at the Palazzo Gaddi, who wants to be able to walk through the historic center of Florence, to see what happens in the streets of Florence (and get there after midnight) or even to savor the atmosphere of festival that reigns in the squares and the streets of Florence.

- Because it is extremely convenient for those arriving in Florence by train (it's near the central station of Florence - Santa Maria Novella) or by car (there are two convenient nearby parking).

- Why it offers quality dinner, with a sophisticated multi-course menu and fine wines, paired with an after-dinner party with music and DJs for dancing until late. Also, you can (with a few day's notice or during the reservation), agreeing with the chef a special menu for celiac or vegetarian.

Let's see what's on New Year Party 2014 Palazzo Gaddi.

20:30 pm gala dinner with several courses, served by waiters, with reserved seats at tables of 10 people or, on request and at a slightly higher price, 2/4 persons. The dinner will take place in the elegant halls of the historic building, both upstairs and in the entrance hall, among candles, beautifully decorated dinner tables and romantic and dispassionate atmosphere. Shortly before midnight will be an exciting countdown to the toast with sparkling wine offered to celebrate together the special New Year's Eve 2014 night. After midnight you can dance until the morning downstairs where there will be the party with the participants of the Grand Dance. The music will be broadcast piped music in different rooms and will alternate with dj's happy and commercial music with the ever green repertoire and the great music hits. Guaranteed fun in an atmosphere of joy and conviviality, while the best barmen prepare cocktails and drinks for everyone.



Via del Giglio 9, Florence (historical center)

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 together we will wait for the arrival of the new year in an elegant and exclusive location, to share together with the executive chef of the Palazzo Gaddi kitchens, a passion for good food. A fantastic evening of sophistication and luxury, a gala evening where the main protagonist will become the refined cuisine of the Grand Hotel.

The evening will begin at 20:30 pm with a gala dinner, to continue at 00:01 with the entrance to the festival participants to only dance until midnight toast. The luxury of a great meal with great taste and aesthetic sense flow. A classy atmosphere in a location of other times.

And 'possible to share a table with other people (tables of 10) [110 € per person], or - if you want the maximum intimacy and a more romantic - reserve it all for you, at a slightly higher cost [€ 130 per person ].

The tables with 10 seats [€ 110 per person] and are perfect for Celebrate New Year 2013 in the company of friends or people with whom to socialize, in fact the tables are basically assembled according to similarity characteristics of the guests (required at time of booking) as sentimental status, age, gender, etc.

Dinner is included in the price: the New Year, the wines served during dinner, sparkling wine to toast midnight and Access to New Year's Day, plus 1 extra drink during the evening.

The complete and detailed event with photos and video will be visible at the following link:


[Cost: € 110 per person at tables of 10 people]

[Cost: € 130 per person in a 2/4 persons] table

Both formulas include:

New Year's dinner served with a table booked

entertainment with music (from 20:30)

+ Wine and Water

+ Champagne to toast

Consumption + 1 extra during the evening

+ Dance


[Dinner served with table booked]

Menu Land and Sea

Fish carpaccio the Tyrrhenian sword with cannellini and fresh tomato
Selection of Tuscan salami with fresh and aged cheeses centerpieces

Pancake stuffed with porcini mushrooms and fresh ricotta with Asiago cheese fondue
Stewed lobster with spicy herbs with pearl barley

Pork tenderloin larded with diced apples with balsamic vinegar and onions borretate
Grilled salmon with artichokes in white wine morellini
Sausage and lentils cards

Hazelnut semifreddo with vin santo sauce
Traditional desserts classics

Selected wines:
Prosecco Treviso Sopralerighe
Santa Martina White IGT Toscano
Montaioncino Chianti dell'Empolese

Brindisi beginning of the year

We would like to remind you that if you have special needs (vegetarian or gluten intolerant) enough that you indicate us know at the time of booking, at reasonable notice, we will offer an alternative menu.

Please note also, once again, that the dinner table will be shared with other people or - if you want the maximum intimacy and a more romantic atmosphere - you can reserve a table for two, all for you, at a cost slightly greater than [€ 130 per person].

The price includes a buffet dinner, the wines served during dinner, sparkling wine to toast midnight and Access to New Year's Day, plus 1 extra drink during the evening.



[Cost: 50 €]

It includes:

Entrance to the party (from 00:01 onwards)

+ 2 drinks

(For all music during dinner and follow the disco)


Age: 25-30 years of age from around ...

Music: Music during dinner, after party, dj's, entertainment and dancing late into the night with music at 360 ° - Happy / House / Commercial / Revival!


(It reminds Gentlemen interested in the event New Year 2014 at the Palazzo Gaddi / Hotel Astoria in Florence that reservations can be made ​​through, bank transfer or credit card up to availability of the requested service, after which the reservations and access will be strictly refused).

Gala Dinner (20.30) (includes: dinner served with reserved table + wine and water, toast, dance, 1 extra drink for the evening): 110 €. [Dislocation in tables of 10, assembled tends to age and status (couples, singles, friends, etc.)]);

Gala Dinner (20.30) (includes: with table booked dinner + wine and water, toast, dance, 1 extra drink for the evening): 130 €, (in a reserved table for 2/4 people);

Entrance to the Dance (from 23:00) (includes: toast, dance, and 2 drinks included): 50 €.

CLARIFICATIONS on the prices applied to children:

- Children up to 4 years do not pay;

- Children from 5 to 10 years pay 50%;

- Children aged 11 years and older will pay the full price.

Please note that the complete and detailed event with photos and video will be visible at the following link:


Information / Reservations:

Paul: 339.5394955 (Vodafone); or: 328.7037076 (Wind);

Mail: , or:


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