New Year's Eve 2014, Club Tour Package (club Giro: Astor Cafe, Pink Club)

Article Date: 31/12/2013

New Year's Eve 2014, Club Tour Package (club Giro: Astor Cafe, Pink Club)

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Marco 329.3627079 | Matthew 339.6914933 (always)


Event: New Year 2014 Club Tour Package (club Giro: Astor Cafe, Pink Club)

Address: Pink Club Via Dei Servi, 82 r, Florence; Astor Cafe Piazza del Duomo, 20, Florence

Distance from city center: Located in the historic center, 200 meters from each other.

Hours: Dinner Astor or Pink, 21:00; Pink evening 23:30, Astor 0:05; close at 5

Age: 18+

Music style: 360 ° Music

Dress code: None in particular

Local Pink Club and Astor Cafe Club are two historians of Florence, located 200 meters apart, in the central area of ​​Piazza del Duomo.

For the night of 31/12/2013 decided to give life to a great partnership, and offer at a price of exception the possibility of having access to both of the premises, and be able to enjoy a drink in each of them , at an attractive price of 30 €.

Also the package with dinner in one of the two local tour after dinner with a drink included in each of them, all at 90 € with dinner at the Pink, or 105 € with the Astor dinner. excellent solution for viveur of the night unable to stay all night in one room and they want to enjoy the historic center of Florence and the locals in the longest night of the year.


The reservation is done as for all the other events, in this case, however, since it is a more local tours, for not having to show the receipt at the entrance of each room, and also to leave the ability to divide, there will be given a pass and tagliandini to enjoy the drinks. If you have paid a deposit You will pay when you will collect the pass. IMPORTANT: for the delivery of the pass you do not have to go upon entering the premises, you can pick them up by showing the receipt of booking, throughout the day and the night of December 31 (preferably within l ' dinner time, if you arrive after 19.30 we ask you to inform us), in Piazza del Duomo n. 20 in Florence (at Astor Cafe), or even in the days before passing from our office in Freedom Square, or contact us to schedule a delivery appointment in another place.


Menu New Year 2014 at the Pink Club


- Squares of polenta with wild mushrooms and sweet pecorino

- Rolls of eggplant and goat cheese with chives

- Rolls of zucchini and ricotta with mint

- White grape skewers and Parmesan

- Cake slices with herbs and asiago

- Pies of spinach with olives and nuts

- Salad of raw artichokes with parmesan and hazelnuts

- Smoked salmon with dill on black bread


- Crepes au gratin with red radicchio and mascarpone

- Risotto with purple cabbage and cream cheese


- Lacquered ham with baked pies of vegetables

- Cotechino and lentils luck


- Wide selection of traditional sweets

- Coffee fork all'aretina


WINES: white or red wine cellar of Villa Ilangi (Florence, Malmantile) 1 bottle every 4 people

dry or sweet sparkling wine, 1 bottle every 6 people.

Menu New Year 2014 at the Astor Cafe:


-Carpaccio Salmon with pink pepper

-Crostini The bacon colonnade with new oil

-Pecorino Of Pienza with fig and pear jam

-Sfogliatina Vegetables with pecorino cheese fondue


-Tortelli Potato to Mugellana al ragu 'Duck

-Tagliatelle Al ragu 'white with sausage and porcini mushrooms


-Peposo All 'Imprunetina with fried polenta croutons

-Fillet Pork in bread crust with crispy bacon with Pure Contour 'potato


-Strudel Pear and chocolate with rum cream

-Panna Cooked in the cafe '

Water and Chianti Classico wine (1 bottle every 4 people)

Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Martini

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