New Year 2015 in the square in Florence

Article Date: 31/12/2014

New Year 2015 in the square in Florence

New Year 2015 in the square in Florence

The program below is taken from the website of the City of Florence .

Cascine Park - Mario Biondi in concert

THE VENKMANS (21 hours) - The Thompson Twins and Depeche Mode, Franz Ferdinand and the case in four quarters of Subsonica. We find them all in this Florentine band jumped to the honors with the album "Good morning sun." The new work will be released in the coming weeks, preceded by the single "Critical".

FRANCESCO SHOOTING (22 hours) - The Prato singer launched the latest edition of "The Voice", under the guidance of coach Pier Pelù, who wanted him as a supporter in many dates last tour. With the song "Against Spark Spark" he has participated in the selection of Sanremo Giovani 2014.

MARIO BIONDI (23 hours) - From the top of the charts - where it is parked for weeks on his cd / dvd "A Very Special Christmas Mario" dedicated to the Christmas tradition - the Florentine New Year 2015, of which Mario Biondi is the special guest along with his band. The charge, the energy, the groove of an artist who for years captivates audiences across the world with a sound that critics have called "the Italian way to soul and black music". Very special, if not unique, the show that the vocalist in Serbia for the great Florentine event. There will of course "Last Christmas", "Let it snow", "Have yourself," Merry Little Christmas "and all of the information in the recent box set cd / dvd. But the warm and unmistakable voice of Mario Biondi will lead us among the beads of the previous album "Sun" (gold in Italy, and published throughout Europe, Japan and the USA) and other cornerstones of the past. A show rhythm, a good year for music along with one of the most beloved Italian artists and internationally acclaimed. To him the honor of the fateful countdown. Smokeout BAND (24.30 hours) - A live all to dance. The Tuscan band concert is a journey through the history of music from the 70s to today: from rock, pop, dance and hip hop. And beyond.

DON PASTA (2 hours) - Dj spicy set of the whole world sounds, including funk, reggae, South America and London mestizo, chocolate aromas and warm soul. All with Don Pasta, cook poet and ecologist dazed. In his Food Sound System uses vinyl and pans simultaneously, mixer and blender for blending music and veloutés. A console, a kitchen floor, hob and vinyls, knives and Technics 1200 get dirty to each other with good vibes and flour. With him on stage the DJ Andrea Mi.

Piazza Del Carmine - Jazz concert

NATIONAL JAZZ ORCHESTRA YOUNG TALENTS (22.30) - originals and jazz standards Songs To begin the festivities, and to accompany us until midnight toast! The ensemble consists of 27 of the best students of the Italian Conservatories. To debut last October was followed by a tour that took him to Brussels on the occasion of the semester of the Italian EU Presidency. The orchestra was founded through the efforts of the Teatro Puccini and bassist, cellist and composer Paolo Damiani, artistic and musical director of the big band, in collaboration with Music Pool Siena Jazz, under the patronage of the Ministry of Education and the collaboration of the Conference of directors of the Conservatory of Music, in addition to the contribution of the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze.

Hijacks ON CUBA (24.30 hours) - Just after midnight space to acid jazz & funk band led by the voice of Simona Bencini. A group that did fall in love, have fun and dance all Italy with hits like "Jealousy" (which launched them in 1994), "Free", "Sensitivity", "Laughing", "Summer Nights", "Bang "" It went well "(presented at the Sanremo Festival) ... time seems to be passed by the Tuscan company, recently returned together after almost 10 years of absence from the stage.

Piazza Santissima Annunziata - gospel concert

RINI MASSIE & THE SOUND OF GOSPEL SINGERS (22 hours) - Training consists of artists from various Baptist Churches of the East Coast, masterfully prepared by the portentous Trini Massie, among the most prestigious figures of the international gospel. An energy, the American ensemble, which together with the refined spiritual and gospel melodies, goes straight to the heart. Minister Trini Massie is a composer, conductor, musician and preacher. An exceptional talent, with its four octaves and a masterful direction dynamic.

Piazza della Signoria - classical music concert of the Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina of Giuseppe Lanzetta

PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA OF THE OPERA OF ROUSSE - Director Giuseppe Lanzetta (23 hours) - Waltzes and polkas of Viennese tradition and famous opera arias with the Orchestra Filarmonica del Teatro dell'Opera in Rousse directed by Maestro Giuseppe Lanzetta. Among the major musical institutions of Bulgaria and with a staff of as many as 50 elements, the orchestra boasts a career spanning more than half a century. Celebrated directors on the podium of the ensemble, including Kurt Masur, Charles Zecchi, Carlo Maria Giulini, Genady Rozdestvensky, Bruno Bartoletti, Valeri Gergiev. Among the guest soloists impossible not to remember Salvatore Accardo, Svyatoslav Richter, Franco Petracchi, Yuri Bashmet, Igor Oistrakh, Vladimir Spivakov. The orchestra has also had the honor of hosting for different seasons of the Russian composer Dmitry Shostakovich. In Italy he has long collaborated with the Accademia Chigiana in Siena. Since 1981 founder and director of the Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina stable, Giuseppe Lanzetta has directed, among others, the Berlin Symphony Orchestra and the Berlin Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, the Orchestra of the National Opera Russa, the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, the Johannes Strauss Vienna.


Square of the resistance in Scandicci - concert and DJ set

New Year in the square in the world

ALIOU NDIAYE TAXURAAM (21.30) - It 'sa new year dedicated to the sounds of the world one scheduled in the square of the Resistance in Scandicci, elected fifth location of the Florentine New Year thanks to the virtuous cooperation between the municipalities of Scandicci and Florence. Four hours of music and entertainment that start on the notes of the vocalist and virtuoso xalam Aliou Ndiaye, member of the National Orchestra of Senegal. Alberto Balia, Aliou Ndiaye has created the Sardinian-Senegalese Chadal group, sticking to a sound and cultural contamination. With him on stage a formation of percussionists.

BOBO RONDELLI AND ORCHESTRINO (22.30) - Songwriter genius and visceral, humorous and intimate, with its mood decidedly Livorno, Bobo Rondelli finds The Orchestrino which has published the latest album "A Famous Local Singer ": a brass band of famous names of the national and international jazz, able to move with ease in a sound universe that includes everything from jazz, popular national song, the Ellington blues and afro-Cuban rhythms. Live openly brass & roll, rhythm and poetic, energetic and easy-going. The orchestration is the thread, between local and global stories narrated with lightness and copyright scratch. The songs are interspersed with moments of pure entertainment and brilliant improvisations "Bobo's style", unpredictable rituals that make dancing bodies and souls.

FANFARA TRANSYLVANIA (24.15 hours) - From the land of Dracula BalkanGypsyBrass a band of ten musicians where they cross brothers, cousins, nephews and godparents. To pass on a musical heritage that draws on Romanian tradition. Adding other Balkan rhythms and atmospheres borrowed from reggae, folk, jazz and funk dancing to more than 200 bpm!

MONDO CANE (1.15 hours) - Closes the celebrations of the World DJ set Dog: dub echoes from the shacks of Kingstone, flashes of pure rock'n'roll, including a funeral in New Orleans and a gypsy wedding in the countryside Sarajevo. A journey with the backpack to the four corners of the earth.

Via Pascoli in Scandicci - the show Tango Argentino Association Volver, and Salentine dance

ARGENTINE TANGO AND pizziche - Among the novelties of this year end in Scandicci the stage in via Pascoli, where you can admire the Argentine Tango Association Volver and Salento dances of the group in Florence is the Pizzica, accompanied by the ensemble Musicians Bacchus.

Campi Bisenzio "Midnight in Champs Sur Le Bisence"

Dante square in Campi Bisenzio - Theatrical Performance, concert and DJ Set

At 21:15 show at the Teatro Dante Carlo Monni "the supposed inheritance of Cavalier Nencioni". Following the greetings of Mayor Emiliano Fossi free concert by the means Gatti. After midnight sausages and sparkling wine and 2 continues the music with a DJ SET in Piazza Dante.

Piazza Fra Refreshment - concert

Among the 22 streets Refreshments concert Uncle Phella and extraction of the Christmas Lottery ProCampi

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