New Year's Eve 2017 at Otel Varietè

Article Date: 31/12/2016

New Year's Eve 2017 at Otel Varietè

Event: New Year's Eve 2017 at Otel Varietè

Address: Via Generale Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, 9, 50136 Florence

Distance from city center: 15 minutes by car (it is recommended to have its own means)

Hours: Dinner / Buffet 20.30; Admission to the dance 23:30; Entrance with 0:30 disk table; 05:00 closing

Music style: 360 ° Music

Dress code: E 'pleasing elegance

Contacts: 339.6914933 - 329.3627079 - 055.664541




December 31, 2016 Otel the large year-end party in Florence.

This year the New Year we want to let you spend as a STAR ... in the spotlight.

Experience the magic of a party in Hollywood style, including dinner, entertainment, live sessions and DJ sets till dawn.

It will be a night of a thousand emotions, to be consumed all in one go, by wearing your "stage costume" ... and especially your best smiles.

A kaleidoscope of images will pass before, including glitter, sequins, champagne, licenses "from star" and - not least - a delicious gastronomic proposal.

A New Year's event that will start with an aperitif, will continue with dinner (both menu suggestions by Lodovichi receptions: served or buffet) and animated gradually with sizzling live music. After the midnight toast, the situation in the room change gear, warming himself with the beat of the DJs Otel.

During dinner, as a special guest on stage will be staged Stefano Simmaco, dancer-singer-musician and composer revelation, winner of the 1st edition of "Strong Strong Strong" program devised by Sergio Japino and Raffaella Carra.

Following the lively humor of Alessandro Capasso, the voice of Claudia Messeri and the histrionic live of MamaLover will further enrich the mood of this "patinated framework".

The line up of 31.12 will be in full force, and will alternate at the console Marco Bertani, Marco Gabba, Massimo Minucci, Alex Effe and Marasco. All talents who have turned the disks in the peninsula top clubs. It will range to 360 degrees from the most refined shopping, the french house, until the deep.

All together, until the first of 2017 lights.


Menu on December 31 of the served dinner

The price of the gala dinner menu is intended "per person" and included a wardrobe and parking

Welcome drink of Bubbles "Belcanto Rose '' and non-alcoholic accompanied fruit from canape 'and canapes Welcome

Rosellina Chianina beef with creamed mushrooms on crackers salty panbrioche 'with pate' Foie gras 'duck and pear compote in the cafe' flan Gobbi with creamed cheese and truffles

Crepes stuffed Verna wheat artichokes and cheese Rocca

Tagliolino with peposo Chianina and truffle in crispy crust

Knot Pork Nobile di Montepulciano with flan Chestnuts and ossobuco Leek

Waiting for the New Year "Melody of Dessert"


Plain water or carbonated (1 bottle every 2 persons)

White wine Friulano Zamo 'Vigne or choosing red wine Nobile di Montepulciano (total 1 bottle every 4 people)

... And to toast to the New Year

Rosamaro Charmat Method



Menu of New Year's Eve dinner buffet:


The price of the dinner buffet menu is intended "per person" and included a wardrobe and free parking.

All participants will have their own table set with reserved seats, but you will serve yourself from the following menu:

At your arrival:

Welcome drink of Bubbles "Belcanto Rose '' and non-alcoholic accompanied fruit from canape 'and canapes Welcome


Plateau Royal:

Oysters and raw di Mare

Tartare of tuna and capers from Pantelleria

salmon tartare, basil and lime

Panbrioche 'with pate' de foie gras


Finger food Creative:

Sushi Italian Style: salmon, cottage cheese pasta and citrus

ricotta pie and leeks

quiche Lorain

Voulavant truffle

Salty Strudel

wild pork sausages of Casentino-ciaccine fried

Corner of Italian selections cheeses

di Bufala Campana PGI mozzarella

Crostini and bruschetta

Fried food of vegetables:

Sage, onions, falafel


First dishes:

Risotto with saffron and porcini mushrooms

Spelt rags with ragu 'Chianina and truffle


Main courses:

Carre 'Pork with aromatic herbs

Chicken with curry


Side Dishes:

Lentils and pork sausage

Baked potatoes

Flan humpbacks with cream of pecorino



Mousse Nougat with dark and gianduja

small pastry

cut fruit - exotic fruits



still and sparkling water (1 bottle every 2 persons)

White Wine or choosing red wine IGT Toscana La Palagina (1 bottle every 4 people)

... And to toast to the New Year

Rosamaro Charmat Method

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