Ristorante Al Tranvai in Florence's Piazza Tasso

Article Date: 21/10/2005

Ristorante Al Tranvai in Florence's Piazza Tasso

Location: Ristorante Al Tranvai

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Name: Al Tranvai
Address: T.Tasso Square, 14r
Tel: +39 055.225197
Our photos: http://www.firenzenotte.it/foto_firenze?L=187

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October 21, 2005: The Restaurant Al Tranvai is located in Piazza T.Tasso, 14r Tel 055.225197 Closed: Sunday. For more info http://www.altranvai.it/ .
I'm pretty fond of this small restaurant in Piazza Tasso, beautiful area of ​​Florence scene of many of my night raids ... especially a few years ago ...
This little restaurant has the distinction of being decorated in a manner recalling the old Trams than once. The kitchen offers simple, traditional Tuscan dishes. I must say that the description on their site gives a good idea:
"Piazza Torquato Tasso the entrance of the San Frediano district, one of the most popular of Florence, one of the novels of Vasco Pratolini and Florentine" true. "Walking through the maze of narrow streets is especially nice for the many artisan shops and the sound of vernacular that animates the ward. This small inn is so called perhaps because the tram was close, and even here, in terms of space, do not mess around: you eat elbow to elbow with the nearby, like in the old Florentine trattoria. the dishes are those of the Tuscan tradition, including pappa al pomodoro, ribollita and panzanella. Among the first there are the noodles, to be seasoned with tomato and meat sauce or potato gnocchi, also available with pesto. But the real specialty of the local are the seconds, with giblets to make the lion's share: stewed intestines, tripe alla fiorentina, lamprey boiled or fish soup and onions stewed chicken. Alternatively, the fried meatballs and sauce, salad or boiled the Frenchwoman, another name of boiled rehearsed with onions. Accompany the meat rich salads, boiled chick peas, baked beans and potatoes to home. It ends with the homemade desserts: apple pie, figs and nuts or pears. The wine list is limited, but offers some good proposal. The coffee is like homemade, served in glazed mugs. "
On this page you will find some pictures taken with their cell phone to Tranvai http://www.firenzenotte.it/foto_firenze?L=187 .
It 'a place to try at least once, one evening that you are in the mood to enjoy simple things like a walk in Piazza Tasso and a good plate of Tuscan home cooking :)

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