Hannah - 09/05 Teatro Verdi

Article Date: 09/05/2007

Hannah - 09/05 Teatro Verdi

Location: Teatro Verdi


Sergio Cammariere, 40, was born in Crotone, is a singular character in the Italian music scene. classical pianist and engaging performer, draws its inspiration both from classical music, Beethoven and Debussy, but also from South American sounds, absorbing the heat and energy of authors such as Jobim and de Moraes Cartola. Also notable is the influence of jazz, to which his music recognizes the biggest debt thanks to the likes of Art Tatum caliber, Peter Black and Keith Jarrett.
Already in the late eighties began to compose a series of songs that although very valuable, remain unpublished, except for the songs included in a disc published in 1993 with the singer Roberto Kunstler. In 1997 Cammariere participates in Premio Tenco, capturing the attention of critics and audiences. A few notes of his performance enough to make people understand his artistic stature and the event the jury unanimously attributes the IMAIE Award as best performer and interpreter of the show, consecrating him to dell¹anno authentic revelation.
Following dell¹interesse born around the figure of Sergio Cammariere, in 1998 is published "lost time" a promotional Ep, always written in collaboration with Kunstler, containing three beautiful songs and evocative, expressive synthesis of great taste and balance.
"From the peace of the distant sea" due out in November for l¹etichetta Via Veneto Jazz, is the result of years of collaboration with the poet and songwriter Roberto Kunstler. Years that have served to create an incredible harmonic and emotional balance, which makes the songs in the album, the small works of art. It was recorded live with the collaboration of young musicians who already knows the jazz world for their talent. Luca Bulgarelli on double bass, Amedeo Ariano on drums, Olen Cesari on the violin, Fabrizio Bosso on trumpet and flugelhorn, Alex Britti Simon Haggiag on guitar and percussion.
Important in "From the peace of the distant sea" is the role of memory as experience. Soft shadowing, soothe the void left by this closing the accounts with what was and opens towards the future. It is the image memory to be a room where every sound stays resident and continues to bounce between the walls. Every moment of our lives can be expressed through an additional sound. Each sound is different. Experience is the melody that comes from these sounds to compose himself.
In Sergio Cammariere music there is this awareness, this eternal renewal of the person, that constantly change the way you see things, opening the eyes and feeling different perspectives of unfamiliar places which suggest new emotions and new lines of approach.
And that's what happens in the whole first part of the disc, which is from "My Sister" to "The doors of the dream", where every arrangement, every word, although not essential is useful, important and still functional to describe this mood of lightweight suspension.
To support the changes in mood and rhythm, poetry by Roberto Kunstler and sudden openings / closings, which emerge all the musical experiences of Cammariere, able to blend jazz and Latin percussion, piano and delicate turns of a taste for the swing around particular.
The deadlift is done with "The Sea", one piece that does not come from Cammariere-Kunstler duo, but great song Trenet translated by Pasquale Panella.
The choice is obviously not random, it is a tribute to the sea, to which Sergio belongs, to Trenet and all chansonniers, to which Sergio still has something like musical inspiration and it is also an opportunity to evaluate his great gifts as a musician.
The song that follows "To remind me of you" expresses what has been written. The loss is experienced with a painful clarity, the music expresses the distance, detachment, but shuns the sadness. It is a time, at a specific time, in the flow of things.
The disk conclusion is entrusted to songs like "Songwriter little one" and "Country of goals", that emphasize a self-ironic, where the music becomes more urgent, bouncy, in a swing that opens the inspiration on the big and small vices of this Italy.


- Kunstler-Cammariere & Stress Band
- Kunstler-Cammariere Stress & Band - The memories and the people
- Lost Time (Single)
- From the peace of the distant sea (loosely based on the verses of the poet Charles Michelstaedter)
- All a man (single)
- From the peace of the distant sea (Second version included All a man)
- On the Path (2004)
- The bread, wine and vision (2006

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