Women's Day 2017 at the Teatro La Fonte

Article Date: 08/03/2017

Women's Day 2017 at the Teatro La Fonte

Teatro La Fonte

Via Roma, 368, Bagno a Ripoli

Tel: 3475572347

centroteatro@alice.it - www.centroteatro.it



musical comedy for all ages inspired by Cinderella

  • Estivades Belgium International Festival
  • Best Opera Award at the National Festival in Castelfranco di Sotto (PI)
  • Fellowship Award Winner, Best Director Award, Best Actress Prize at the National Festival in San Miniato (PI)
  • National Congress TAI - Municipal Theatre L'Aquila
  • Best Director prize at the Festival "The keys of the theater" of Montespertoli

Reduction, adapted and directed by Olga Melnik



Cinderella - Romana Rocchino

Re Maros - Vasco Bonechi

Minister Siber - Gianni Monini

Stepmother Caldana - Tiziana Fusco

Tida-sister - Vera Striganova

Sister Midas - Adele Pocci

Flambé fairy - Valentina Schiavi

Pageboy Lucillo - Ilaria Mulinacci

Prince Agon - John Gallo

Scene servants Samuel Batistoni, Gianluca D'Indico, Stefano Montefalchi, Matthew Facenna


Show duration: 85 min

photos of the show: https://www.flickr.com/photos/centroteatro/albums/72157641773321045


Theater "La Source", Via Roma, 368 - Bagno a Ripoli

- March 8, 2017 at 21.00 with an aperitif offered

- March 11 at 21.00 (20.00 apericena reservation by 10/03 for tel. 3475572347; 055-418084)

- March 12, 16:00


"I dream that someone take me away, from injustice, from misunderstanding, from a life that is not how I want! It will be a prince on a white horse ... or maybe just a boy galloped a broom? .... Who knows ... .Purché have my own desire to dream "

"I dream of a bride sincerely in love with me and not the crown that I will bring ...

I meet her at a grand ball or perhaps by chance in the woods ... but I know that looking into her eyes feel my heart fly away ... "

Whether you are a prince or an orphan when no one thinks of you as a person is inevitably reduced to ashes. Feel nothing and think that nothing will change ... but sometimes you just need a spark to reignite an extinguished fire, and the new little hope rekindled give you the strength to change everything!

That of Cinderella is a long history, much exploited in the entertainment world, but we are here we're showing you a whole our version. In a kaleidoscope of colors you will see the funny characters who will play with you as in a dream ... because remember:

"The world is a great theater, we are all comedians.

They can change their character in brief moments.

Between mysterious clouds that the human eye does not penetrate

It is written that character that you have to recite! "

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