BRITISH INVASION F estival - 23/01 - 13/03 Park Corsini Fucecchio

Article Date: 22/01/2008

BRITISH INVASION F estival - 23/01 - 13/03 Park Corsini Fucecchio

Location: La Limonaia

Reality Bites limonaia & Music Club
City of Fucecchio with the contribution of

Presidency of the Council of the Province of Florence + the Region of Tuscany - Toscana Energia exhibit

January-April, 2008 @ limonaia Music Club
Parco Corsini Fucecchio (Florence)


Opening Wednesday, January 23

The Rumble Strips
Rock scathing of Rumble Strips (Wed 23/1), the champions of the guerrilla gig The Others (Thu 31/1), the new sound of 1990s Glasgow (Sun 17/2), the bittersweet pop of Pete & The Pirates ( Thu 21/2). And then, the running at Glasvegas (Thu 13/3), John Lean (April) ...

Fucecchio itself as one of Doc goals for good music live in Tuscany. After Marea Festival here is The British Invasion, the new exhibition dedicated to rock across the Channel, six evenings high-adrenaline, from February to April, the limonaia del Parco Corsini, with as many bands that come directly from the top floors of the British independent charts.

A festival where it waves the Union Jack, organized by Reality Bites and the City of Fucecchio i n collaboration with Dinner Events and with the contribution of the Presidency of the Council of the Province of Florence, Tuscany Region and Toscana Energia.

Always Britain is the land that has inspired and influenced the world musical aptitude, imposing sounds and costumes, fashions and styles. In short, a beacon of so-called youth cultures. So, to know who will be the new Blur and the new Oasis, who will take the place of the Kaiser Chiefs and who scalzerà by ranking the Muse ... it just has to let go British invasion that is about to land in Fucecchio.
British Invasion means great music, but small prices: the ticket never exceeds 10 Euros.
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Cut the ribbon, Wednesday, January 23, the The Rumble Strips. Four teens of Tavistock, a city near Exeter, in the border between Cornwall and Devon, led by Charlie Waller, frontman of the thoroughbreds. The group suburbs of London presents the first album "Girls and Weather" produced by Tony Hoffer (Beck, The Fratellis, The Kooks, Air) and trailed by three individuals, 'Alarm Clock', 'Motorcycle' and 'Time'. Although their journey began elsewhere, it is in London that The Rumble Strips are considered one of the most fresh and original formations came to the fore in the last year. Influenced as much by the melodic part à la The Cure, as from the garage fury and rock'n'roll and soul mood to clear Stax / Motown matrix, the quartet has a sound all its own and particular. A music in which the brass, sax and trumpet over all, have a leading role and where the Soul-Pop-Rock, evoked by the voice pulled and Charlie hot, transmits energy and sweat from every note. Dynamic, energetic and pleasantly retro, just live the four young men give the best of themselves. If good day starts in the morning, not to be missed.
In early 2007, before recording the album, the band was down on tour with bands such as The Young Knives, Dirty Pretty Things Carl Barat (formerly The Libertines and fellow band of Pete Doherty) and The Zutons. Recently took part in the triumphant NME New music tour with Blood Red Shoes, Pull Tiger Tail and The Little Ones. In summer they played at major European festivals including that of Glastonbury, while in autumn touched the United States. Today, in January 2008, it is Italy's turn. The Italian tour of The Rumble Strips starts from limonaia Fucecchio. Next steps: Rome, Bologna and Recanati.

  • THE OTHERS (Thursday, January 31)

Pioneers of "guerrilla gig" and winners of an NME Award named after John Peel for musical innovation, The Others are an outspoken band, controversial and excellent impact live. Their second album, "Inward Parts", is produced by Dave Allen (Cure, Depeche Mode, Sisters of Mercy) and Mark Ralph (Filthy Dukes, Suicide Sports Club), and is influenced by sounds, customs and traditions of the city where are the four musicians: London, Manchester, Brighton and Newcastle. For their criticism was divided: he loved or hated, but never unnoticed: to say, "Irresistable teen anthems and an icon-in-the-making frontman." for the Sunday Times and "Britain 's most worshiped new band" by NME.

  • 1990s (Sunday, February 17)

The indie rock trio Glasgow's best loved by the stars of the Anglo-Saxon music; of them spoke very well: Kaiser Chiefs, so much to want them to open their latest tour, The Gossip, CSS, and Franz Ferdinand whose history is linked to the 1990s. In 2007 they finally gave published the first album "Cookies" produced by Bernard Butler (ex-Suede): their style has been compared to the Rolling Stones, Modern Lovers, Fall and Stooges. Real parties their concerts, music blasting, enjoy and have fun.

  • PETE AND THE PIRATES (Thursday, February 21)

They come from Reading and grew up together in the same rehearsal rooms, and out of the same band. They started with two EPs for the Stolen Records (best new indie label according to Radio 1 and Music Week) and have just released their first album produced by Gareth Parton (The Killers, The Futureheads): the single "Knots" is currently in the top Ten of NME chart and is one of the most popular songs in English nightclub. Their music is joyful and melancholic, and there are those who have

  • Glasvegas (Thursday, March 13 - TBC)

Twenty years after Jesus and Mary Chain, another great r'n'r Scottish band. Elvis Presley, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Pale Fountains ... These muses that inspired James Allan and his companions. BBC, Alan McGee (discovered Oasis) report them among the 10 promises 2008. Success beyond all expectations for the first single, "Daddy's Gone".

Reality Bites limonaia & Music Club
Municipality of Fucecchio

British Invasion - The billboard

  • Wednesday, January 23, 2008 - 22 hours - Rumble Strips - 8 €
  • Thursday, January 31, 2008 - 22 hours - The Others - 10 EUR
  • Sunday, February 17, 2008 - 22 hours - 1990s - 8 €
  • Thursday, February 21, 2008 - 22 hours - Pete and the Pirates - 8 €
  • Thursday, March 13, 2008 (TBC) - 22 hours - Glasvegas - 8 €

Concerts start at 22

British Invasion - Info and contact
Infoline: 347/4730894 - 348/8008536
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Promotion: Leonardo Giacomelli
Press Office: Gabriele Giustini - ​​Mark Mannucci
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