Carnival Party @Yab - Shrove Tuesday February 24

Article Date: 17/02/2009

Carnival Party @Yab - Shrove Tuesday February 24

Location: YAB DiscoClub

Tuesday, February 24 Carnival Party at Yab

Carnival Party @Yab - Mardi Gras

Return the craziest and fun night of the year, or the night of Carnival!
A fantasy world in which to dive and dream, where each of us will be a protagonist! Impress everyone with your talent and win the contest for the best costume!
Attractive prizes for the most original masks !!!

First prize: Apple iPod touch
Second prize: Smartphone HTC Diamond
Third prize: gift card valid Yab 1anno

Special scenery directly from Venice

In the console Dj Timmy, 360 ° Music; the voice Niko Mammato!

Lists from 23.30 to 24.30 hours

Prices in the list for those who come in the form:
23.30 - 24.00 tribute; 24.00 - 24.30 11 € with drink

Prices in the list for those who will not be provided on the form:
23.30 - 24.30 13 EUR Man with drink, 11 Euros woman with drink

For lists and table reservations:
329.3627079 Marco -Benfa-
339.6914933 Matthew -Stop-

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