FABRI FIBRA - Saschall 24.10

Article Date: 23/10/2006

FABRI FIBRA - Saschall 24.10

Location: Teatro Obihall

FABRI FIBRA in concert on October 24 at Saschall.

Fabrizio Tarducci was born in Senigallia in 1976. His parents devote their whole day at work, only to separate when he was twelve. Fiber does not talk much and does not socialize. At seventeen Fiber listen to Mixed Blood, finishes school with minimal marks and enrolled in some courses but always abandoning them in half, going from job to job.
Fabri's mind starts to coil in a cloud of smoke and soon finds himself working in a company ashtrays.
Over the years the situation will not change much; But he knows Neffa who encouraged him to do the rap seriously and led to the first CD of Fabri Fibra entitled "Turbe Youth", which he printed and distributed. Unfortunately at that time the music industry is in crisis and so is the Fiber private life. It starts to be fun and Fabri prefer then go to work in England but fights mostly with his personal addictions: the decision is to return to Italy to tell who's fiber so recording the second album, "Mr. sympathy "made at home with the help of his brother, Nesli. The work is so convincing that led him to sign with a major label: Fiber then moved to Milan to begin work on his new album ... "Betrayal", in stores in mid-May 2006.

A critic who asked why his films often contain scenes that "created embarrassment", Wim Wenders seems to have responded that - for him - the only film can, the only real movie, is what creates embarrassment for the viewer .
If such a theory could be applied to the music, probably Fabri Fibra would a supporter. Not that Fabri want consciously create embarrassment, and on the other hand his raps are not - to use an overused adjective nauseum - "embarrassing." Are quite punched in the face and, rather than embarrassment, create confusion, scandal, making noise as broken teeth and broken jaws, and often they leave stunned; we are attacked, assaulted and brutalized by an avalanche of words and metaphors that are often not filtered or good taste or, even less, dall'autocensura but swaying between the ostentatious bravado and vulnerability. A vulnerability that one senses constantly, under the mask, as an indivisible doppelganger.
When words intrude into a frenzy sex, violence, drugs and rebellion, you run the risk of not understanding the provocation, and to take literally what seems an open invitation to perdition, perversion and misogyny. But is it really so? There is however, in Fabri songs, a desperate cry? You can remain indifferent, when you hear "apart from the rap I'm a failed / deadlifts this music and are nice that ended"? Do not feel that you need - we do not speak of 'message', for heaven's sake - to exorcise the evil of the world, in an attempt to defend themselves with the same weapons by violence, vulgarity, by the noise that our life, every day, spits on?
Then sex without love, alcohol, smoking, become only antidotes, only remedy for those who reject gooders of the politically correct, moralism without morals, "the hypocrisy of those who are always / with reason and never with the wrong." Fabri seems to try to respond to the world blow for blow, creating another identity. It is not to think of a superhero, but rather, at that Rank Xerox invented by Liberatore to build him a violent alter ego, compulsive and iconoclast, an alter ego to throw at the world to solve conflicts and repair, in its own way , the injustices.
Fill the void becomes the categorical imperative ( "music that helps / escape from nothing") if you want to get out of the contradictory cage of the family, if you want to beat the stupidity, superficiality of fashion, festivals, television, reality TV (those that someone wants to pass off as "the common people" programs). And when this stupidity does one with horror, in a sort of abominable jam cathodic - Giucas Casella and Pacciani, Erika and Omar, Constantius, Constantine and soldiers in Iraq - you can only scream, to resist to martyrdom.
But that seems to scream one of the last true gestures of indignation - an indignation perhaps blurred, perhaps incoherent - however worthy of respect. On second thought this Fabri Fibra, committing indecent exposure and does violence to common sense and good taste, should be almost done listening in schools: one of the last romantics, a terminally ill patient, a combat system hopeless case.

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