FESTIVAL OF CREATIVITY '- 25/28 October '07

Article Date: 23/10/2007

FESTIVAL OF CREATIVITY '- 25/28 October '07

Four days of exhibitions, concerts, shows and meetings, performances, workshops and laboratories

Opening Thursday, October 25 at 15.00 hours with the Creativity Show

Second edition of the Festival of Creativity, promoted by the Tuscany Region and organized by Fondazione Sistema Toscana.

40,000 square meters of exhibition area, 400 events, 1600 between artists and speakers from 40 countries of the world, a lively schedule of the great exponents of Italian and international art and culture world.

The processes that draw the city and the territory

Urban design, architecture, infrastructure, protection of the landscape, but also projects for schools.
Our cities, our territory, our planet are changing and networks become the medium of communication, planning and sharing of these issues.
This is the area which will relate the special projects entrusted to architects and artists are able to make us appreciate the "signs" that change the world we live in.
This theme also will be reflected in the new forms of energy and environmental sustainability of development.
Despite the high profile of the projects and of the names in the program, it will not be a section for professionals. Will be many, in fact, the initiatives that will involve the children of primary and secondary schools: the Festival believes in the educational value of creativity as evidenced by the success of last year from the Geography Festival.

Ideas, prototypes and products

From universities to companies, through the government, creative thinking becomes training system, product innovation.
This area of ​​the Festival will be dedicated to the world of business, education and government. Space will be given to the issues of research and of the genesis of creative thinking through the present and future models of the system of university education and specialized training, highlighting their ability to network with the world of production and innovation. From the experience of the Award Vespucci get a direct strong signal to companies and trade associations: the product is stronger the brand, the prototype is stronger marketing. In the spaces of the fortress dedicated to them, companies will be represented through exhibition formats totally innovative that fall outside the classical model of the stand. This year, in addition to the confirmation of the Innovation Exchange, the Vespucci Prize, the Job Fair, there will be themed events centered on the world of philosophy, gastronomy, literature and books. The enhancement of the SPD is, however, entrusted the awarding of a prize (the Oscar of the SPD) to the three most innovative and effective projects in terms of sustainability and new jobs. The special projects during construction, we highlight:
- De Gustibooks, space that brings together the culinary publishing representatives and food producers in a journey dedicated to the public lover of reading and good food, a great dynamic bookshop, enlivened by performances, shows and lectures, open to writers and writers;
- "Move it!", The international award dedicated to innovative mobility vehicles will be towed to the presence at the festival of prototypes and projects carried out by companies, universities and young designers. This section of the festival which will have as guest of honor the maestro Giugiaro, will see the active presence of major research centers.

The world of communication and participation

Workshops, exhibitions, mass media, talk shows, Second Life ... creative experiences for all ages.
The Festival of Creativity is the scope of representation of the most innovative projects of contemporary communication, from traditional media to new platforms. This area will give space to the world of digital information, the informal communication media, the evolution of telephony services, the pervasiveness of SMS and MMS, to explore the new frontiers of "participation", eDemocracy, Smart mobs, journalism street and the world of Second Life. A special section will be dedicated to the world of childhood and the creativity of young people, with the collaboration of different realities and not Florentine, with which will be implemented workshops and initiatives for the involvement of the younger audience. All workshop activities and conferences will be the banner of participation: each hall will have its own place of meeting animated by meetings, and workshops. The "central" space will be once again the arena of Cavaniglia pavilion where, every day, will stage a talkshow with international guests. Were invited, among others, Derrick De Kerckhove and Oliviero Toscani.
The editors of intoscana.it, which will be an "open space" within the Cavaniglia, this year will be the focal point of the production and distribution of content.

Signs, sounds and images

Concerts, video-art, performances by a rich program of names and ideas from all over the world
.The world of arts and entertainment, the area of pure art, art applied to industry and art that becomes industry.
The Festival is the ideal scenario for the languages ​​of creativity and modernity: from design to video art, from music to multimedia installations, from dance performances and theater trendy. From everything that defines contemporary lifestyles in the representation of the network that, in the five continents, involving artists, institutions and cultural centers.
In this context, the Festival of Creativity will host co-produced events with other festivals and other realities (have confirmed their participation in the Festival significant players such as Warner Music Italy).
Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, Ariella Vidach, Enrico Fink are just some of the expected names, for a musical program that will range from contemporary classical music to ethnic music, pop and rock music, up to the electronic sounds. For music and shows will be doubled the space available inside the Fortezza da Basso, where every evening from 20 until late at night, will be performed three shows of music, dance, DJs and live in September


  • Thursday, October 25

15.00 Creativity Show: Opening party with MTV toys and theater by Stefano Massini. Claudio Martini, Roberto Colaninno, Elio Fiorucci, Massimiliano Fuksas, Enrico Letta, Tommaso Fanfani, Dorfles, Derrick De Kerckhove, Massimo Cacciari, Timothy Brock with the Orchestra Regionale Toscana, Andy Fletcher (Depeche Mode), Roy Paci, Frank London, Boban Markovic Orkestar, Max Gazzè, Paola Turci, Marina Rei, My Festival, QuiFree.it, De GustiBooks, Carambola Creative Billiards, children's Playground, Coffee Philosophy, Florence Dance Center, shows Giugiaro, Pinocchio, Leonardo Romanelli, happy hour of Mondadori, Nokia Trends Lab, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, Gianmarco Martelloni, Paul Benvegnù ...

  • Friday, October 26

Dario Fo, Stefano Bollani Trio, Afterhours, Mario Gerosa, Bruno Cerboni, DJ Goldie, QuiFree.it, Pinocchio, children's playroom, billiard champions, Florence Dance Festival, Andre Klein, Digifestival, Coffee Philosophy, robotics, Caterpillar Radio2Rai, Leonardo Romanelli , Nokia Trends Lab, happy hour Mondadori, Mab, Cinemusica, SPD ...

  • Saturday, October 27

Barbara Pollastrini, Claudio Martini, Oliviero Toscani, Niki Vendola, Asher Colombo, Derrick De Kerckhove, Enrico Fink, Saule Kilaite & The Invisible Orchestra, Massimo Egidi, Linux Day, QuiFree.it, Carambola Creative with pool, children's area, bag of 'Innovation, Body Art Airbrush Event, Pinocchio, James Marramao, Digifestival, Florence Indian Film Festival, happy hour Mondadori, Nokia Trends Lab, Paolo Galluzzi, Ariella Vidach, Brazilian Girls, Peter Hook dJ ...

  • Sunday, October 28

Joshua Davis, Gianni Vattimo, Nobuo Uematsu, Badara Seck, Mauro Pagani, Petra Gizzards, Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi, Nokia Trends Lab, Florence Dance Company, QuiFree.it, Carambola Creative with billiards, Pinocchio, Digifestival, Body Painting, Chiara Dynys Goldoniane conversations, the Gola Gioconda Tastings, Nokia Trends Lab, happy hour Mondadori, Coffee Philosophy, Giulio Casale, Chop Suey and Shakira dJ sets ...

Here are some of the activities within the Festival:

Degustibooks the great festival of light.
Speak and write about wine, good food, products and recipes is a way to tell his life through what we cook and eat, discover customs and traditions, giving room for creativity. De GustiBooks is a festival that brings together on the same occasion publishers, taste artisans, winemakers, brewers a party that comiuga the pleasure of food to that of reading, good food culture, a great opportunity greedy and literary together.

At the Pavilion Spadolini (lower level), the Fortezza da Basso will host the Job Fair 2007: Young people meet businesses.
Job Fair 2007 is the event organized by the Association of Industrialists, Chamber of Commerce, University of Milan and the Province of Florence, which brings together supply and demand for labor. Participating companies and trade bodies, production and services, company formation, employment agencies.

DIGIFESTIVAL.NET - Digifestival.net final event.
Four days entirely dedicated to the exhibition of the winning works in video of the festival which was held in August, which will include a variety of related activities, such as special debates with members of the jury and
Winners of the festival: a fantastic setting in a large totally dedicated space, to admire, to live and be promoters of an exchange of ideas about art, bringing our network in a real place, able to give and receive new stimuli, and a close contact between the festival's staff, its participants and its audience. In one word: networking.

Inside the Florence 25 to 28 October 2007 Creativity Festival will be held Switch Out, a happening that will include meetings, round tables, workshops, interactive installations and performances around the new forms of expression offered by the technological arts.

at Cavaniglia performance of Massimo Pasca Painting.

The Salento born artist transplanted Pisa, will perform 'during the live event involving the audience in the creative act, which aims to capture the attention in a working progress that will see' committed itself on a canvas of some meters.


The University of Siena is again participating in the Florence Festival of Creativity, to be held October 25 to 28 at the Fortezza da Basso. The faculties, departments and Siena University structures present to the public their research projects, illustrating the results and future developments.

Source: www.festivaldellacreativita.it

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