FIORELLA MANNOIA - 11/03 Teatro Verdi

Article Date: 11/03/2007

FIORELLA MANNOIA - 11/03 Teatro Verdi

Location: Teatro Verdi


Start young to work in the film business as stuntgirl not sing in the film, shoot! (1968). He was often stunt to Monica Vitti and was Candice Bergen in the film The Day of the long guns (The Hunting Party). He made his debut in the music world in Castrocaro in 1968 singing A child on the lion of Adriano Celentano. The collaboration with guitarist Memmo Foresi leads to the album Mannoia Foresi & co. In the early 70s, he plays minor roles in spaghetti Western A colt in the hand of the devil (1972), and the third day came the Crow (1973) and Six bounty killers for a massacre (1973).
In 1981 he participated in the Sanremo Festival with boiling black coffee (written by Mimmo Cavallo) that is known to the Italian public. The year before, he sang Fisherman with songwriter Pierangelo Bertoli's album Some moments. Fisher is a success, which also increases its popularity.
In 1984 he was back in Sanremo with how you change. He wins the final of Premiatissima '84 miniseries with Margherita song by Riccardo Cocciante. In 1985 however the flower bed that was a great success.
He wins two years in a row the Critics Award in Sanremo in 1987 with What women do not say written especially for her by Enrico Ruggeri and Luigi Schiavone, and again in 1988 with Le Notti Di Maggio written by Ivano Fossati. What women do not say is his first number one in the hit parade. In 1988 he released the album Songs mention that contains these and other songwriters songs prominent. Songs to talk about is his first album produced by guitarist and musical director Piero Fabrizi, who participates in all the work of the next Mannoia.
The album of earth and wind in 1989. In this album Fiorella Mannoia collaborates for the first time with Francesco De Gregori. Oh to be in the album interprets (Chico Buarque) along with Ivano Fossati, who also is responsible for translation.
In 1992 he released a major album, The steam trains, which besides the homonymous song always Ivano Fossati contains The Irish sky Massimo Bubola, Everyone is looking for something Francesco De Gregori and Inevitably Enrico Ruggeri, song also entered in column sound of Dear diary by Nanni Moretti.
His next album, Real People, comes out in 1994 and boasts other important collaborations with Francesco De Gregori who writes for her Joan of Arc, Caetano Veloso with which sings The world ass and Samuele Bersani who writes for her Crazy boy (with Piero Fabrizi).
High Hopes (1997) sees her work with young songwriters like Daniele Silvestri and Gianmaria Testa. This album contains the song mocking I'm not a singer written by Piero Fabrizi. In 1999 Some small items, the first live album of his career, which also contains an unprecedented and very popular version of Sally (Vasco Rossi). This double CD is a great success: in a few months reached the top spot in the standings and wins a double platinum. Fiorella Mannoia in 2000 it was invited to the 50th Sanremo Festival as superospite.
In recent years it has often been on tour together with Pino Daniele, Francesco De Gregori and Ron and more recently by herself. After the album Fragile study (2001), Fiorella Mannoia recorded the live album On Tour (2002), with Daniele De Gregori and Ron. Returning to the world of cinema in 2003, has played a cameo in the first film give me a kiss, a romantic comedy directed by Ambrogio Lo Giudice.
In 2004 he released the solo album Live Concerts (2004), in addition to DVD Two years of concerts, recorded in the splendid Teatro Valli in Reggio Emilia. In 2005 he performs three songs at the Live 8 concert, Rome: Sally, Clandestino (written by Manu Chao) and my brother who looks at the world, written by Ivano Fossati.
Fiorella Mannoia has won five times the prestigious Targa Tenco as best actor. It is the only singer to have won the Targa Tenco more than once in this category.
On 2 June 2005 she was appointed Officer by President of the Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi.
In November 2006 he published Tropical Wave, preceded by the song Cravo e canela written by Milton Nascimento with which he sings. The album is a tribute to the Brazilian popular music, especially to the rich repertoire carioca, and sees her duet with the most important Brazilian artists like Milton Nascimento, Gilberto Gil, Chico Buarque, Carlinhos Brown, Chico César, Djavan, Lenine, and Jorge Benjor Adriana Calcanhotto. Album to be called "historic": no one had managed to bring together in a single project all these important Brazilian artists. Six songs from the album are translated by Piero Fabrizi and five are in the original Portuguese.
During his career Fiorella Mannoia has sung in many languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, English and also in Naples.


- Mannoia Foresi & co. (1972)
- Fiorella Mannoia (1982, still launched in 1983 with the addition of hot black coffee and E move a bit ')
- Delicate Moment (1985)
- Premiatissima '84 (1985)
- Fiorella Mannoia (1986)
- Songs to speak (1988)
- Of Earth and Wind (1989)
- The steam trains (1992)
- Ordinary People (1994)
- High Hopes (1997)
- Some small items (1999)
- Fragile (2001)
- On Tour (2002)
- Concerts (2004)
- Tropical Wave (2006)

- With Adriana Calcanhotto: A felicidade
- With Caetano Veloso: May 13
- With Carlinhos Brown: Kabula lè lè
- With Chico Buarque de Hollanda: Dois irmãos
- With Chico Cesar: Mama Africa
- With Djavan: Without a fragment
- With Gilberto Gil: A big hug
- With Ivano Fossati: Oh that will be
- With Jorge Benjor: Mas que nada
- With Lenine: Live!
- With Mario Lavezzi and Loredana Berte: If reborn
- With Milton Nascimento: songs and moments - Cravo e canela
- With Niccolò Fabi: Offended
- With Pierangelo Bertoli: Fisherman

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