FLORENCE BIENNALE 2007 December 1 to 9 - Fortezza da Basso

Article Date: 30/11/2007

FLORENCE BIENNALE 2007 December 1 to 9 - Fortezza da Basso

Biennale 2007

The sixth edition of the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Florence will take place 1 to 9 December 2007 in the historic Fortezza da Basso. 840 artists from 76 countries will exhibit more than 2,500 works and will be attending the show for an extraordinary meeting of cultures, languages ​​and styles. The actress Anne Archer will be in Florence to deliver to the association Biennale Prize Artists for Human Rights, to support the United Nations program "Dialogue between civilizations", to which the Biennale has officially adhered since 2001.

The Biennale will see the presence of important artistic personalities, including Gilbert & George, who will receive the award "Lorenzo il Magnifico" career. Gilbert & George, together with Tim Marlow, director of exhibitions at White Cube Gallery in London, will meet the visitors and the artists participating at the Biennale, for which a full calendar of meetings, conferences and video projections (including a video has been organized made just by Gilbert & George).

The art of Frida Kahlo and Tina Modotti's life will be presented in two conferences by Gregorio Luke, former director of the Long Beach Molaa, member of the International Jury of the Biennale.

The Ars Electronica Center in Linz, the "oldest" of digital art museum in the world, which organizes the Prix Ars Electronica, the Ars Electronica Festival and the Ars Electronica Futurelab, will have 300 square meters to present digital art, interactive video and to let visitors to the world of virtual reality.


  • Saturday, December 1

11.30 - Opening Ceremony;
17.00 - Fanfare followed by concert written and directed by Carol Worthey;

  • Sunday, December 2

11.30 - Conference "Abstraction in Painting and drawing" by Paul Lorenz;
16.00 - Performance artist Namhong;
17.00 - Presentation of ARS Electronica Center in Linz to care by Maurizio Vanni and Gerfried Stocker;

  • Monday, December 3

10:30 am - "Master Class Investments" by the Hermitage Magazine staff;

17.00 - Conference on Tina Modotti by Gregorio Luke;

  • Tuesday, December 4

15:00 - Showing of the film "The World of Gilbert & George"
17:00 - Delivery of the Award "Lorenzo il Magnifico" award to Gilbert & George, with the presence of Tim Marlow;

  • Wednesday, December 5

15.30 - Conference "Let There be Light" by David Rubin;
17.00 - Presentation of the installation by Les Christensen in the Anglican Church of St. James, in via Rucellai 9;

  • Thursday, December 6

17:00 - Showing of the film "The World of Gilbert & George";

  • Friday, December 7

11.30 - Conference "The abstraction in Sculpture" by Paul Lorenz;
17.00 - Concert "Dialogues" (música de cámara de México, Spain, and Italy), performed by Trio Morelia;
18.00 - Performance by Namhong;

  • Saturday, December 8

11.30 - Lecture on Frida Kahlo edited by Gergorio Luke;
15.30 - Presentation of Artists for Human Rights with Anne Archer;
17.00 - Presentation of Passion for Life with Antoine Gaber;
21.00 - Gala Dinner in Cavaniglia;

  • Sunday, December 9

15.30 - Award Ceremony of Artists and presentation of the award "Lorenzo il Magnifico";
20:00 - Closure of the Exhibition;


Biennale 2005

The 2005 edition ended with broad participation of the public and the happy presence of 768 artists from 80 countries. During the exhibition Christo and Jeanne-Claude and Richard Anuszkiewicz, were honored with the highest recognition of the Biennale, the prize "Lorenzo il Magnifico" career. The Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea of ​​Florence would like to thank John T. Spike for his valuable collaboration as an artistic director of the previous editions.

Biennale 2003

The Fourth Biennial of Florence was the most comprehensive of international contemporary exhibition with the participation of 891 artists from more than 72 nations. When they gather thousands of stimulating works of art, in any artistic field, who come from distant destinations born a spectacular global creative laboratory, even if only for a limited time. The challenge for all of us is clear: can a ten-day event produce results of longer duration than the "shock of the new ?.

Biennale 2001

The third edition of the Biennial will be remembered as the first and largest exhibition in which artists from all over the world have expressed their reactions to the tragic events of September 11 in New York. E 'on this occasion that the Biennale adheres to the United Nations program "Year of Dialogue among Civilization".

Let's take example from the words of the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan: "I See ... dialogue as a chance for people of different cultures and traditions to get to know each other better, Whether they live on opposite sides of the world or on the same street. "

Biennale 1999

The second edition of the Biennale saw the participation of 532 artists from 33 countries, serving as an opportunity to exchange experiences and as meeting point of contemporary art worldwide.

Biennale 1997

The first edition of the International Biennial of Contemporary Art opens its doors in Florence, a city historically linked to culture and art, which rediscovers in this event all the charm of contemporary art. Porporsi in a new way in a historical context par excellence, makes this event unique in its kind. This first edition was attended by over 300 artists from 20 nations.

For more info: www.florencebiennale.org

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