Guide to Florence restaurants

On firenzenotte you can find a complete list of restaurants in Florence subscribers to the portal. To give you extra help in choosing the restaurant, we decided to create this "guide in the" Firenzenotte guide that was created with the goal of speaking in a completely independent of the restaurants that we frequent and personally we like the most.

Winter Garden by Caino - starred restaurant in Florence 23 December 2017 Starred restaurant in the center of Florence: for a special evening. » Touch Florence Restaurant in Florence 18 August 2017 Contemporary Tuscan Osteria! One of our favorite restaurants in Florence. » Zushi, sushi restaurant in Florence 11 August 2017 Great sushi restaurant in a chic and cozy setting » Haveli Indian restaurant in Florence, Porta al Prato 10 August 2017 Excellent Indian restaurant. and informal surroundings. » Lungarno 23 - Chianina meat burger restaurant in Florence 22 July 2017 Restaurant specializing in Chianina meat burgers in the historic center of Florence » "Il Colle" restaurant and deli / food market in Barberino di Mugello 15 November 2015 Tuscan Steakhouse and deli / food market in Barberino di Mugello. » The Holy Drinker restaurant in downtown Florence, Santo Spirito area 20 March 2015 Cozy place in the center of Florence offering a menu that manages to combine in an interesting way the Florentine tradition with a more creative cuisine. » Restaurant La Maremma in the center of Florence, Santa Croce area 08 February 2015 Typical dishes of the Florentine cuisine in downtown Florence. » Trattoria Angiolino in San Donnino - Florence 18 January 2015 One of the most authentic Tuscan cuisine restaurants that we have got to try! » Ristorante il Guscio in Florence downtown, near San Frediano 19 September 2014 Fiorentina home cooking with a touch of refinement in the historic neighborhood of San Frediano. » Dionysos Greek restaurant in Via San Gallo in Florence 31 May 2014 The Greek cuisine in the historic center of Florence » The Bracia restaurant in San Marcello Pistoiese 24 May 2014 The good steak in the Pistoia mountain about 50 minutes by car from Florence. » The Holy Grail restaurant in Florence 26 April 2014 The menu is presented in two keys: tradition and innovation. In the tradition there are the classic Tuscan dishes, a kitchen that innovation is expressed with personality. » Ristorante Fiore, historic restaurant in the hills of Scandicci 29 March 2014 Famous for the steak, just a few kilometers from the city and nestled in the green hills of Tuscany. » Restaurant Canto di Maggio in Bottai Impruneta 22 March 2014 Tradition and Innovation Executive Chef Saverio Giuliani in the green hills of Tuscany in Impruneta area. »
Aji Tei Japanese Restaurant in Florence 08 March 2014 Good Japanese restaurant with formula "all you can eat" at 26 €. » Restaurant La Reggia Degli Etruschi in Fiesole 16 February 2014 Buon Ristorante Toscano in Fiesole with breathtaking views of Florence. » Otel Varietè, dinner-show in Florence 22 November 2013 The Otel is much more than just a restaurant. In this place you can find the only real dinner with variety show in Florence and, after dinner, disco until late. » Restaurant Antico Girone Malafemmina in locations round in Florence 27 October 2013 And casual restaurant Neapolitan pizza especially suitable to group dinners. Menu with a good selection of both meat and fish as well as Neapolitan pizza. » Restaurant La Bocca di Leone in Florence in San Frediano 21 September 2013 Restaurant Bistrot style in San Frediano in Florence » The Skipper restaurant in Florence 06 July 2013 Sicilian restaurant specializing in seafood. » Restaurant La Bottega di Morello to Monte Morello, Florence 16 June 2013 typical Tuscan restaurant in Monte Morello, one of the best steaks at Fiorentina in Florence! » Ristorante da Burde in Florence 03 May 2013 A good steak to Fiorentina in Florence outside the city center » At the restaurant in San Casciano in Val di Pesa (Florence) 13 April 2013 Since 1948 Tuscan cuisine in San Casciano (about 30 min drive from the center of Florence). Main courses: Florentine steak, ribollita, tripe, peposo, roast suckling pig, pork shank baked, cut etc ... » I Osteria staff in Florence in San Frediano 06 April 2013 Fine inventive cuisine in one of the most beautiful areas of central Florence. The menu offers both fish and meat and includes 2 tasting menu. » Enoteca Bevo Vino Florence in San Niccolò 16 February 2013 Nice wine bar in downtown Firnze in San Niccolo area. It offers a selection of cold cuts and cheese, croutons and delicacies of various kinds. Local cute mlto even just for a drink. » Pub Restaurant Bavarian Braumeister in Florence 05 January 2013 Bavarian pub and restaurant, maybe the best selection of beers in Florence! Near Piazza della Libertà in Florence. » Osteria De Pazzi in Florence downtown Santa Croce area 07 December 2012 Tuscan Osteria in downtown Florence's Santa Croce Square. » Filipepe restaurant in Florence in San Niccolò area 08 September 2012 Mediterranean-inspired restaurant, intimate and welcoming. In the center of Florence Area San Niccolò. » Enoteca Le Barrique in downtown Florence 07 July 2012 Nice wine bar in San Frediano in Florence. creative and sophisticated menu. In summer you can dine in the garden. » Restaurant Oliviero in the center of Florence, Via Tornabuoni area 14 April 2012 Fiorentino historic restaurant, meeting at the time of the "sweet life" of the likes of Marcello Mastroianni caliber, Federico Fellini, Sophia Loren, Maria Callas, Burt Lancaster, Segovia, Tyrone Power, Ella Fitzgerald, Liza Minnelli, etc. » Ristorante Vecchia Firenze in Florence historical center 19 November 2011 typical Tuscan restaurant in a historic building of the Florentine center. » Ristorante Da Delfina in Artimino 24 September 2011 Tuscan restaurant at Artimino, near Florence. Beautiful terrace where you can dine in summer. » Pizzeria Ristorante Cocktail Bar Girasol 25 June 2011 Pizzeria and cocktail bar near Fortezza da Basso in Florence. The restaurant's specialty are pizzas and dishes of Argentine beef. » Osteria Boccanegra in Florence center, Santa Croce area 17 June 2011 Osteria Toscana in downtown Florence. » Osteria dei Baroncelli in downtown Florence 11 June 2011 The dishes of the Tuscan tradition in the center of Florence. » Pingusto - Sushi Wok Asian Fusion Restaurant 07 May 2011 A restaurant very large wok sushi, all included in the price, offers a buffet of hot and cold appetizers, meats, fish, vegetables, sweets and plenty of ice cream! » Restaurant Borgo San Jacopo in Florence downtown 15 April 2011 One of the best restaurants in Florence. Owned by the Ferragamo family, the restaurant offers the flavors of the high Tuscan and Italian cuisine in the interpretation of the chef Beatrice Segoni, in elegant surroundings with views of River Arno and Ponte Vecchio. » Wine Grotto of Bacchus in Prato 26 February 2011 Wine shop in the center of Prato. Pratesi specialties at reasonable prices. » Trattoria Angiolino in Florence downtown, Santo Spirito area 14 January 2011 Typical Florentine trattoria in the center of Florence, Santo Spirito area. »


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