JOHN ALLEVI - 17/04 Theatre Saschall

Article Date: 16/04/2007

JOHN ALLEVI - 17/04 Theatre Saschall

Location: Teatro Obihall


The cultural education

He graduated with honors in both piano at the Conservatory "F. Morlacchi" in Perugia and in composition at the Conservatory "G. Verdi" in Milan. He graduated cum laude in Philosophy with the thesis "The emptiness in contemporary Physics" and he attended the International Academy of High Specialization of Arezzo, under the guidance of Carlo Alberto Blacks.
In 1991 he carries out compulsory military service in the Italian National Army Band. The bandmaster realizes his pianistic talent and decides to place the piano solo in his repertoire. As a solo pianist of the band performing the Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin and the Warsaw Concerto by Richard Addinsell, on tour in many Italian theaters. After completing military service, Allevi begins to present in concert a repertory consisting exclusively his own compositions for solo piano and attends the parallel courses of "Bio-music and music therapy" of prof. Mario Corradini, in which deepens the awareness of the great power of music to make free and to evoke memories, images and emotions. In 1996 music the tragedy The Trojan Women by Euripides, represented at the International Festival of Ancient Drama in Siracusa, winning the special prize for the best stage music [citation needed]. In 1997 he won the international selections for young musicians at the Teatro San Filippo di Torino.

The meeting with Saturnino and Jovanotti

Thanks to Saturnino mature the idea of ​​collecting in a cd its piano production and his work is welcomed enthusiastically by Lorenzo Cherubini, aka Jovanotti, who, with his record label Soleluna, together with the Universal Italy, decides to publish first album of Giovanni Allevi, solo piano, titled 13 Fingers (1997) produced in the studio by Saturnino. The meeting with Saturnino and Jovanotti him to meet with the public of large audiences at rock concerts. John thus opens, alone with his piano, the concerts of Jovanotti during the tour The Tree in which performs some songs 13 Fingers in front of audiences of 17,000 people.
In '98 always with Saturnino as a producer has made the short film soundtrack Venceremos premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Los Angeles.

The meeting with Nanae Mimura

In 1999, the Japanese musician Nanae Mimura, marimba soloist, has proposed some songs 13 Fingers by herself transcribed for her instrument, the Theatre of Tokyo and a concert at Carnegie Hall in New York.
The CD 13 Fingers while collecting an undoubted success with critics and Jovanotti again invites the musician to participate as pianist to tour the fifth world - Jovanotti 2002 for which also takes care of the arrangements of the band of sixteen musicians. Inside the show, John gives the public a preview, in a solo performance, Karate Piano, one of the songs more extreme content in the new compositions album.
After the experience of the tour, Giovanni Allevi focuses on a new fully his musical project, which led him, in 2003, the publication of his second album for piano solo entitled Compositions (Ed. Soleluna / Edel).
With his pianist, Giovanni Allevi confirms eclectic musician, performing in concert series of classical music, in many Italian theaters, and rock and jazz music festival. Since June 2004 Giovanni Allevi begins an international tour from HKAPA Concert Hall stage in Hong Kong. It is the sign of an artistic career beyond the narrow music categories, 6 March 2005 takes him to perform on the stage of world jazz temple: the Blue Note in New York, where he recorded two sold-out.
To confirm his intellectual and cultural value of its artistic figure, he was invited to hold a seminar on "Music nowadays" at the Pedagogic University of Stuttgart on "The relationship between music and philosophy" at the School of Philosophy from New York.
The Baltimore Opera House (USA), commissioned the reworking of the recitatives of Bizet's Carmen. In April 2005 Giovanni Allevi performs at the Teatro Politeama of Palermo, in a premiere of his first work for piano and orchestra "Beslan leaves", with the 92 elements of the Sicilian Symphonic Orchestra that has commissioned the composition.


Also in 2005 he received two awards: in Vienna he was awarded the "Bosendorfer Artist" for "international values ​​of his artistic expression" and, from its land of origin, the "Recanati Forever for music" award for "l ' excellence and magic in touching the piano keyboard ".
On 18 September 2006, at the Arena Flegrea of ​​Naples, Giovanni Allevi received the Carosone Award as the best pianist "for the melodic sense of his pianism, [...] for its move beyond all barriers of gender, the out of any category and definition ", as announced by the artistic director of the award, Federico Vacalebre.
March 30, 2007 at Gioia del Colle Teatro Rossini Giovanni Allevi received the Magna Grecia Awards Special Mention Giovanni Paisiello, that soul musician.

Latest work

In May 2005 he released his third album for piano solo: No concept (Sony / Bmg) also presented in China and New York. As the song really are, taken from this album, he was chosen by the great American director Spike Lee as the soundtrack for a new BMW international spot (look).
From September 2005 No concept is also published in Germany and Korea.
September 29, 2006 officially released his latest album, again for solo piano, titled Joy. On the same day he begins, in Milan, a presentation of the album mini-tour in the major Italian stores of FNAC chain. On 5 November 2006 he was guest Serena Dandini in the program Talk to me Raitre. On 18 March 2007 he participated as a guest to the transmission What time ago on Rai Tre. On March 21, Joy was awarded the gold record, having reached 50,000 copies sold.

His music

The music of John Breed is based on very simple harmonies, which always remain within the tonal system (only in certain cases by having recourse to modalism). Decidedly oriented towards pop music for general, his compositions reflect (generally fairly slavish) compositional experience of less experimental minimalism and current New Age.


- 13 Fingers (1997)
- Compositions (2003)
- No concept (2005)
- Joy (2006)

Him say

- "The guys went wild for him." (Jovanotti)
- "The music of Giovanni Allevi has a strong rhythmic charge and a great melodic intensity that fall in love ever since the first listen, and this has already caught the attention of the American percussion world." (Nanae Mimura)
- Examination of the Conservatory admission, Allevi presented a "Escape" (kind of great compositional complexity) and examiners commented: "O Allevi has copied, or is the new Brahms"

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