MARLENE KUNTZ - 06:03 Theatre Saschall

Article Date: 03/03/2008

MARLENE KUNTZ - 06:03 Theatre Saschall

Location: Teatro Obihall


Marlene Kuntz in concert in Torino
The original core of Marlene Kuntz was born in 1987, formed by drummer Luca Bergia and guitarist Riccardo Tesio, who were regularly with various musician friends to try the home of Luke.
In 1988, in addition to their bassist Franco Ballatore and, in the winter of that year, they find a rehearsal room in Confreria, next to the state.
At the beginning of 89 there is also a guitar player on a permanent basis: Cristiano Godano. Christian was returning from an experience with Jack on Fire !, local rock group that took part in the Arezzo Wave 88. In that periodio Cristiano began working on riffs and writing lyrics, creating some of the pieces in an embryonic state that would end on Catartica (1 ° 2 ° 3 °, for example); besides this, it submits to Alex Astegiano group, ex-drummer Jack on fire! will be the future voice of Marlene Kuntz.

The name
Just before the first concert, the group must find a name. Alex proposes Marlene, saw the charm that the actress Marlene Dietrich exerted on the collective imagination. Then Christian hears a piece of Butthole Surfers, Kuntz, where the chorus says "pussies pussies pussies" in American slang. It was thought then also call the group "Marlene Kuntz and his School supplies", given the habit of using objects of all kinds (the furnishings, in fact) to create new sounds. This idea was later abandoned the habit of demented rock bands to use compound names.
The first concert is in Cuneo, 13 May 1989 Monviso Park, where Marlene Kuntz will perform with some original pieces (1st 2nd 3rd and Truth) and a cover version of Jack on Fire !, hidden emotions.

The Nineties
In the February 90 show a demo 4 pieces: The Truth, Trasudamerica, 1st 2nd 3rd and long Capello who has suffered a very positive response from critics.
In April 1990, Marlene Kuntz recorded their first video, Merry X-mas and after the concert on April 25 in Cortemilia, Alex left the band to work commitments too pressing. Christian took his place to voice continuing to play the guitar.
In the new lineup to four, Marlene Kuntz recorded in July a new demo of four pieces: Donna L, Joy that I do, Mr. Nobody and Merry X-mas. Despite a positive response with respect to the change of voice, the demo goes less well as expected and you decide to make a third.
In March 1991, Marlene find themselves in the studio for the third demo containing five pieces, one of which is instrumental: MK, Fire (which will fire on you in Catartica), Divine (a revised version will be engraved as they Ash the Vile), Queen Bee instrumental piece that in this version will be published by Punto Zero (the audiorivista curated by Giulio Tedeschi and produced and published by the Turin Toast Records). The demo immediately reveals a great business card for the Cuneo group, which after some rave reviews in specialized magazines and not, send it to an event for emerging groups: Rock Targato Italy. This event has the task of selecting the groups for a compilation that would be published after the event. The Marlene Kuntz, thanks to their demo became part of the 16 finalists and perform in Milan. The concert is bad and the group does not fit in the top 8. Fortunately, a group retreats and are fished out. A July 1991 are in the studio with Gianni Maroccolo song and record of tomorrow
In the fall of 1991, Marlene Kuntz decide for the self-production of their album as a new meeting with Maroccolo is inconclusive. The initial idea is to produce an EP of three pieces of reservation and advance payment (13,000 pounds). Unfortunately fails idea given the limited membership but the proposal, brought once again to Maroccolo, eventually convince him and echoed an EP of six pieces in co-production with the group.
In early 1992, the bassist, Franco Ballatore, leaves. It takes its place Gianluca Viano.
Summer of 1993, just before signing the contract with Maroccolo, the MCA is felt and proposes an album instead of an EP. The group accepts and in December 1993 began the recordings produced by Marco League, which from that moment, always work with the group (apart from a few rare exceptions).
The May 15, 1994 comes Catartica, published by MCA and distributed by the Consortium Independent Producers (CPI). In the same period of the promotion tour to the disc that will run throughout Italy and that will end in the winter of 1995. At the beginning of that tour also Gianluca Viano leaves. After a series of auditions, it replaces Paul Enria, already active on the local independent scene, who will play for eighty dates. The following year, due to work commitments leaves and replaces Dan Only.
After the first album, the idea of ​​the group was to make a really new disc, which was not a poor imitation of Catartica. The recordings begin in November 1995 and ending in February 1996. In April comes out the vile, and like Catartica, the supporting tour starts almost immediately and ends in February 1997. During those concerts you record a home video: Petals of candor. In addition to the live recorded songs, drawn from both albums released, there are also parts of life on tour.
Before the third album, Marlene Kuntz decide to publish a EP: As of outrage. This contains a song remixed (As we were yesterday), a live song already published in a demo (Women L), a long improvisation followed by the acting (The flame of the impressions I and II) and two unpublished (Aurora This and more ).
After two years of work and a difficult birth in the recording studio, he comes out I killed paranoia. It comes out January 14, 1999 in two editions: one single CD containing only the album, and the one twin, with a second CD with 16 jam sessions, called "spores" (there are already two in the album), similar the already published blaze impressions I. the price of the two versions is the same, and the only thing that distinguishes them is the dominant color of the cover: green for the single album, purple for the double album (that is called I killed paranoia + Spore).
The tour lasts from January to September 1999, when it recorded their first live album of Marlene Kuntz: HUP Live in Catharsis coming out November 10, 1999 and which is supported by a tour of 10 dates in December.

recent developments
The fourth album is the first non-produced by Marco League, but it is a co-production Marlene Kuntz / Gianni Maroccolo. The recordings start in July 2000 and end in a month. On 13 October 2000 he released What do you see, containing a group collaboration with Skins in the song The song that I write for you. In January, part of the tour that ends in October.
In this period are two outputs published by Marlene Kuntz, the first, an EP earmarked for Italy, titled Comet (album) with 7 pieces already published (most remixed for the occasion) more Latin Playboys, an improvisation unpublished.
For the European market came out immediately after an album called Spore (not to be confused with the second disc of the double album I killed Paranoia + Spore) containing songs from all previous publications (although in alternative versions).
For the fifth album, Marlene Kuntz moving to Berlin; there are producing with Rob Ellis (who will take part in the recording of Off White and the tour that followed it) Weightless. Out February 7, 2003, and starts them on a tour from February to December. During this tour participate in the May Day concert in Rome where he met Nick Cave, one of their inspirations.
On 28 May 2004 comes another EP: Pretending Poetry, contains First and Then, respectively, first and last track, improvisations recorded by the tour without weight. It is made a brief supporting tour from May to September.
On December 7, a statement announced that Dan only leaves the group. It will be replaced in the next disc and the tour of the latter by Gianni Maroccolo.
In January 2005, Marlene Kuntz are in Rome for the recording of their album that was released in March, entitled Soft White.
On 13 October 2006 the second live album of the group, called S-Low.
On 14 September 2007 the seventh album, titled One, a work that reveals the will to proceed towards closer soft sounds to the Italian classic song.

- Cristiano Godano - vocals, guitar
- Riccardo Tesio - guitar
- Luca Bergia - Battery-choirs
- Dan Solo and Gianni Maroccolo - Low


Studio album

- 1994 - Catartica
- 1996 - The Vile
- 1999 - I Killed Paranoia
- 2000 - What do you see
- 2003 - Weightless
- 2005 - Off White
- 2007 - A
live albums

- 1999 - HUP Live in Catharsis
- 2006 - S-Low

- 1998 - As of Indignation
- 2001 - Comet
- 2004 - Pretending poetry

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