Modena City Ramblers - 14/03 Irlanda in Festa 2007 - Theatre Saschall

Article Date: 14/03/2007

Modena City Ramblers - 14/03 Irlanda in Festa 2007 - Theatre Saschall

Location: Teatro Obihall

The Modena City Ramblers are an Italian musical group founded in 1991.
Themselves as their own genre as combat folk, declaring from the outset his love for the Irish folk, whose sonorities remain even after switching to other genres, especially rock.
Since the days when they only play Irish music, the Modena City Ramblers, as the Pogues, using instrument traditional folk songs (Irish, Scottish, Celtic, and then also klezmer, Balkan, Italian ...) as a basis for their songs or as a riff or solo. Sometimes the origin of these pieces is unknown.


The Modena City Ramblers (MCR also) born in 1991 by a group of friends willing to play Irish music, without any pretense. They employ "Alberton" Morselli, John Rubbiani and "Albertino" 'Cottica already Far from where, Chris Dennis former nomads, Philip Chieli, Franchino D'Aniello and Luciano Gaetani the Abbey of Fools. March 17, 1991 celebration of St. Patrick's Day, on the occasion of a concert in a nightclub in Modena, it was decided the name: Modena City Ramblers: a tribute to the Dublin City Ramblers are a kind of "smooth Irish group", not forgetting the Emilian roots. In 1992 comes the bassist Massimo Ice (formerly Plutonium 99). During a concert at Kalinka, a local Carpi, takes the stage for the first time to sing The Wild Rover Stefano "Cisco" Bellotti. In this period the Modena City Ramblers is not a conventional ensemble but an open company (item that will remain in some way throughout the history of the Ramblers, so that all States that have abandoned the "effective training", except Alberto Morselli, continue to collaborate with the group). The most important concert is the opening of The Pogues concert in Modena, the repertoire is enriched, they are juxtaposed to traditional Irish Italian popular songs: Hello Beautiful. In 1993, the Modena City Ramblers bring order to a chaotic education too: "Alberto Sordi" Morselli and Cisco on vocals, John Rubbiani on guitar, "Albertino" Cottica accordion, Franchino D'Aniello on horns, Luciano Gaetani banjo, bouzouki, mandolin Massimo "Ice" Ice on bass, Marco Michelini (also a former abbey of fools) on violin and Vania Buzzini the bodhran and vocals. Record the demo Combat Folk under the production of Archangel "Kaba" Cavazzuti.
In 1994 publishes the independent label Helter Skelter Rome Bringing everything home. The disc also participate as guests ex Chris Dennis, Philip Chieli and Vania Buzzini. Compare the use of the dialect in some songs (The funeral of Berlinguer and The great song of indifference cover of Bob Geldof), even in the wake of the Turin Mau Mau; stylistically, not just Pogues and Waterboys but also Les Negresses Vertes and Mano Negra. Very important the contribution made by Albertine and John in the writing phase. The disc is a veritable manifesto of musical culture of the group, it moves from Ireland magic On a rainy day the terrible experiences of our Forty house without forgetting the thoughtlessness of decommitted texts (The great song of indifference) and sweetness of Lullaby. The disc is republished from Mescal, and is added to the glass of farewell in which it appears Bob Geldof, which will be distributed free at concerts as an individual who had the older version of the disc; also it enters the first drummer of MCR Roberto Zeno.
In this period (1994-1995) MCR participate in some albums: Deserters, tribute to Ivano Fossati with The Irish lovers; Tribute to Augustus (Daolio) with Atomic Chinese, in resistant material with Bella hello compilation produced by John Lindo Ferretti of CIS along with the Africa Unite caliber groups, Mau Mau, Gang and Skiantos, for the 50th anniversary of Liberation . In late summer Alberton leaves the group, Cisco remains the only voice.
In 1996 comes to the light the second disc The large family with the participation of Paolo Rossi, Mara Redeghieri of Ustmamò, Marino and Sandro Severini Gang. At the beginning of the tour and leave the Gaetani Michelini group who refuse to leave their jobs (respectively psychologist employed in the bank), they are replaced by Massimo Giuntini and Francesco Moneti, both of Arezzo Casa del Vento. Take part in the May Day concert in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome and make a dozen dates with Paolo Rossi.
In 1997, they are affecting Earth and freedom, which is strongly affected of the trips made by Cisco in Patagonia and by Alberto and Giovanni to Mexico and Cuba, and clearly inspired by the work of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The MCR work for six months in the rehearsal room. The concept of the disk have also contributed meetings with Luis Sepúlveda, Paco Taibo or Daniel Chavarria, known in 1997 thanks to the literature festival, while musically the model are the Mano Negra. The tour takes place in palaces and culminates in December, when they play in Cuba in front of 100,000 people.
In 1998, the group needs to recover a more "intimate" of live and brings the club tour. In October the Sisten Irish Pub in Novellara is recorded harvests, acoustic album with fifteen classical and three previously unreleased (Notturno, Camden Lock, A gh'è who G'A 'and La fiola from paisan). Followed in 1999 by a short tour in the theaters without Giuntini but with host Luciano Gaetani: ten songs from concerts in Rimini and La Spezia, including the instrumental Richard Dwyer's Set and Chinese Atomic, end up in The rest of the harvest, cd to run only limited for the fan club. The Ramblers have to travel to Ireland to work on the fourth album, and then the hexagon where affect Out of range. The Ramblers style is not just combat folk, but as they themselves suggest the title of a song of this album is Celtic patchanka not deny the Irish roots, but they add that musical miscegenation patchanka called by Mano Negra. The album's output day John Rubbiani announces the abandonment of the group. The last concert with John as a member of the Modena City Ramblers company is the New Year of 2000 in Piazza Grande in Modena, together with Goran Bregovic. John Rubbiani will go to found the Caravane de Ville. In November 1999 he published Combat folk-Italy at the time of Modena City Ramblers, a book signed by Paolo Ferrari and Paolo Verri in which the group describes his experience. The MCR affect Mother Earth to come Ambiente, a compilation of the daily La Stampa.
In May 2000 Albertino also abandons the Modena City Ramblers, to devote to the project, already active for some time, the Flame Fumana. Summer tour in return Luciano Gaetani and Massimo Giuntini and makes its entry as a full member, after 5 albums under as a producer, Kaba as a second drummer-percussionist. In the autumn the trip to South Africa, for a collaboration with the ethno-folk-fusion band Landscape Prayers (A World Away and dancing). Maximum Ice and Franco D'Aniello produce Patience saint of Paulem.
In February 2001, Cisco recorded with friends Casa del Vento disc 900. In the spring of 2001 was born the Gang City Ramblers project linking two generations of combatants (folk) -rockers the Modena City Ramblers with Gang of Severini brothers, on the same stage to interpret songs of the two formations.
The MCR is then closed in the studio in Naples products by Enzo Rizzo Soulfingers for album Radio Rebelde, the first non-produced by Kaba, which will be released in February 2002. The album reflects the facts of the G8 summit in Genoa and 11 September. After the withdrawal of Massimo Giuntini, added Luca "Gabibbo" Giacometti, former Mocogno Rovers and member of Cormac. During the winter tour is a guest John Rubbiani.
In January 2003, they play in Chiapas and Guatemala, finally there is the graft accordionist Daniele Contardo (already Abesibè and Tupamaros).
In 2004 they released cd-ep Drops, linked to the project of Coop Water for Peace, which contains the unpublished Al Fiòmm, also present in the next album in a different production. Under the guidance of Max Casacci Subsonica the Ramblers affect Viva la vida, la muerte muera !. Also in 2004 he was released a DVD Clan banlieue - Great family moving, with interviews, historical footage and not live, and all video-clips.
In 2005, as an ideal continuation of material resistant MCR call to rally friends and record an album of songs about the Resistance: Partisans clipboard, reading their songs, traditional and other key ramblers groups. The album comes out in April, the 60th anniversary of the Liberation. The Ebony song won the Amnesty Award - Voices for Freedom, awarded by Amnesty International. After 14 years Stefano "Cisco" Bellotti left the group, but the Ramblers do not lose heart, do not do auditions but they call to split the heavy legacy Cisco two friends: the Sassuolo David "Dudu" Morandi (former Mocogno Rovers) present Bringing in choirs all over at home and in the picture of the big family cover that had already sung live with Ramblers at the beginning, and Correggio Betty Vezzani who sang with Cormac and other folk projects Luca Giacometti, in addition to show the Ashes of Gramsci, by Pier Paolo Pasolini music by Giovanna Marini. To test the new training MCR make a short tour in the club that sees the baptism to the Out of Hours Taneto Galactic (RE) March 3 [2006]]. On 3 November 2006 he released the album After the long winter under the production of Peter Walsh.
The Ramblers are currently in the studio, always at the Hexagon Rubiera, along with Terry Woods (ex Sweeney's Men, Steeleye Span, now in the Pogues), to record their first album for the foreign market (provisionally: Tunes from the Bunker ): will contain some songs of the Ramblers, old and new, including Bella hello, translated into English and Spanish, sung by Betty Vezzani and Davide Morandi. still host Massimiliano Fabianelli, already on tour with MCR in the previous tour, Franco D'Aniello plays for the first time the contrabassoon.


Over the years there has been some changes in the composition of the group, already orphaned after the first album the voice of Alberto Morselli, in 2001 abandoned the project also Rubbiani Giovanni and Alberto Cottica, authors of many texts of the group. After 14 years, 18 November 2005, the singer Stefano "Cisco" Bellotti leaves the group which is found without a front man.

The new formation, filed January 27, 2006, now sees

- David "Dudu" Morandi: vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, harmonica
- Betty Vezzani: vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, tambourine, mandolin
- Massimo "Ice" Ice: electric and acoustic bass, double bass, backing vocals, acoustic guitar
- Franco D'Aniello: flute, tin whistle, trumpet, saxophone, vocals, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel
- Francesco "Fry" Moneti: acoustic and electric guitar, baritone guitar, acoustic and electric violin, Indian violin, banjo, oud, mandolin, backing vocals, vocals
- Roberto Zeno: drums, percussion, backing vocals, mandolin, acoustic guitar, piano
- Archangel "Kaba" Cavazzuti: drums, percussion, acoustic guitar, bass, charango, piano, shaker, banjo, backing vocals
- Luca "Gabibbo" Giacometti: bouzouki, mandolin, banjo, acoustic guitar, backing vocals


- 1994 - Bringing everything home
- 1996 - The big family
- 1997 - Land and Freedom
- 1998 - Collected
- 1999 - Out of range
- 2002 - Radio Rebelde
- 2004 - ¡Viva la vida, muera la muerte!
- 2005 - partisans clipboard
- 2006 - After the long winter

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