NEFFA - 20/04 Theatre Saschall

Article Date: 19/04/2007

NEFFA - 20/04 Theatre Saschall

Location: Teatro Obihall


From his debut as a singer, to punk rock and rap of the 90s, up to the production of the last album, the Neffa career is characterized by a constant search and musical experimentation. Giovanni Pellino, Bolognese origins of bells, was born in Scafati (Sa) on October 7, 1967. He made his debut in the music towards the end of the '80s playing with the pseudonym Jeff, along with some Italian hard-core groups including worth remember the Impact of Ferrara but especially the "Denial", a prominent band of European punk scene, which at the height of his career he was able to break through the American charts.

At the same time friend DJ Gruff, in the early 90s, with the name of Neffa art, in tribute to the Paraguayan footballer of the Cremonese, enters as a drummer in the second island formation Posse All Stars, core group of that season that he gave via the phenomenon of the posse and early Italian rap. Start here his passion for music of Neffa for hip hop and funk. Success came in 1994, when it disbanded the Island Posse, Neffa Deda and DJ Gruff reach with which they constitute the historical formation of Mixed Blood, which will affect a successful milestone hip hop Italian entitled "SXM".

After the experience with Mixed Blood, in 1996 together with Neffa MESSENGERS OF DOPA (ie, phase ii, deda, Julian palm dre love, Kaos, lugi dj, esa, elise, sean, storyteller, dj gruff, fce, topcat, faith + leftside, ppt and speaker Cenzou), realizes "Neffa & the Messengers of Dopa". The album which marks his debut as a soloist, is a hit (gold record), mainly driven dall'exploit single Waiting for the sun, and finally reveals his soul soul and his harmonic and melodic taste. In 1998 he released "107 items", 2nd career disc Neffa solo. Written with Deda and Al Castellana, the album is continuation of an evolution of rap weblog Italy and is characterized by an increased focus on the words of the songs and a search for more in-depth rap concepts.

And 'in this period that Neffa meets the Manetti Bros, directors of several videoclips and "friends" of hip hop Italian, for which cure the soundtrack of the feature film Torino Boys. Neffa featuring Al Castellana opens the album of the same name (Turin Boy) with the piece, I will sail 'night; then follow tracks by artists of national rap scene: Pina, OTR, Flaminio Maphia, Dre Love, Africa Unite, Piotta, Lyricalz feat. Sab Sista, Colle der Fomento, Sean feat. Elise, Kaos One, and Mixed Blood. With "chicopisco" of 1999 Neffa concludes his career in rap, after leading the research in this field at a high level. The EP consists of 5 songs establishes his removal from Hip Hop and the approach to new musical landscapes.

In 2001 came the turning art, it's time de My lady and album "Arrival and Departure". Neffa leaves the hip hop and rhymes to grapple with the music as a singer: The songs on the album confirms the musical depth and singing of this new proposal and are sweating out his passion for R & B music and the soul in general. The imprint of soul singer also marks the next work, "The multiple worlds of John, the singer Neffa", which was released in early 2003 by the release of the single Before leaving, with whom he won the radio prize of Festivalbar. The 15 tracks of the album confirms the breakthrough of Neffa towards form - song and are characterized in their musical diversity from common themes that tell the small and large life experiences. In the composition of these songs, Neffa blends a variety of styles: from blues to reggae, from funk to lounge music, from soul to bossa nova. The album features the collaboration of Christian Work and Cesare Noll, is recorded in the study of Acqui Terme brother Gaetano Pellino. In 2004, Neffa for the first time on the stage of Sanremo, presented the song's early hours, music swing that is ranked ninth. In the same year of the Renault testimonial campaign for road safety, the "Safe and sound" for which he composed the song I am traveling to you.

- SXM (with Mixed Blood, 1994)
- Neffa & The Messengers Of Dopa (1996)
- Items 107 (1998)
- Chicopisco (1999)
- Arrivals and Departures (2001)
- The multiple worlds of John, the singer Neffa (2003)
- Small Hour (2004)
- At the end of the night (2006)
- Saturn in Opposition (soundtrack of the film, 2007)

The singer chose the stage name Neffa in tribute to former Paraguayan footballer of the Cremonese Gustavo Neffa. The two were then known, and later became friends.

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