NEGRAMARO - 23/11 Theatre Saschall

Article Date: 21/11/2007

NEGRAMARO - 23/11 Theatre Saschall

Location: Teatro Obihall

The beginning and the album Negramaro

Negramaro I born in 1999 in Cupertino, in the province of Lecce. In the early days, helped by live performances, they get increasingly successful, up to gain the attention of producer Caterina Caselli. In 2001 they won the Tim Tour and are among the finalists MTV Brand New Talent. The first album is titled Negramaro (2003), including pure rock style songs. On the record a song consists only of samples, reminding music of Radiohead, they are accompanied by elaborate rock songs, designed by frontman Giuliano Sangiorgi and arranged by all members. However, the album remains unknown within the Italian rock, except single As always, the first success of the band, chosen by Rai for the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary television advertising.

The album 000577

The real debut album is 000577. The difference with Negramaro is the new arrangement of four songs (an unusual, three in the old album) by Negramaro in collaboration with Corrado Rustici. The disc lays the foundation for a suitable music to a wider audience.

Experience in Sanremo

In 2005 Negramaro debuted at the Sanremo Festival in the Young proposed section with the single "While everything flows." Shortly after the song is chosen, along with "solo3min" as the first track of the film The Fever by Alessandro D'Alatri with Fabio Volo. Another eight songs are chosen for the soundtrack.

The success

In the summer of that year, her second single from the album Everything Flows, entitled Summer, the band that makes winning the award for Best Newcomer at the Festivalbar, receiving critical acclaim and audience. After participating in the summer event singing the popularity Negramaro grows considerably, until the group comes to dominate the Italian music charts first with Summer and then with other singles. It is with that Estate Negramaro are nominated Best Italian Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards2005. Following the success of the launch pieces, even the proposed new single from the band, Solo3min, released in November 2005, he became one of the most played songs on the radio and on television. The fourth single from the album Everything Flows has Clouds and sheets. After the huge success on tour in Italy Negramaro publish MTV Live "Negramaro", the big concert dvd held March 17, 2006 at the Forum of Assago in Milan, full of bonus features, including backstage images, moments prior to the exhibition and the highlights of the performances on MTV and Total Request Live. In September 2006, receiving the award for Best Performance during the finals of the 2006 Festivalbar held in Verona. In 2007 become winners of Festivalbar with the song Tell Me About Love.

The window

On June 8, 2007 was released the album window, recorded in San Francisco under the supervision of Corrado Rustici. Preceded by the single outgoing love me on the radio circuits from 11 May 2007, at which will win "Festivalbar 2007", the album contains a song fruit of collaboration with Lorenzo Jovanotti. In addition, the band is the protagonist of the documentary Dario Baldi and Davide Marengo other side of the moon, which documents the work of the band from its beginnings to the smashing success. The documentary was presentanto the 2007 Venice Film Festival accompanied by their live performances.
Meanwhile Giuliano Sangiorgi duet with Dolores O'Riordan in Breathe, song co-written by the two songwriters with music by Paul Buonvino, for the soundtrack of the film Concrete.


- Giuliano Sangiorgi (Copertino, 24 January 1979) (voice, guitar and piano);
- Emanuele "Lele" Mailloux (Vigils, October 26, 1980) (guitar);
- Ermanno Carlà (Vigils, February 17, 1977) (bass);
- Danilo Tasco (Salve, March 26, 1979) (drums);
- Andrea Mariano (Copertino, 26 March 1978) (piano and synthesizer);
- Andrea "Pupil" De Rocco (Casarano, September 30, 1973) (sampler).

2003 - Negramaro
2005 - Everything Flows
2007 - The window

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