PACI & CECCHERINI - 07/05 Theatre Saschall

Article Date: 06/05/2007

PACI & CECCHERINI - 07/05 Theatre Saschall

Location: Teatro Obihall


Authentic, corrosive and surreal, Massimo Ceccherini, comic character already known to the public for the big screen movies as "Graduates", "Cyclone", "Picasso's Face", brings to the theater a sardonic comedy and popular, offering his vision the unsettling reality and unpredictable. Improvisations and gags alternate between the two: Ceccherini, irreverent and provocative, Paci, quiet guy. An alter ego.
Thus emerges the contrast between opposing personalities of the characters, as if to symbolize the confrontation between good and evil, between the Tuscan sagacity of brazen Ceccherini and weak and unheard of Paci grievances that fears of shocking the audience and just wants to tell his jokes. A stop Alexander's repertoire arrive in fact unexpected VIP calls and TV personalities who Ceccherini sometimes responds sometimes not, because, as often happens, he wants to talk about sex and to do Paci forces in performances that no one would do, from striptease in unusual costumes. So Massimo Ceccherini describes his relationship with his acting partner, "the Paci is one seriously. A family man. And, out of spite, the obligation to make things worse. Funny is not it?"



Tuscan comedian, made his debut in the duemendi duo with Massimo Ceccherini Born professionally with all known Tuscan comedians: Carlo Conti, Giorgio Panariello, Leonardo Pieraccioni.
Has participated in the program Fresh Air which aired on Video Music in the late '90s, playing an improbable throws out, and ironic take on his physical addition resulted in a comic-theater vulgar riadattemento the tale of Pinocchio, (stop all this it is a show), where together with his friend and colleague Massimo Ceccherini performs in a series of truly hilarious gags, the dVD of the show went on to become the best-selling theatrical dVD in Italy). He also made three films always with Ceccherini before Candlewick then followed Picasso's Face and to end all attacks. His directorial debut in 2001 with "Return." always realized by the director dvd movies "Cinderella," "The Grand Duke's new clothes", "The grandson of Bluebeard", "The Little Match Girl". She is now engaged in a play by the great title peaces that takes you around the whole of Tuscany.


- Welcome to the A. Welcome home Gori (1990)
- Shut up and fly A. Welcome (1991)
- Amami B. Colella (1992)
- Bonus malus Zagarrio V. (1993)
- Dear goddamned friends of M. Monicelli (1994)
- Hotel Rome U. Chiti (1995)
- The great Fausto Alberto Sironi (1995)
- Return to the home of A. Gori Welcome (1996)
- Stressed the M.Cappellonni (1997)
- Candlewick M. Ceccherini (1999)
- M. Ceccherini Picasso's Face (2000)
- Return of A. Paci (2001)
- All attack by Lorenzo Vignolo (2005)
- A.Paci of Cinderella (2003)
- The new clothes of Grand Duke of A.Paci (2004)
- The grandson of Bluebeard A. Paci (2005)
- The small fammiferaia of Alexander and Andrea Paci (2006)
- Those of Pinocchio - Fave Massimo Ceccherini (2006)
- Cassana (1990/1991)
- Amateurs Festival: aspiring painters (1986/1996)
- Pinocchio (1997/1998)
- The Man with the "U" to "O" (1999/2000)
- Great Paci (2002)
- Jeans (RAI 3) (1988)
- The carousel (Rete 4) (1989)
- Star 90 (Rete 4) (1990)
- Radio Carolina (Italia 1) (1991)
- Teledanno (Channel 10) (1993/94)
- Ariafresca (TMC) (1996)
- On hands (BBC1) (1996)
- It should now broadcast (BBC1) (1997)
- Miss Italy in the World (BBC1) (1997)
- Colorado (BBC1) (1998)
- Mom Cocco (BBC1) (1998)
- Miss Italy in the World (BBC1) (1999)
- Dreaming Las Vegas (BBC1) (2003)
- Sunday in (BBC1) (2003/04)
- Incapable of understanding (Toscana Channel) (2004)


He debuted on television participating in Bullfighting Corrado and for years has pursued the career of comedian side's Alessandro Paci, in particular he began to make himself known to television audiences in cabaret program Videomusic (later TMC2) Fresh Air, presented from a young Carlo Conti.
Meanwhile he received the first part in a movie, was Welcome to the director Alessandro Gori Welcome home. His qualities as an actor began to be seen, however, only a few films later, especially alongside Paul Village with Dear friends fucking directed by Mario Monicelli.
But success comes only with the start of close collaboration with his friend Leonardo Pieraccioni, participating in virtually all his films except The love fish and Heaven suddenly (where, however, appears for a few seconds in a brief cameo).
He was director and scriptwriter of three films, Picasso's Face, Candlewick, My Life with Stars and Stripes, which was also the protagonist.
In 2001 he conducted with Raffaella Carra, Enrico Papi and Megan Gale the Sanremo Festival. During this edition of the Festival, it sheds light on some controversial attitudes towards the press, which criticizes the poor quality of the cabaret that stages during the show evenings. For the duration of the Festival, Ceccherini will maintain an extremely surly attitude "Behind the Scenes" and, to a reporter's question on why "Ceccherini Festival laugh little," he answers annoyed "at the Festival Ceccherini makes you laugh just because Ceccherini It has paid little "
In 2006 he participated as a competitor to the fourth edition of the reality show The island's famous - Honduras: during the episode of October 18 is, however, excluded from the race, of the production decision, for having blasphemed live, although not framed.


- Welcome home Gori (1990)
- Shut up and Moscow (1991)
- Amami (1992)
- Bonus malus (1993)
- SPQR 2000 and ½ years ago (1994)
- Dear goddamned friends (1994)
- Graduates (1995)
- The Victory (1995) - mini-series
- Homecoming Gori (1996)
- Hotel Rome (1996)
- Cyclone (1996)
- Five days of the storm (1997)
- Fireworks (1997)
- Viola Kisses Everybody (1998)
- Candlewick (1999)
- Picasso's Face (2000)
- Freewheeling (2000)
- The Prince and the Pirate (2001)
- My Life with Stars and Stripes (2003)
- All the attack (2005)
- I love you in all languages ​​of the world (2005)
- N (Io e Napoleone) (2006)
Director and screenwriter
- Candlewick (1999)
- Picasso's Face (2000)
- My Life with Stars and Stripes (2003)

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